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  1. Dvorák: String Quartets Nos. 7 & 9 (Stamitz Quartet) Philip Glass: Songs from the Trilogy Beach Boys: Surfin' U.S.A. Frank Sinatra: Sings for Only the Lonely (it's Capitol Records night at Chez Sneak!)
  2. Except for the bottom right of the tian.
  3. I took the tzimmes left over after I finished the brisket it was with, and made a kugel out of it. Barely dressed (RIP Juliette Greco) pink-flecked chicory on the side. Cider! 2019 Floral Terranes Ronkonkoma Moraine Before they didn't know how to make wine, the Floral Terranes guys didn't know how to make cider. Similarly to their wines, this cider contains apples from a well-known farm and from people's backyards. They also apparently blended some old crabapple cider they made a few years ago into this cuvée. Surprisingly, this is more like a French cider than a Bas
  4. https://mouthfulsfood.com/forums/index.php?/topic/33566-dining-out-where-would-you-go/&do=findComment&comment=1461801
  5. But as I said in that follow-up post, even if places like that offer outdoor dining, it isn't a materially different experience than they offered before. You're not being asked to pay a lot for less. You're being asked to pay the (fairly minimal) same for the same. (Please be sure to take note of the last three paragraphs of my initial post.)
  6. And even if you could, these utilitarian places never provided the kind of dining experience that can't easily be replicated by a few tables on the sidewalk. So even if they offered outdoor dining, you wouldn't be being asked to give anything much up to patronize them.
  7. I think this might miss the mark for a few reasons. (My reasons are based a whole host of factual assumptions that might be wrong: let me know.) First, you live in a famously (famous because unusual in New York) economically mixed neighborhood. In most New York neighborhoods where people can still afford to dine out, the "neighborhood" spots are pretty upscale by any objective standard. Second, I live in an economically mixed neighborhood, too (although it's getting less so by the day). And in my neighborhood, the downmarket local spots for the most part aren't offering outdoor d
  8. I just want to say it's such an intense pleasure to be in Huizingaworld again. Also, just on the basis of readability, this new translation is like a miracle.
  9. Thelonious Monk: Palo Alto Freitas Branco: Symphony No. 4/Vathek (Cassuto/RTÉ National Symphony Orchestra) (might as well get familiar with the music of my new homeland) Dvorák: String Quartet No. 11/Two Waltzes (Stamitz Quartet) The Beach Boys: Surfin' Safari Black Thought: Streams of Thought Vol. 1 Schmidt/Anders Koppel/Martin Lohse/Per Norgärd: Accordion Concertos (Mogensen//Gupta/Danish National Chamber Orchestra) (wish this could be my new homeland) de Cleve: Carole qui Veniens/Missa Rex Babylonis/Es Wel uns Gott Genedig Sein/Credo quod Redemptor/Corol
  10. I don't know which depressed me more: hearing that Juliette Greco had died, or hearing that she was 93.
  11. Red cherries and raspberries, with a touch of cranberry at the end. In case you were wondering.
  12. Spaghetti alla Norma. Except for the leftovers, the last summer dish I'll have this year. Speaking of which, I used the hot pepper in this that I should have used with last night's bluefish. Indeed, both dinners would have benefited if I switched the peppers between them. I'm pretty sure, though, that with a few days of integration in the fridge, this Norma sauce will be a knockout. Sautéed dragon mustard greens (or whatever) on the side. Another day when I had neither the time nor the energy to think about a pairing. I promise I will with the leftovers. 2012 Occhipinti
  13. I'm coming a week from tomorrow (when you'll probably be out of good stuff).
  14. Floyd Bennett Field is famous for people taking the long way home.
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