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  1. But the issues are the same for ANY kind of artist, right?
  2. But what’s the point of limiting it to musicians?
  3. No reason it has to be music. Wilf’s initial question was about major artists, not just major musicians. (Or at least that’s how I read it. Who knows?)
  4. In the end, I think this may be my favorite Le Roc des Anges wine that I've ever had.
  5. Taylor Ho Bynum Sextet: Apparent Distance Neil Young: After the Goldrush Bononcini: Divertimenti da Camera (Balestracci/La Stagione Armonica) Burning Star Core: Paper Cuts Theater Kraus: Begräbnis Kantate/Trauersinfonie (Castellano/Huáhr/Adam/Shendel//Eherhardt/L'Arte del Mundo/RIAS Kammerchor) (history buffs may be interested to know that this is the music Kraus wrote to commemorate the death by assassination of his patron Gustav III of Sweden) (everyone else should know that Kraus is possibly the single most underappreciated composer of the Classsical period)
  6. The pigs' ears I bought at the Greenmarket are meant as dog treats!
  7. Unlike, say, Manhattan?
  8. A real pantry/refrigerator pasta. Even the pasta was chosen cuz I had a bag that needed to be finished. So, casarecce with mushrooms, leeks, garlic, parsley, and the oldest chili in Brooklyn. Sautéed Bok Choy -- the only green to be had from a reliable source at the GAP Greenmarket last Saturday -- on the side. A sort of pantry wine, too. 2012 Le Roc des Anges "Les Vignes Métisées" How do I come to have a rosé from 2012? Damned if I know. (Actually, I know very well: negligence.) But this is, in a sense, serendipity. This Côtes Catalanes producer makes wines that
  9. Yes! Prospect Butcher on Vanderbilt a couple of doors down from Olmsted (in the former Daly Pie space).
  10. It was like a big event for me when I went there.
  11. Wow. I don’t think I’ve left my apartment 50 times — or even 25 times — since they’ve opened.
  12. What can I tell you? Look for Rebecca. She’s easy to distinguish from all the other butchers there — even with a mask.
  13. I have no dog in this race -- one satisfactory business transaction -- but I found butcher Rebecca quite congenial and (as far as I could tell) life-affirming.
  14. BTW, be sure to check out Mary Halverson's Code Girl band, if you haven't.
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