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  1. I dunno about all those places, but I did like Arthur Bryant's, Oklahoma Joe's, and Gates. All for different reasons.
  2. That's a major bummer. Sometimes I wonder if Chinese regional cooking suffers because people already have an idea of what they want when they walk into a Chinese restaurant.
  3. So what kinda blogs do we have for keeping up with the food scene here?
  4. You can take the light rail downtown. 112 Eatery is one of the best restaurants in the cities. I'd stop by and sit at the bar. India Cafe is right down the street from the MOA. Take the light rail and stop at Cedar/Riverside. You have a choice of Kilimanjaro Cafe, Red Sea restaurant, and Keefer Court chinese bakery/restaurant.
  5. We haven't been to this one together. I don't think I've ever overeaten Thai food with you. I'll have to investigate this information about the chef/cook. West of Snelling? And yes, I do live. ETA: I found it. On's Thai Kitchen at 1613 University. It's been a while since I've made it over that way. Thanks for bumping this thread.
  6. You people know today is Star Wars day right? May the fourth be with you.
  7. kuan

    Skiing 2009 - 2010

    Garrett won second place at Midwest Junior Championships
  8. I just normally toss it all in the mixer and use the paddle. The dough should be smooth. It is, after all, a short dough.
  9. Yes it is. I liked the trotter and the head cheese best. There were all kinds of things on the plate. Sweetbread terrine, foie mousse, rabbit rillettes, head cheese, trotter, lamb bacon, and maybe couple more things I don't remember.
  10. Me, Deltadoc, Greg, and Nicko went to Victory 44 in North Minneapolis the other day. Everything was good, nah, GREAT! How's that for a review? Here's a pic of the charcuterie plate.
  11. Well that lasted about 8.5 months. Place is gone.
  12. A new place just opened up near my house. T'Lavender. The menu is a mix of Thai, Chinese, and Vietnamese. Most of the standards are there like Pho, Hong Kong style noodles, Vietnamese pancake, Tom Yum soup, etc. Althought I don't know the address, it's right next to Fat Nats which is: 3540 Winnetka Ave N New Hope, MN 55427 I haven't been dissappointed yet and I've been there three times already. Prices are suburban spendy, which means everything is about a buck more than it would be on eat street.
  13. Unless he went back, the White House chef is NOT Walter Scheib -- it's been Cristeta Comerford for more than three years. A WOMAN CHEF, ffs! Why not just keep her? Scheib is still touring the world as a highly paid speaker. Like $10-30k a pop. Comerford is the first ever female whitehouse chef Disclosure: I copyedited Scheib's book. People should read it if only to learn about the idiocy of intrigues by Laura Bush's staff, who nixed the country-club food she wanted and brought him pages from ladies' magazines that showed what they wanted him to cook, and what they wanted the banque
  14. I should check this board more often. If I'm not here it's just the two of you.
  15. Yeah I like the Hmong farmers. They have the best deals on lemongrass, mint, and basil. My favorite stand at the St. Paul market is the Love Tree Farmstead cheese. Goat cheese, some raw milk cave aged cheeses, yum! The MPLS farmer's market is kinda lame. A lot of people just opening boxes from Supervalue, but still a lot of Hmong farmstands. Some of the bigger veggies are a little bitter right now because of the heat.
  16. Hey this place is really good! Lamb lollipops could have been less done, but rest of the stuff was good. Everything as advertised. Well executed, and that's much more than can be said for many places which boast an impressive menu but fail at basic cooking. We had: For apps, the lamb scottadito, sweet and sour crabmeat salad, sweetbreads, and prawns. Entrees were trout, stringozzi with lamb sugo, bone in pork chops. Desserts were tres leches cake and butterscotch budino. The butterscotch budino is like the ultimate salted nut roll, without nuts. Vanilla custard, caram
  17. OK I'm heading there tonight. Better be good.
  18. Just went there again on Friday. What a great place to eat! Had stuffed chicken drumsticks and red rice for $5.
  19. so, the broth is meant to be all eaten as well? so would one normally get a soup or a broth dish but not both? The noodle/broth dishes are meant to be eaten individually. Soups are meant to be shared and normally come out in a huge bowl and traditionally portioned out at the table. However... Some soups which are meant to be shared contain transparent noodles which don't normally go into noodle/broth dishes. Noodle/broth dishes that are meant to be eaten individually normally contain white rice noodles of different shapes and sizes or egg noodles, normally thin and long
  20. I just went Tuesday. Hey I like it! $5 a plate food is awesome and 2 for $1 sesame balls rock! Next time I'll try that sausage.
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