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  1. When Tim took the pictures to work there was a lot of whispering going on in the background when he was showing off the album. Someone finally admitted they thought the best man looked "awfully effeminate."
  2. Trey's new favorite spot: A couple months back that planter was full of tulips.
  3. In the 1980s, I went to a few black tie weddings and many parties. I think it would be harder to pull it off now. I know this was a classic thread here at one point. It's funny, Ibut I used to care very much. Now I have other things on my mind, but Black Tie also means you can wear a dark business suit. You'd probably feel more comfortable in a tux but it's considered ok. But this is where Omni and I went round and round. Since Black Tie means you have the option of wearing a suit, Black Tie Optional is meaningless. She insisted Black Tie means only Black Tie. I still think I'm right but
  4. I went to see this last Monday night and I've been thinking about it since and at first I thought the soundtrack was a little distracting, but after thinking about on it all week, I think I liked it. I had one major peeve with a cameo appearance and other than that, I really enjoyed it, didn't mind paying full price to see it, and came home and recommended it to my avid movie-going friends. As for the violence/blood/guts, etc, there was a lot of chuckling going on in the audience throughout. I don't think it you're actually pushing the envelope with the shock and awe of something ne
  5. The preparation time says "overnight" but after reading through I think they are off by 6 to 8 days.
  6. It was 103 in the shade about 2 hours ago at my house. It's down to 93. I was talking to a friend in Quebec when it was 103 here. She said it was 60 at her house, raining like hell. Oh to emigrate....
  7. Pardon me if you've already figured this out, but is this it? Only $449.95! A bargain at twice the price!
  8. Get in line! It must still be over 95 outside at my house and it's getting DARK! There are weird clouds today.
  9. Wow. He's quite the charmer. "There's nothing wrong with me. As a matter of fact, I'm one of the few men in the city that has nothing wrong with him." Well, there's a selling point. And dude, if you have to tell a woman you're a great catch, you're probably not. He's great in bed and makes a lot of money. women approach him daily.... Women approach him daily but he fails to mention who they are: waitress, sales clerk, probation officer, meter maid, police officer, emergency room nurse, doctor, neuro-surgeon....
  10. First time shopper? What is it with the swooshy, swirly, loopy handwriting? I believe that reflects someone who lives in a fantasy world, and judging from the rest of the story, that makes sense. She obviously thinks she's special.
  11. I hope this is a whole genre of Kincade vs. Monster 'cause these are fantastic I think I like these even more than the dogs playing poker.
  12. A friend of mine was just telling me a story today about when his mother turned 40. If I have the math correct he was maybe 10 and he was convinced that she was going to die soon because who could possibly live past 40. They just celebrated her 80th birthday a few weeks ago.
  13. Apparently you haven't seen it since I added this little beauty:
  14. Wow, I'm impressed with you all. I hired an electrician friend to do my dirty work for me and now have outside lighting, the hookup for stove and refrigerator as well as the conduit and thingy bob in place for ceiling fan. I did help him for maybe five minutes with the conduit and a full 45 seconds to write the check. Pretty pleased with myself, too.
  15. Precisely. Which is partly why I don't think Tarantino advances the ball with this film. Ahhhhh.
  16. In 1969 I believe people were walking out of the theatre shocked, appalled, sickened, etc by the violence. Now we wouldn't blink an eye. I wouldn't say it was ahead of its time, but it was the first of its kind. Watching The Wild Bunch now I'm never struck so much by the violence as by the subtleties of the interaction of the characters.
  17. Discuss. Huh. I thought Peckinpah knew exactly what he was doing. He tried to do it with Major Dundee and it just turned into a moderate clusterfuck of a film that didn't work on a number of levels thanks, as I understand it, to studio pressure. In The Wild Bunch he told a story of aging outlaws who, to quote William Holden, needed to think beyond their guns. I don't think the violence was out of control in the least. If anything I think it was excruciatingly calculated right down to every slow-mo .30-06 cartridge blowing through an innocent citizen.
  18. Not something I would think that happens every day. I am looking forward to seeing this, I think. The trailers have been, how shall I put it, intriguing.
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