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  1. Hey gang I'm going to take a pass tonight. Just not feeling like it. Have fun!
  2. Obama alert! He arrives Boeing Field 3:45 tomorrow, and goes to the Westin downtown for a 6:00. This may not be a problem, but... This would lead me (from Phinney Ridge) to go over the University bridge then left on Boyer along the water to 23rd. Sort of go at the Polish Club (18th and Madison) from behind. Bar Sue @ 14th and Mad should provide a sufficient buffer zone between us and our fearless leader...
  3. I'm in. Lauren, would you include me in carpool email? Steve
  4. Heya, we're on for 12:30 today, Giddy Up at 4600 Leary Way?
  5. On my calendar too. Where and what time?
  6. Whah! I've got something on so will meet you @ Sebi's after 8.
  7. I'll be leaving town the 26th but yeah.
  8. NYE brunch would work for me, 12:30 actually perfect, with nap following, to set one up for the evening. I'm gonna plan on staying horizontal for most of NYD...
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