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  1. We've been mainly staying locally on the Gulf Beaches area so far, but Rich & Peg are joining us in Tampa this weekend & Bern's is reserved for both Fri & Sat dinners. Yes, different cuts (& different wines) but at 7pm (still early enough). Wanna join us? I love Bern's. The last we went we had a 1964 Guigal Brunet et Blonde and about ten pounds of meat for four people. Say hi to Dean for me at the bar.
  2. Biwa has an amazing late night happy hour, discounted ramen and izakaya snacks! Rocky
  3. I went to the San Fernando on Rainier recently. You know how good the chicken is? I ate white meat and didn't bitch. Also, the tripe stew was killer. Rocky
  4. I would recommend the Max as a conveniently located hotel downtown, also the Westin has been having killer rates. Book now. Seattle is badly underserved for hotels and summer gets insanely expensive with 6 cruise ship sailings a week on top of normal convention, business, and tourist traffic. Ballard is great but not that central, I would go for Capitol Hill or Eastlake.
  5. China Mama and Yi Mei Champion Taiwan Deli are fantastic. Rocky
  6. I always love it. Killer wine list too. Rocky
  7. They for got Blue Ribbon with amazing deals on food and also $5 Fernet 24 hours a day at Vesper Bar. Rocky
  8. You and your Voula's. I'll take The Varsity Inn over Voula's any day. And Steve made me try Beth's and I actually liked some of it! The hashbrowns at Beth's are great. Rocky
  9. Chelan Cafe is one of my favourites for greasy spoon along with Voula's. Rocky
  10. I'm going to miss it as a nice getaway. Rocky
  11. I can't even recommend Portage Bay, but if you are just want a good breakfast go to Voula's.
  12. Portland is pretty compact and cabs are cheap. Use Radio Cab. There are no white tablecloth restaurants per se in Portland but within a few miles of the convention centre are le Pigeon, Nostrana, Laurelhurst Market, Woodsman Tavern, Castagna, Beaker and Flask, Biwa, Pok Pok, and Bunk Sandwiches. If you need a sports bar Spirit of 77 right across the street is excellent. Across the river and still not more than a $10 cab ride away are Andina, Irving Street Kitchen, Clyde Common, Park Kitchen, Gruner, and Oven and Shaker. Have fun. There are also some great cocktail sin Portland. Rocky
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