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  1. Greetings, ithere is a slight chance that I & my friend Diane & Steve from Cleveland my be available & we may attend this Wedneday. What is the possible start time & ETA time of dispersal as Steve's flight @ seatac gets in @ 8:30pm & we might just drop in to hi @ the very least ... cheers.
  2. I am a little swamped right now but am up for it if you all happen to go after April 15th ... cheers.
  3. Sorry for the radio silence as yesterday was a little hectic & I was unable to do the drive that early in the A.M. Sorry to hear that I missed my opportunity to eat dumplings with you for a while Eden. I will keep trying my eye on this thread to see when/if I am able to easily join in the dumplings as it sounds like I missed a great new place as well as an opportunity to do some Armenian food shopping as well ... cheers.
  4. Tuesday, Sept. 2nd, the whole day is good for me, Sunday, 9/7 after 6:30pm = good, Wednesday, 9/10th, late lunch or after are good for me.
  5. Manila noodle soup, earl grey infused ricotta dumplings, spinach jerusalum a miso vinagrette salad, all were fabulous... So good to see you too. Thank you for letting know where you are these days...your fan, white lotus. ps, i will be in again soon to try more things.
  6. I finally made it in for the BBQ and definitely will be back before the whole thing ends in a few weeks. I loved everything, food, non-alchols beverages (grape Italian soda and orange passion fruit lemonade)& special hello from Sleepy Dragon herself. The only down side was that I paid & walked out without having the dessert. Other than that, people were friendly & everything was tasty. See you there in a couple of weeks.
  7. There will just be the two of us. My friend was unable to secure childcare. Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow . cheers,
  8. How about 2 more maybes*? I think I can switch my conflicting plans on Monday to a different day that week. I hate saying maybe but I wanted to at least let you know! Wow, BOM on a night that I am free! Count me in for 2 seats with a possibility that I might bring my friend Shiuwen of Floating Leaves tea so that she can try her first real hamberger ever, if she can find child care. cheers, wl
  9. Everything at Spur (except for my non-alcoholic house made dry sodas) was delicious. I definitely have to go back & try the other dishes & desserts. More enjoyable than the food was the company & conversation. Many thanks Lauren, Seagal, Malarky & Leslie. Cheers, wl
  10. Yay, a BOM on a day that I can make it ! I am in & looking forward very much to seeing you all. Will someone refresh my mind what time to meet. Cheers, wl
  11. Wow, the difference between the Bellevue & ID stores these days is significant. Much more non-mainstream kitchen stuff at the bellevue store, including several garnish cutters. I saw the simple ones at the Westlake mall DAISO last week.
  12. Hey, this is (long time no see/hear) white lotus who finally came back from visiting her daughter in Cameroon, Africa and is no longer is really exhausted from the trip. Sorry for the radio silence but just recently started lurking and realized that I just might be able to make the BOM tomorrow as I am meeting some other friends in Seattle, later in the evening. I would really love to see whoever shows up tomorrow if this thing is still happening. If not, I will keep trying to meet up with you all at another time. I will check mouthfuls again before I leave home early afternoon....cheer
  13. Leslie, I just wanted to thank you for posting. Dance and I took advantage of this and got both our very dirty cars washed. I was surprised at that fact that our local Brown Bear was not swamped or overwhelmed by people taking advantage of the free car washes after work. The people who worked there were very nice. This thread is a great idea. Cheers, wl.
  14. I am updating the list... Wednesday, 7/23 @ 7:00 pm Union Restaurant (reservation under Ronnie Surburban) 1400 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 838-8000 http://unionseattle.com/ Ronnie +2 wl +1 (friend: Tom S.) Rocky Malarky NightScottsman 9:30 pm dessert afterwards, thanks Neil! Canlis Restaurant 2576 Aurora Avenue N. Seattle 98109 ... Possible Thursday, 7/24, lunch in the area of UW. Any ideas? Thursday, 7/24 @ 7:00 pm Phenom Phen Noodle House 660 S King St Seattle, WA 98104-2938 Phone: (206) 748-9825 http://seattletimes.nws
  15. I have updated the RSVP list above. We're getting a great showing for the Cambodian dinner. There is always room for you Leslie and you too Lauren. Perhaps we can sandwitch dessert @ Canlis tomorrow after Union? Cheers, wl
  16. I goofed...appologies. "Phenom Phen" is closed tomorrow (on Wednesdays). So we will switch the Cambodian dinner to this Thursday, 7/24 @ 7:00 pm. Tomorrow, Wednesday, 7/23, we will be getting together @ Union @ 7:00 pm. For now, we have: Wednesday, 7/23 @ 7:00 pm Union Restaurant (reservation under Ronnie Surburban) 1400 1st Ave Seattle, WA 98101 (206) 838-8000 http://unionseattle.com/ Ronnie +2 wl +1 (friend: Tom S.) Rocky Malarky NightScottsman *** depending everyone feels after eating @ Union, dessert @ Canlis afterwards? ... Possible
  17. It has been a while since I have seen many of you. I just spoke to Ronnie who is off to visit friends which requires a ferry ride. I will offically call dinner tomorrow anytime after 6:15. In the afternoon, they will attend the Mariners' game. One ethnic option is to have a Cambodian meal @ "Phnom Phen" in the ID. When I dined there with Scarlet & her friends recently, the owner offered to do a special "off the menu" meal for us with some notice. I have to say that the food that I had at that restaurant was better than any that I had in while traveling in Cambodia. Perhaps it
  18. Lauren, I would like to put in for a seat at Salumi as well if reservations come though and space is available. It has been a while since I have done some serious eating with you folks here. If I am to represent PNW at the Heartland Gathering I need to do some due diligence. Leslie, I am looking forward to seeing you & Tony over some fabulous meals while Ronnie and his family are here. Cheers, wl
  19. Hey Suzanne, will we ever see you over here? I have a wonderful guest room with a killer view of the Tacoma Narrows view waiting for you and your spouse. Cheers... wl
  20. I think that I am the only tea person on Mouthfuls. Scarlett lovingly refers to me as a tea slut. Floating Leaves Teahouse will be changeing into Floating Leaves a traditional Chinese tea store a few block East on Market Street Street. They just closed the doors of the tea house. She recently did a tea tasting for a Dale Chihooly/Chinese dignatary event. If I am not mistaken, I would have to say that I have detected some of Shiuwen's Jasmine tea in some of the fancy desserts around town. They were rated by USA as one of the top 10 places to celebrate Boston Tea Party day. Disclaimer: I
  21. Ronnie (wonderful spouse Julie and remarkable foodie middle school child - Lucas) will be swinging by for a couple of days around the 21st of July sandwitched between his visits to Vancouver (BC) and Portland. This man does world class BBQ and some of the best brisket I have ever tasted. I have had the pleasure of meeting and watching this guy cook last year that the Heartland Gathering in Cleveland on another foodie website. He generously fed all of us in Cleveland an extrodarinary array of his smoked meats and fish. Ronnie is this years co-ordinator extrodinaire of Chicago's Heartland ga
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