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  1. "I started with a very generous helping of scallops (with coral) with greens in an extremely well balanced vinaigrette and little strips of bacon on top. I can’t read my own handwriting, but G had a chorizo dish, and I hardly got a look in. I think others on the board have said that Basildog has a deft hand with fish, and I concur. My skate with mouth-watering anchovies studded on top & and with a parsley-butter sauce was done just right, taken off the flame just before it becomes meaty and heavy. G’s lamb chops and new potatoes were stellar, he said. Pretty full by this time, but
  2. oh and women shy away from offal and game, going for white meats.Men love their red meats, game and offal PS this is my experience of my guests, obviously doesn't apply to the members here, who are into their food in a much bigger way
  3. OK women order Grilled goats cheese Any salady starter smoked duck no starter saffron poached pear lemon tart women don't order squid,or soups,skate, mussles, cheese men order grilled fish, chowder,squid,any shell on shelllfish,cheese men don't order goats cheese everyone orders lamb, more women than men will like it cooked more than pink. if it is a sticky toffee pudding to share, it means she wants it and he doesn't want a dessert more women than men drink teas i,ll try and keep a note tonight and see how wrong i can be
  4. If i take food to the table at the bistro, and i don't know who ordered what, more often than not i can guess by gender
  5. Ha Ha. I find myself keeping tiny amounts of prep, and then chucking them out the next day. Pots in fridge? Not me, lots and lots of plastic tubs.At the moment i'm deep cleaning our bistro kitchen and i chucked out a full bin load of plastic tubs, i'm so anal about keeping them,"just in case"
  6. Sir Tom Jones? Someone is having a laugh. Totally agree with macro, it used to mean something, now it means you have a good PR Company
  7. Thanks Maurice, your right.I know all parents are biased, as they should be, but he's a cutie.
  8. I'm so very very happy to announce the safe arrival at 1am of a baby boy! Mrs BD is fine and dandy, junior weighed in at 6lbs 2 oz, i can't stop crying.Pics and Name to follow, (were open to suggestions for names)
  9. Thanks for fixing it , and hello everyone
  10. Newlyn Market prices today John Dory £6.95 per kilo for small,£10.95 for 1 - 2lb £12.95 for 2-4lb Dovers £11 per K
  11. "Originally called "icky sticky toffee sponge", sticky toffee pudding is a British dessert composed of a moist sponge cake made with fine chopped dates and then covered with a toffee sauce. The dessert's origins are considered a "mystery" according the gastronomic journal, Saveur, however the dominant story is that Francis Coulson developed and served this dessert at his Sharrow Bay Country House Hotel near the Scottish border in 1960. It has been stated by Coulson's former protege and chef, Juan Martin, that Coulson hinted that the original concept for the dessert was derived from a farmwife
  12. The lobster fishermen of Padstow that i went out with caught " Dog Fish" or "Huss" in the pots.These were used to bait the crab pots straight away, but the lobster pots were baited with stinking Mackerel frames.
  13. Thank you macro, you really do go beyond the call of duty sometimes. i am fucking loving ebay!!!!! I have 4 bits of kit selling, and i would have been happy with £200 the lot, at the moment 3 of them are selling for a total of £330 !!!KERCHING!!! Still got 5 hours to go
  14. I don't see why not. I need to sell a few things on ebay to get enough feedback so that i can put on "buy now" fixed price.( if that makes sense).Auction for nuts is just nuts. I'll get some details on international shipping.
  15. I know, but it's a cold hard winter man!
  16. Look what i found on eBay! PLUG PLUG
  17. Of course you have to pay to enter the Principality.If not it would crammed full of wannabe Welsh.
  18. Today i love my job... 1) decided not to open for lunch as we had no bookings and i'm fecking tired after knocking myself out for 9months 2) the nosiey elephants staying upstairs have gone home 3) Becky came into help, much fun with squid and fish 4) All the prep is done and it's not yet 4pm 5) Fully booked with some nice regulars 6) nothing has broken down (yet)
  19. One of the joys of having a small, and if i say so myself popular place, is that 99% of the time we are fully booked, so we know what time people are coming in the evening.Lunch is a different matter, we finish at 2pm, and are not as busy, so a walk in at 1.59pm is possible.My staff don't really bitch about it, because they know i'm the one who will be looking after them if they stay late, it doesn't really effect them that much.I'm there all day anyway. On a few occasions i have had to ask lunch people to leave, as we had evening guests arriving in an hour.
  20. I had a surreal moment this morning watching the World Series. I had fallen alseep on the sofa around the 5th innings( were talking 3 or 4 am here in UK).Woke up to find my daughter had got up , but the baseball was still on?! So i just assumed i had not been asleep very long, but no, there in the 14th Innings !!! Watched the last 1/2 hour( about 7.30 am), our Channel Five presenters doing a good job in keeping awake after 7 + hours overnight.They did at one point say we are going to have to leave the baseball in 5 mins, but commen sense prevailed and the little ones had to go without "No
  21. or hot kitchens.My current BB hat is a Mad Fish one , a gift from my wine man.I'm so kool
  22. Give me a shout when you want to do a fish soup.We seem to be making it every day at the moment.
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