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  1. And my little brother just decided to bring a friend. So we're up to me +3... so 9 now.
  2. Sounds like we will have an extra person, my little brother is going to join too, just FYI
  3. Yes to cocktail plan, yes to cash only. See you guys there!
  4. We are in! Not sure yet on our carpooling status...I might need to hitch a ride there, depending on what time we're doing it....
  5. Ideally, if we can do on the earlier side, I have to be at a meeting by my house by 2...and I know these things go long sometimes. Would people be okay with like 11:15?
  6. I can do Weds next week, but not thurs...And putting 9th on the calendar! (And, in fact, have to be at goldbergs, which is in the same mall, for research that day, so will stop in there. Perfect!)
  7. The 11th still works and the 9th works for me. I also thought Dim Sum Factory was pretty good and would be up for a return visit. My weekdays are mostly open after this week, but if we're talking weekends, I can do this sunday (13th) and the weekend of the 3/4.
  8. I can do the 4, 11, 18 and TBD on the 9th.
  9. I'm out of town until the 17th, but if it goes that long, I'm open any day for lunch, and good for dinner most nights, though on Tues need to be early (done by about 8) and on Weds need to be late (not start until about 7:45).
  10. It's true! I've been to all of them. I went to the Manti when they used to do it only like the second tuesday of the month or something, but I hear it's on the regular menu now. Also, I have had the ashak at Kabul, but man, that place just never appealed to me like it did to so many other people. I hear there is a good Afghan place down south (Federal Way?) somewhere. Regarding Friday, let's pause on this--summer Fridays are hard, and Brett's out of town and sad to be missing this, since it's one of his favorite places. We can do it in winter when people are more likely to be in town.
  11. Sorry! I'm bad with dates. My fault! So are we good with the 24th for everyone?
  12. So that was too bad. Any chance people are around July 25th? My next open Friday after that is August 21st...and then we're into September after that.
  13. We're coming from elsewhere and probably heading to Bourbon and Bones for drinks afterwards for drinks (that was an invitation) so no carpooling. But we'll see you all there!
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