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  1. For some Got up, drove to work, on feet for 5 hours so far...about another 8 hours to go on feet.Does this burn calories?? I am losing a bit of weight, i had to hunt out a belt last week, all my jeans are falling down.
  2. I would vote for Portugal aswell.
  3. Basildog

    The River Cafe

    Its Catch 22 Tony, if i go out into the restaurant to clear a table or something, then its rude not to say hello,but you can also look like your fishing for compliments.And how much you believe what a customer is saying is also debatable.Maybe we should just stay in the kithen
  4. "Garlic Bread???????" Peter Kaye
  5. Geat article on the brothers.very interesting ! 3.14159265358979 is about all i remmber from school days, don't ask me why i memorised pi to 14 places but i did and its stuck in my head ever since
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