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  1. I’d be glad to be rid of them!
  2. I don't know how to break this to you, but salmon is expensive fish.
  3. AMEX can buy my List if JP Morgan doesn’t.
  4. Top sirloin was something the butcher was mentioning.
  5. I almost view it as Wine Malpractice. Who NEEDS that?
  6. I have some 15% ABV bottles laying around but I can't bring myself to open them. The following morning could NEVER be worth it.
  7. (HINT: It involves my favorite wine.)
  8. I have half of one in my freezer, left over from my purchase for a Lockdown Rosh Hashanah -- and man am I excited about what I plan to do with it.
  9. And pieces of brisket are like HUGE.
  10. In the absence of a flank steak sized sensibly for a Pathetic Single Person, I used Denver steak in this. Good cut for Chow Fun, if you're a Pathetic Single Person thinking of making it. (Brisket would be good -- but who's gonna waste brisket on a dish with as much covering flavor as this one?) (I felt guilty enough using brisket in a Mississippi Roast once.) (Great as it was.)
  11. I'll tell you one thing: when garlic chives come back into season . . . .
  12. Beef Chow Fun! This was so much better, technically, than the past Asian wok dishes I've been making recently. I even got some hei going! The key, of course, is fearlessness. When adopting new kitchen techniques, I tend to be timid -- and of course, that undermines the cooking. Eventually I get to see how it should go and have the confidence to do what's needed. (Perhaps not oddly, the same thing applies to my using new computer programs.) One thing I learned for sure tonight is that if you think you're putting in way too many sprouts and (my addition, to add some leafy green Q
  13. You're not saying there are even MORE cookbooks I have to get, are you?
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