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  1. I'm in, and so is my +1! Edited to add: I'll probably be able to be there for Tavern Law part but my +1 won't be able to join until Marjorie.
  2. I concur with Eden's and Da Goose's opinions on the burger. The whole package was too firm despite the fact that it appeared cooked to spec. Eden's salad was my favorite dish on the table. Both cocktails that I ordered were excellent. Otherwise, I have to say that overall this visit changed my opinion of the quality of the food there. I'd had good experiences before when I stuck with the traditional french entrees, but it felt like the kitchen wasn't firing on all cylinders anymore.
  3. We have houseguests leaving that day, but both of us can make it in the evening.
  4. I'm so glad this is still happening, since early Nov is not a good time for us. We'll still be there. Also, Trivia is most certainly in our skillsets.
  5. After hearing her talk about Roosevelt Ale House recently, I'd love to check it out next Wednesday!
  6. I can do the 26th if that works better and allows all to attend.
  7. Ok, I never wrote anything up about Mulleady's, but I will simply say ditto to Lauren's comments...those pakoras and potato crisps were delicious and the burger was a worthy contender. So, let's go try Bastille's new beef burger: Bastille Burger I'm available Mon 17th, Wed 19th, Thurs 20th, Mon 24th, Wed 26th or Thurs 27th. I vote the 19th, 20th or 24th.
  8. We'll be at Uneeda on the 29th! And of course, afterward for Allyson's sendoff.
  9. I wouldn't be able to make any of the dates next week, but can pick back up after Memorial Day. I'll keep a watch on the board to find out what y'all decided!
  10. I can do May 16th! (It's a busy month again.) In May, my other open dates are Thursday the 19th and Tuesday the 31st.
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