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  1. I know that black bean refritos is the thing to eat with Cochinita Pibil. But I just don't think black beans make as good refritos as red/brown beans (like say pintos) do. The skin is just too thick (and the beans are just too small to mash). So sue me. (To be sure, this doesn't seem to be a problem in the Yucatán. But unlike me, they know what they're doing.)
  2. Same Cochinits Pibil, with a new batch of refritos from the same beans. Same tortillas. Same salad. Same pickled onions. (I do have to express my astonishment that I can pickle onions.) I read someone say somewhere that Nebbiolo was a good pairing for Cochinita Pibil. That just seemed wrong to me (and not just because pork isn't really eaten much in the Piemonte). But then, I thought, what about a lighter mountain Nebbiolo blend? That takes Nebbiolo closer to its Pinot Noir side. (I even used a Burgundy glass to accentuate this.) Might be just the thing. 2011 Proprietà Speri
  3. https://www.grubstreet.com/2022/10/restaurant-workers-eating-in-more-often.html
  4. I remember sitting out on the deck at La Rampa in San Sebastian -- a tourist trap, maybe, but a good one -- eating fried spider crab and drinking Txakoli and thinking that food and wine couldn't get any better.
  5. This wine might be a little rounder than your average Txakoli, but it still has that sharp acidic grapefruit kick.
  6. Fun fact: this wine has some Petit Courbu blended in -- which on this side of the Pyrenees is called Hondarrabi Zuri Zerratie!
  7. Fried shrimp with (finishing up the) COMEBACK SAUCE. It is a disturbing truth that what is probably the best thing I have ever made was a mixture of ready-made off-the-shelf ingredients. But even the inventor of Comeback Sauce mainly made it that way. (MAYBE he made his mayonnaise from scratch.) Cole slaw on the side. Not made by me, but purchased at the fishmonger. (I swore the sales clerk to secrecy, but here I am admitting it on the internet.) I wanted a sharp light white with this, maybe with a little fizz. Hey, I know. 2021 Txakolindegi Ugabe Unfiltered Txakol
  8. I'd almost drink this wine again.
  9. It's a big responsibility having The Best Hash In The World in your refrigerator. What if the Russians were to get it? Of course, it's even better reheated, as it gets even crispier. Topped with a French fried egg. Haricots verts sautéed with Calabrian pickled onions on the side. This is a debased version of something @small h made a couple of weeks ago. I kind of view that as my role in life. 2020 TerraVox Chateau Chouteau You remember TerraVox: that Western Missouri producer of mainstream-style wines made from hybrid grapes. This is their "European-style" wh
  10. I drank my way through college winning informal impromtu trivia contests at bars.
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