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    Tony Finch

    I first met Tony at the EG lunch at Chez Bruce way back when.We smoked outside like a couple of schoolboys(or a headmaster and a schoolboy.)He was funny, opinionated,charming and all those things mentioned here.A big man, with a big personality.His hospitality legendary, he put me up for the night after a Tayyab fest, and i had the pleasure of cooking for him and Fahro at our place.He made his immortal line about my sticky toffee pudding being a "Tad Dry", a comment that has rumbled on for years now.I will miss him, and my heart goes out to Fahro.A diamond.RIP Tony Adrian
  2. ...and lo it came to pass. Tonight one couple wanted some sweet wine (not dessert wine) so a trip over to the pub for a bottle of Liebfraumilch.. a first for us
  3. It all depends on the guest and what else is happening in the restaurant at that time.I regularly go over to the pub opposite for drinks that we don't stock,we only have a tiny bar.When a guest demands something out of the ordinary in a "Customer is King" kind of way, i tend not to want to do it, if they ask nicely, then we will do our best to get it.Human nature.
  4. Thats the recipie i use, got it off an Aussie Chef.We finish ours with ganache.
  5. Names have been changed to protect the grumpy
  6. It's not that good, got an email complaint today.... " Hello Last March, while staying in Padstow with friends, we dined at your restaurant. We were very impressed, both at the welcome (? the owner,)was standing outside and overheard us saying that it was a shame that vegetarians were not catered for. Having been told that we should have read the article in the window, we all agreed that we enjoyed the best meal we had had in a long time. Two weeks ago, we returned to Padstow, this time with relations and were looking forward to another splendid evening at Margot's. The even
  7. HOLD THE PHONE! WE ATE OUT !!!! So after living here for over 10 years, we finally got round to The Seafood Restaurant.Well you don't want to rush into these things.Left booking the table too late, so when i rang this week i was only offered 9.30pm or 10pm.Too late for us with little ones and babysitters to consider.Luckily i has a group of Seafood staff eating with me earlier this week, so managed to ask a favour and get a table at 7.oopm. Opted for the tasting menu at £65 for 6 courses Amuse of salt cod and salmon fishcake with some chopped sunblush tomatoes.Fine Lang
  8. The day i was born... Pink Floyd releases the album A Saucerful of Secrets in the USA. Number 1 UK Des OConnor
  9. Giraffery....My only reason to go to Newquay Zoo is to be able to to say, " Come family, let us make our way to the giraffery"
  10. just for info, Jock is still knocking out shit breakfasts at the Tregea
  11. Basildog

    Chez Bruce

    The only way it would make any sense would be if it was a minimum charge for having exclusive use of the private room.It's not, it's a room hire charge, non returnable, total bollocks.Sometime, retaurants don't see the wood for the trees, so thinking the best of people, maybe if someone pointed out the unfairness of their policy, it may change.
  12. Basildog

    First Job

    I need my eyes testing, i read it as stuffing insects into newspapers.
  13. Basildog

    First Job

    14,Paper round 15, Summer Job,Ride Assitant, Wicksteed Park, Kettering 16, first part time job --Weekend Chef at "The Lord Nelson" pub, Stanion, Northants. Next 22 years chef
  14. Basildog

    Dream Job

    To do what i do for aslong as it's fun, or my knees give out, which ever is soonist
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