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  1. It really does stand emphasizing how good that squab is.
  2. Not a cocktail, but: Having a Dopo Teatro, Cocchi's lightly pungent bitter Vermouth, at home alone after a show isn't as congenial as having one in a café in Milan after an opera. But it's better than nothing.
  3. Oy. Two friends have lost cats today. I am SO sorry.
  4. Sneakeater


    Do you know the way there?
  5. (Don't know if the menu changes so much any more, though.)
  6. (Like if they show it on their sample menu, which at least in the past wasn't current but rather showed what they were serving a day or so before, you've probably already missed it!)
  7. Often it's gone in like a DAY.
  8. Now? Still? I'm amazed!
  9. I think I can still remember those cuz they actually all existed during my grade school years as well. (Bohack!)
  10. Well I was out of grade school by then, but yeah I can somehow still remember.
  11. This is so nice I'ma make myself another. DAMN YOU @Wilfrid.
  12. I'll never forget the first time I entered the CBs bathroom. I was expecting it to be bad. But I wasn't expecting THAT.
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