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  1. Greetings, ithere is a slight chance that I & my friend Diane & Steve from Cleveland my be available & we may attend this Wedneday. What is the possible start time & ETA time of dispersal as Steve's flight @ seatac gets in @ 8:30pm & we might just drop in to hi @ the very least ... cheers.
  2. I am a little swamped right now but am up for it if you all happen to go after April 15th ... cheers.
  3. Sorry for the radio silence as yesterday was a little hectic & I was unable to do the drive that early in the A.M. Sorry to hear that I missed my opportunity to eat dumplings with you for a while Eden. I will keep trying my eye on this thread to see when/if I am able to easily join in the dumplings as it sounds like I missed a great new place as well as an opportunity to do some Armenian food shopping as well ... cheers.
  4. Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, the whole day is good for me, Sunday, 9/7 after 6:30pm = good, Wednesday, 9/10th, late lunch or after are good for me.
  5. Manila noodle soup, earl grey infused ricotta dumplings, spinach jerusalum a miso vinagrette salad, all were fabulous... So good to see you too. Thank you for letting know where you are these days...your fan, white lotus. ps, i will be in again soon to try more things.
  6. I finally made it in for the BBQ and definitely will be back before the whole thing ends in a few weeks. I loved everything, food, non-alchols beverages (grape Italian soda and orange passion fruit lemonade)& special hello from Sleepy Dragon herself. The only down side was that I paid & walked out without having the dessert. Other than that, people were friendly & everything was tasty. See you there in a couple of weeks.
  7. There will just be the two of us. My friend was unable to secure childcare. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow . cheers,
  8. How about 2 more maybes*? I think I can switch my conflicting plans on Monday to a different day that week. I hate saying maybe but I wanted to at least let you know! Wow, BOM on a night that I am free! Count me in for 2 seats with a possibility that I might bring my friend Shiuwen of Floating Leaves tea so that she can try her first real hamberger ever, if she can find child care. cheers, wl
  9. Everything at Spur (except for my non-alcoholic house made dry sodas) was delicious. I definitely have to go back & try the other dishes & desserts. More enjoyable than the food was the company & conversation. Many thanks Lauren, Seagal, Malarky & Leslie. Cheers, wl
  10. Yay, a BOM on a day that I can make it ! I am in & looking forward very much to seeing you all. Will someone refresh my mind what time to meet. Cheers, wl
  11. Wow, the difference between the Bellevue & ID stores these days is significant. Much more non-mainstream kitchen stuff at the bellevue store, including several garnish cutters. I saw the simple ones at the Westlake mall DAISO last week.
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