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  1. I'm actually curious the hear what people thought of this new place that occupy the old King Bee space. The restaurant has been open for about two weeks and the menu seemed to have some pretty interesting Korean based flavors. We stopped in for dinner on Saturday night, and ordered the Tofu appetizers, a Hwe Soba, Korean Seafood Pancakes and Soft Shell Crab. The Hwe soba was basically a dish of soba with cubes of tuna, cucumbers, hard boiled egg and shredded seaweed. The sauce has a good dose of gochujang in it. For me, this is more interesting than the typical poke bowls I see everywhere
  2. I beg to disagree. Take a place like Miss Lilly's or even a drama place like Freeman's. You get there, they bring you the coffee and orange juice, you order your food, it gets to your table 15-20 minutes later. You eat and then you are off to do whatever you do. We walked in at 11:17 and did not get our coffee until 11:50. The server told us that the coffee is brewing that was why it took that long. That does not explain why the coffee got to our table on the cold side of lukewarm. With the time it took, I could have hobbled down to stump town, ordered a latte or espresso and still made i
  3. I had dinner there last wednesday and the food was absolutely amazing. Brunch, however, is a different story. The food is mediocre at best and the service suck ass.
  4. Yes, and let us not talk about how bad Baohaus is in terms of food and quality....Success can be a dangerous thing.
  5. I was there more for the music than for the food. The Roots was playing. But, here is an interesting article about the whole event: http://observer.com/2012/05/gluttons-for-punishment-how-new-york-restaurants-survived-the-great-googamooga/?show=all
  6. My friend Joyce found a really cute kittie in her backyard, about 2 weeks old, do anyone know of any animal rescues? ASPCA refuse to take it because it's kittie season right now.
  7. The Princess


    As excellent as the sushi and other composed dishes are at Soto, the service was overwhelmingly awful. Actually, if this weren't the worst service I had in NYC, it's in the top five. We got there for a 8pm reservation at the sushi counter and was directed to a table. The BF explained to the server that he had specifically made a reservation for the sushi counter and was told promptly that he must be mistaken because they do not accept reservations at the sushi counter past 730. We looked at the row of empty seat at the sushi counter and said, in that case, we should be able to sit there.
  8. Went there for Brunch. A pretty good deal for some really nice food. Love the Dutch pancakes.
  9. The Princess


    So my friend Gary told me about this place around the corner of my apt. He said: "You got to check it out because he's one of your peeps." I figure he meant that the guy who owns it must be Chinese, but it turns out that the owner and chef there is also a Corgi lover. OK, I am sold. On a quiet rain tuesday night, we were one of the two tables that were filled. The decor reminds me of some ritzy place in Thailand where ex-pats hang out and there's Louis Armstrong in the background. The food, however, is as authentic as one can get this side of the world. We started with a tangy sweet chili
  10. Jason, It would be great if you are around!!!! I will hit one of the bayless places next tuesday just to get away from everyone at work
  11. Thanks Suzanne! I will be there on the night of 10/25 and then again from 11/7 to 11/19 if any good citizens of Chicago would like to go eat with me.
  12. OK I am in chicago on business for the two weeks in November. Since I'll be eating alone a lot does any one have any dining suggestions in Chicago for solo diners? Oh if any Chicago dwellers wants to meet up for dinner. Let me know!!!!!
  13. The Princess


    Not to be a snob or anything but I am not a fan of pan-Asian food-a little too 1989 for my taste. We passed by Wong by accident yesterday on our way to Pearl. Being that I am friends with Simpson Wong, I decided to change our dinner plans and check out Wong instead. The place has a cool modern laid back vibe, although I am not crazy about the triangle plates and school room furniture. The food is surprisingly good. Dinner started with a house made naan bread and curry dipping sauce. The naan was nice and hot, although I wish it has more butter on it. As for the dipping sauce, it was co
  14. I went there a few night ago. The food was good, not great, I agree that is was not as fine as Allegretti's, The Provencal Fish Soup tasted slightly more rough around the edges-it doesn't have the enticing garlicky scent its former incarnation did. Pasta with Serrano Chile and rock shrimp was competent, although I couldn't seem to find the serrano chile in it. My dining companion had some sausage app. which he said was quite good, and the cuttlefish ragout for main. Service was attentive enough (They paid enough attention to know that he was taking me out for a belated Birthday treat), the de
  15. Looks like I'll have to do a field trip out there.
  16. That's awesome! I don't minds kids. Wondering why the place hasn't got much exposure...
  17. OK I know Windsor Terrace is a culinary wasteland, but this place looks promising. Has anyone tried it?
  18. The Princess


    All the best sourced ingredients and finest cooking technique aren't going to matter if the end dish taste bad. Food is meant to be indulged and enjoyed. It is not there to be an aesthetic, and if it is, it damn better taste good. I have had dinners from chefs working in Kyoto,and they were full of unexpected beautiful flavors. The food at Kajitsu looks beautiful, if it only taste as good.
  19. The Princess


    Went to Kajitsu last night with the BF. This place is everything I hate about vegan cuisine. We were ushered into the back room where the air is stuffy and the vibe reminds me of a mausoleum. While I am not a fan of restaurant music, the eriee silence in the background is disturbing. The server sounds like she is made in a factory and I want to turn her over and check for serial numbers. My iced tea was supposed to made from some roasted tea leaves. it was bitter and reminds me of the Chinese medicine my mother made us drink as kids. We went for the four course tasting after much deliberation
  20. I was in there with BF at 11:30pm last friday night and ordered Spaetzle and Raviolis plate. I like the ravioli with comes with nice bitter greens, roasted cauliflower and shaved parmesan cheese. The Spaetzle was hot and tasty, although the portions were so large that after a while I got a little bored. BF thought his beer, a dark stout, was nice but not earth shattering. The service was really friendly. The place was packed at midnight. Nothing we ate was food I couldn't make at home, but at 11;30Pm, I just want someone else to make it. It's definitely a place we will add for late night munc
  21. Splashy openings with lots of hype and impossible res or long lines. Yu know the kind of place where once you get there, you say, WTF? Mr. Oakapple, I need to have a separate conversation with you on other things as well being that you guys are a lot more plugged in than me. The JG brand is diluted, and no one cares anymore.
  22. Duly noted on the BAR and Apostrophe. Eatmyword, the places will be added the the list. Thank you. Rich: KNow any big splashy closings? Daisy: Hype would be an appropriate word. Wilfrid: Thanks as well.
  23. Yes! I think Michael White is taking over the world.
  24. I am round up a list of big splashy openings for AM New York, and need some help.. Since, I am pretty sure my memory is flawed..So here are the list I have so far: Lincoln Osteria Morini Pulinos Eataly John Dory Oyster House The eternal delay of Red Rooster Ciano. What should I add or delete?
  25. I've decided to do the whole thing telepathically this year. Next year. Daisy -- yes, I am lucky: my guests are indeed pretty easy-going. They eat out plenty, but unless they go to some of the highly touted NBC places, they won't get this kind of food out. As long as I make my spicy macaroni and cheese, they're happy. Otherwise, pouts all around. Happy T-Day to all. One of your guest is extremely picky! Having said that, the Mac and Cheese was awesome, and all the left overs were consumed at 1am last night. Except, for the quincy cranberry sauce.
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