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  1. In light of the comments expressed on this thread, I am done, finished, outta here. Stick a fork in me. I won't be coming back to read your witty (or more likely unwitty) retorts or narcissistic justifying. Bye bye.
  2. I can't even begin to say how sad I think this whole thread is. Oh, yeah, it's probably because I am what you might call a B&Ter.
  3. TrishCT

    The Yankees Thread

    On the plus side...Manny's back.... Do any of you Yanks fans know if there is a real advantage to taking the division? I assume home field majority...but any other perks?
  4. TrishCT

    The Bonk List

    Okay, Todd, I'll play a little catch.....
  5. TrishCT

    The Bonk List

    rim: "I guess my fantasies are less demanding. There are plenty of hot guys who bat balls for the other team (figuratively and literally), but that doesn't make them any less hot (nor does it make my thoughts any less filthy)." :lol:
  6. TrishCT

    The Bonk List

    Give Christian Bale a vote from my 19-year-old daughter....she's loved him since he was in Newsies. John Barrowman---Interesting. I saw him several years ago on Broadway in Putting it Together with Carol Burnett. He was such a sweetie. I was in his online fan club for some time after that and I am not really certain why that was, hmmm... a mystery there. Anyway I know John plays for the other team, so for me anyway, that takes the ultimate Bonkability factor out of it. I have to feel there is at least a possibility.... As for another co-star of that same Broadway show, Bronson Pinchot a/k/a Cousin Balki.... he was a complete turd. A friend who was with me tried to get his autograph afterwards and Pinchot's arrogance was extreme to the max as he brushed past, scurrying down the street and scowling the whole time. So a bunch of us started chanting "Balki, Balki..." like Sox fans used to do to Daryl Strawberry. For years my Go-to-Bonker was baseball player Todd Zeile. I met him once years ago and I was hooked. He is one good looking guy with the slyest of smiles and bedroom eyes. I guess my current Bonker-by-default would be Tony Bourdain. Although I haven't met him, I have interviewed him and that was enough (apparently), because I always seem to be intrigued by whatever he is up to... By the way, I bet Daniel is secretly reading this... And that's okay.
  7. Your choice...? $14,500 with the gigantic gem stone.... or $6.95 without....
  8. TrishCT

    The Yankees Thread

    I can't get past Leiter's arrogance when he was a player...but that's just me. On another note....I may be the last Red Sox fan to hope the Sox take the division. The media and even my husband (a closet Mets fan though I have worked miracles with him) seem to think it is okay to let the team rest up and get ready for the playoffs. What People?...Are we REALLY going to let those "14 1/2-games-behind-in-May" bums take the division???? Apparently so.... See youze guys in the post season!!
  9. Joan, I think the way you plan on watching it is the best. The commercials were frequent and I swear the one right before the top of the first hour occurred after just one small scene. I'd be interested in what others thought of the whole shebang.
  10. What a difference commercial interuptions make. Last night's two-hour finale seemed to drag a bit and I think the frequent interuptions were part of the reason why. In contrast, the pilot, sponsored by Cadillac, was commercial free. Oh yeah, Cadillac got a mention in the finale....coincidence...? A major thread was left hanging so there can be another season of Burn Notice. I'm not so wild about that. Bruce had a nice turn in the finale doing a little of what he does best, and Sharon Gless had some touching moments also. There was a surprise hit, and when it came it did indeed surprise. Although the storyline of the finale wasn't nearly as good as say the Lucy Lawless episode, or the one with the nerdy hitman, or the pilot, there is enough action and fun bantering to keep me interested in a Season Two. The flame on this one isn't burned out yet.
  11. TrishCT

    The Yankees Thread

    With the Sox magic number at 9, you are right Rich, no excuses. This series with the Yanks is a real concern. Sox should have swept, but couldn't get the job done. I miss my Manny. As an aside, while I was in Boston this summer I bought numerous bottles of Red Sox wine - Schilling Schardonnay, Manny Being Merlot, and Caberknuckle Sauvignon. Nothing magical about them either....
  12. Okay this morning at 1 a.m., still feeling a bit wretched after watching the Red Sox lose a heartbreaker to the Yanks, I caught the Pie Moms episode of Throwdown. Those ladies are clearly very very nice and gentle women. They were so upbeat that they can not be seen as victims in any way, shape or form. (Also, let's be fair...everyone who knows me, knows this thread was a bit tongue in cheek...right...?? ) But I digress... Bobby had a good pie - Peach and Blackberry. He soaked the blackberries in a little cassis. Nice move. I must admit I make a nice Black & Blue Pie, the Black being blackberries from my own garden, and the Blue, blueberries. So I like me some blackberries. (And I like me some cassis) The Pie Moms had an all berry pie, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries. I caught a couple problems. First off, there was a complaint that the pie they made for the judges was runny. Whereas the pies they made for the crowd in advance were firm and not runny. I suspect that is because the pie served to the judges was fairly warm and not fully set up. So credit one for Bobby and take one away from the Pie Moms. Also, I saw one of the Pie Moms pouring flour into her filling, while the filling was already in the crust. That could also account for the runniness. I discovered long ago that one of the best thickeners for fruit pies is tapioca. It keeps the filling clear and is very dependable. I have tried flour, cornstarch and arrowroot.... but tapioca works best. I even use it for apple pies. Sticking with the flour.... She poured the flour onto the filling, rather than toss it with the berries and sugar, so it didn't evenly distribute itself. Another no no. So when the decision was announced that Bobby won, it was no surprise to me. (O.K. so I already knew the outcome from months ago, but still... ) I still wish each Pie Mom was allowed to give it a shot with her own pie. There is precedence for this! In the crepe episode, one sister made savory, while the other made a sweet crepe. So, it can be done!!! In any event, everyone came off pretty well. Next time I am anywhere near Rockland, Maine, I am going to the Berry Manor Inn for some pie!
  13. TrishCT

    The Yankees Thread

    I understand he's been hit a lot by other teams, which implies either that no-one likes him or that he gets in the way too much. I don't think it implies anything of the sort. While Youklis is hit more often than other members of the Sox, he is not hit "a lot." At least not like guys who crowd the plate and you know are asking for it. Yanks definitely have it out for him for some reason. Mike Francessa (WFAN) has often recommended that the Yanks hit Ortiz... but they seem to go for the Youk. Blaming the victim, PinkPorcinePundit..?
  14. TrishCT

    The Yankees Thread

    Wow...I'm actually in agreement with a Yanks fan.
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