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    It's unlikely that you ran across it there as the baristi keep it amongst themselves, sort of a secret society thing resurrected in the mid 90's in Ballard using a lost 18th century Venetian text. . . Out of milk foam and overextracted espresso, an image of a unicorn buggering a winged and flying cherub appears.
  2. Ned

    Marseilles or Lyons

    Thanks for all the replies. I'm going to Marseille tomorrow for just two nights before spending four in Paris. May eat boullabaisse but will definitely eat cous cous and buy some berber spice. Certain to wander the fish market assuming there is one. This is a hilariously under-researched trip.
  3. Ned

    Marseilles or Lyons

    because of closures or quality?
  4. Ned

    Marseilles or Lyons

    Ive got three days in the second week of February to do some eating in either Marseilles or Lyons. Where should I go?
  5. Two years ago they fail to make a soft serve ice cream cone for 4.50, oozing ice cream all over the place, the technician dumps it in a cup and hands it to me like it's what I ordered. I ask if they want to serve it like that and pluckily they say yeah. OK. Two years later (not incidentally on my next visit) when I return I am heartened to see that they have given up at trying to succeed at making a soft serve ice cream cone and are only serving cups. So I order a cup of black sesame. They overfill the cup for 4.50, look at it quizzically and then drop the small cup messily in a larger cu
  6. What about the fries? Who eats a lobster roll with fries?! Potato chips man. Potato chips.
  7. Sorry to all for the fit of pique. Forgot for a moment what this place is for. And that I love it for that.
  8. Guys. Buy a lobster. Some celery, some Pepperidge farm top cut rolls. Take it all home and boil the lobster for not too long. Cut the celery into small pieces. Chop up the lobster and mix it with celery and hellmans. Salt and Pepper. Warm the buns and butter them if you want. Put the lobster stuff in them and eat right away. This shit isn't mysterious or rocket science. You can do it yourself or pay somebody else to but I don't think it warrants all the debate. Apologize in advance.
  9. I thought most of the Belcourt fixtures came over from France.
  10. I can think of two places, no three but all of them a little bit out of town and all with shiny exteriors but none with irony and all with burgers for under 14 dollars at dinner. The Blue Benn in Bennington Vermont. The Yankee Clipper Diner Restaurant in Beacon. And the West Taghkanic Diner, in Ancram, NY. Make a night of it! Oh wait. You said Manhattan. Well there's nothing like that here. How about Piccolo Angolo? The wildest thing there is the bigga meataboll. And it's just a big meatball!
  11. Yeah maybe, after a few tries but why would you want to when all you have to do is roll down to Mulberry St and hire them to make you one.
  12. In a funny way, the comp of Alidoro (perfect for 15 and under review btw--it is actually 15 and under and the quality there warrants a nod) and Torrisi at least qualitatively is apples and apples. Two of the best sandwich joints in the city. Just a couple of days ago, coming from Ottomanelli's (where I picked up some veal for an exciting experiment with Paul Bertoli's vitello tonnato recipe) I cycled past Alidoro on my way to a lunch date at Torrisi. Felt very conflicted but it was too late to make a change. The thing about the turkey (which is brined, (I don't know that but eating it, it
  13. Somehow, that strikes me as an oxymoron. And I happen to love turkey. That's the amazing thing. It is actually awesome turkey. I won't stop there. It's awesome turkey BREAST!
  14. We waited 10-15 mins, sat right down. Awesome turkey.
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