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  1. Not really--I do pour overs (Melitta filter and Chemex) just fine with our electric temperature-controlled kettle. Isn't the me Melitta cone shaped with a large surface? The French press is a cylinder, and mine is a 2 cup one so a slim cylinder. The spout works best..
  2. I would but the reviews keep talking about this new chinese make with bad design and material. Online shopping is so stressful.
  3. Trying to minimize appliances on the counter top. The kettle has become part of the stove top because it is used all the time. I guess counter real estate over time.
  4. The top of the stove kettle I have been using to pour for my french press coffee maker has rusted. Obviously it was not all stainless steel. :-( Too bad because I really love this kettle. It is the perfect size, heats fast, comfortable to hold, has a slim gooseneck spout that pours nicely and gently into my small french press coffee maker. Some I have browsing are pretty high priced - upwards of 40, 50 bucks. Before I pay that kind of money I wanted to find if anyone else uses one of these and how is it working out? Mine was similar to this. https://www.amazon.com/Hario-VKB-120HSV-S
  5. We are visiting family in LA and planning to visit the Grammy Museum on Thursday with kids. Looking for a place for lunch nearby after that, and particularly for the best fish tacos. No food trucks and a little bit of ambiance would be nice. Thanks.
  6. It was very good until the very end. I was shocked at the choice they made, like they ran out of ideas and took a facile, ugly, way out.
  7. This morning i woke up to this review in Warscapes - an e-zine, blog, not sure what to call it but it is awesome space. a small monday morning gift ;-) Yes, I do love my job, Suzanne F! It has been a long winding road to publication but i am very happy it is here. Stone, Amazon is shipping now. Upset Press is a small press and they mostly publish poetry. Mine is the first novel and it was a learning process for both of us. Distribution - i am still not sure how it all works out. you can get them online now but i am not sure they are on shelves in bookstores yet. My publisher is planning a
  8. http://chutneykitchen.com/ Full disclosure: This place is owned by a friend of my daughter and it opened in February. After a visit to the Brooklyn Museuam we got off at Times Square in seach of this place and discovered it was festival day! With that stiff competition the place had a small crowd. The four of us (2 adults and 2 kids) each had a different bowl and one roti wrap and had a most satisfying and tasty lunch. You can either order the ones already put together for you with a lot of care and imagination or create your own. I had the nan tacos: a bed of salad topped with shredde
  9. my book Desire of the Moth published by Upset Press is finally out - hot off the press. my copies arrived on Mother's day. best gift ever.
  10. finally it looks like my novel Desire of the Moth is really coming out. published by Upset Press, to be released Fall 2014. i am trying to embed a short Voicethread of my reading an excerpt from the novel. i don't know if this is going to work. https://voicethread.com/share/5863247/
  11. got what i want! don't know yet when the book will actually come out. and here she is: http://upsetpress.org/news/395/
  12. got what i want! don't know yet when the book will actually come out.
  13. backstory


    Anybody watching this? It follows Bill Maher's show on HBO and it seems like he is also producing this show. Last night it was about the 97% in India and of course the location was the slums of Bombay, namely Dharavi, It was kind of odd in that the show really had nothing to say other than how awful it is in the slums, just awful AND stinky, and how Anil Ambani has this humongous tall house with a view of the said slum, and how some of the Indians own fast cars and even private planes. That's it. It is not as interesting as i once thought it was.
  14. bumping up this thread. we were able to snag a couple of tickets for The Book of Mormon last thursday, a special matinee to make -up for the cancellation due to the bombing.we got great seats and it was sold out. a lot of the first responders were invited. after the show we walked up Boylston which looked beautiful in the early spring light and ended up at the Parish Cafe. i had the mexican meatball sandwich which was out of this world.
  15. it was the best serial.
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