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    We were guessing it had something to do with Easter.
  2. Ned


    My wife is NUTS about Manducati's. I'd have been myself, if it had been open today. Alas the lights were out. I'll have to sample their meatballs another day. Weirdly enough we ended up at Momofuko Ssam instead and it wasn't my idea. A good lunch but you shouldn't put kimchee juice on an oyster. Not delicious.
  3. Ned

    Pig Parts

    I don't recommend it but Les Halles has pig's feet.
  4. We're HUGE fans of Shanghai Cafe at 100 Mott. HUGE.
  5. Ned


    I just find that the two have little to nothing in common other than location and having opened within a month or two of each other. Allen and Delancy is french academy Belcourt just isn't at all. It's an american restaurant with a thoroughy american chef who cut his teeth at a very unacademe restaurant--Prune. If you like one more than the other, I'd say it's akin to me liking, hmmm maybe Jamaican food better than Cuban food. Jamaica and Cuba are in the same geographical neighborhood but aren't at all the same thing and my preference says more about me than it does about Jamaican or Cuban
  6. Ned


    I am confounded as to why anyone would compare Allen and Delancy to Belcourt.
  7. Ned

    Shiso Leaves

    Get thee to Ft. Lee.
  8. Ned


    Dining Panties? I dunno but. . . In any case I'm a big fan of what Hamilton is going for there. I've had one experience at Belcourt and I look forward to my next one.
  9. Ned


    I'm perplexed by all this anti-pruneishness. I fucking love that place. Love it. I've never been to brunch because I'm bad at waiting in line. But at dinner, yikes have I had some great food. And not just once. Lots and lots.
  10. Ned

    Irving Mill

    I gotta get back there.
  11. Ned

    The Bruni Thread

    I like Cipriani's and it's been far too long since I've been. The price tag is off-putting but as has been well-noted, how else can you corral that sort wildlife in such a small place. I always eat the same thing and am only from time to time mildly disappointed: risotto Milanese and sauteed veal kidneys. It's a marvellously simple dish. I think I learned what risotto really was when I first ate it (twelve feet away from Woody Allen not that that mattered). Also they serve martinis in these charming little squareish glasses. Oi, makes me want to suit up and head northward right now.
  12. Ned

    Irving Mill

    I had a VERY excellent experience at Irving Mill on Tuesday last week. Their second day open. Grits were awesome and white been puree was stratospheric. Good quail. Delicious octopus. It felt that night like a very careful kitchen was working. I mean that as a compliment. I look forwrd to my next visit. Nice beer menu too.
  13. Ned

    Banh Mi

    There's a place down by columbus park on, I think Baxter street that is very good. Sorry I can't be more specific.
  14. My caja china lives on the north fork. so the grill cooks oysters. also the occasional steak for non-pork eaters. corn, yeah and also bluefish wrapped in foil with white wine etc.
  15. Not to toot my own horn but the grill on top is a mod that I've made on my caja china. Seemed a terrible wasted opportunity to let all that heat escape in the direction God intended it to go without burning a little meat on the way.
  16. Ned

    Del Posto

    I was at Del Posto last night. Had an excellent experience. Five course tasting for 85 bucks. I wonder how they make any money on this. Salumi plate with the usual suspects but additionally a rabbit loin galantine and a piece of testa atop a little pastry filled with spinach and pancetta. The testa, served just past warmish, was quite extraordinary. My companion ate a dish with lobster, polenta, some melon that had recieved some kind of unusual treatment. Very nice dish. Following that, there were two pastas one of which was a very stunning orchiette with lamb's neck ragu. This was ga
  17. Ned


    This either/or style iof thinking continues to surprise me. I think the culinary fireworks of the cooked food might represent a fog through which it is difficult (in a brief survey) to appreciate the excellence of Soto's fish. I've yet to read any cogent writing on Soto's fish. Just flip comments. Each to his own I guess. Me, I ate a slammingly good piece of salmon nigiri last night. Belly with a thin layer of fat from next to the skin left on. Yikes. Not to mention his ika with a touch of salt and lime zest. Holy moly.
  18. Ned

    Cheese and fish

    I wonder if this speaks to a basic contrariness in the venetian temperment. I ate at a fantastic hole in the wall in the Giudecca (where I was introduced to and fell in love with sarde in soar) where they served linguine vongole with, I think parmesan cheese. By all it was considered a wildly successful transgression.
  19. I've been engaged in an ongoing debate with some coworkers about the wisdom of combining cheese and fish. In short, it seems nuts to me. I think the french do some kind of gratin. In Italy (Northern only?) the combination is strictly taboo. I'm curious what others know about this and have to offer. Where do and what kinds of fish and cheese marry well?
  20. Beautiful pig. What's the purpose of the spit through the cheek?
  21. I just got into a 50lber a couple of hours ago. Someone else's party. There was garlic and orange and lime and some other things but mostly the animal tasted of pig and that's just the way I like it. Pigs taste good. Salt and some garlic are really all that are needed. Maybe some thyme. All fo this is after the fact but still I'll chime in. The directions on the box are great for cracklin but less so for perfectly cooked meat. I think it's good to keep that in mind. Also I like to pour a couple of bottles of albarino in the box once it gets hot. Something about how the steam come
  22. Ned


    Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to get to Sasabune. Masa, I've only been once and it was pretty mind-blowing especially because we were sitting right in front of him and all alone at the restaurant. Pretty awesome setting. All that chutoro and caviar and elvers . . . He was a very good host. I think it's pretty hard to parse when the fish is so good but also you are sitting inside a sculpture and the guy is soo famous and you know what the bill is even though I paid a week in advance so I wouldn't stress out about it during the meal. Soto is pretty intense about the quality of
  23. Ned


    This, in my opinion is a false impression. It's not either/or. Soto's sushi is exceptional.
  24. So take some Salamander's fried chicken to the beach. I'm not so sure about Orient Point. It's kind of a weird beach. There are some others that might be better. There's one in Halleck's Bay in Orient where you need a sticker but nobody checks. . . you didn't hear it from me. I second the rec. on the ice cream place in Orient. Check out Andrea Strong. She summers in Greenport and writes a fair bit about it.
  25. I've had two lame meals at the Frisky Oyster and thank God I only had to pay for one of them. Won't be going back. By invoking Manhattan's many mediocre restaurants I only meant to say that there's nothing to distinguish it as a North Fork restaurant. It's slim pickins out there when you come right down to it. North Fork Inn is pretty good. But it's fancy. Scrimshaw is a go to for me but is also kind of formal. I really like the Scrimshaw. It's in Greenport down past the hardware store. There's not a great lobster roll anywhere but you can get one at Crabby Jerry's for seventeen bu
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