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    It was a particularly smooth tzatziki with spring garlic instead of regular, so it was softer-edged than usual, and with a boatload of sorrel strips mixed in.
  2. Sneakeater


    Iris is a new Greek/Turkish (but mainly Greek) restaurant from John Fraser (who, it turns out, has a Greek background -- who knew?). It's in the MONY Building.* I don't think I've ever eaten in the MONY Building before. Fraser has always struck me as a very sound but basically boring chef. I think it's no coincidence that he made the biggest impact, at least for me, at his first restaurant, Dovetail. Cuz there his food was a surprise. Since then, he's just seemed to me to be playing things out. So maybe a turn to his ancestral food has done him good. This is a fancified, ch
  3. Sneakeater


    Shukette is an offshoot of Shuka, a supposedly popular Middle Eastern/Mediterranean restaurant run by the group behind such bastions of mediocrity as Cookshop and Vic's. I was surprised, upon arriving, to realize it's in the former Sullivan Street Bakery/Co. space. Shukette isn't bad at all. But it's annoying as hell. It's obviously an unserious "fun" restaurant aimed at people who want to think they know about food but actually don't. The tip-off to places like this is how aggressive the waitstaff is in "explaining" the menu and recommending dishes. I don't think they're upselling.
  4. Hey @voyager , is it time for us to rethink? https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/guides/how-to-use-your-dishwasher-better/
  5. Joh. Strauss II: Die Fliedermaus Overture//Smetana: Ma Vlast -- Vlatava//Dvorak: Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" (Erich Kleiber/Staatskapelle Berlin) (German orchestras weren't really good pre-post-War -- but God that Vlatava is MAGIC) Kalabis: Symphony No. 3 "Sinfonie Pacis"/Violin Concerto No. 1/Symphonic Variations (Škvor//Košler/Neumann/Kalabis/Czech Philharmonic Orchestra/Prague Philharmonic Orchestra) Duke Ellington: The Duke Ellington Centennial Collection (Disc 4: The Early Years 1927-1934) Hallucinogen: Twisted
  6. You wouldn't think that PA Dutch and Trinidadian cuisine would have a lot in common. But they share a love of pickled pig snouts. Pickled pig snouts with green beans over rice. (The PA Dutch eat hot peppers -- truth! -- but I don't think they'd put as many in a dish as the Trinidadians put into this one.) (OK: I slightly upped the hot pepper Q.) This dish has a reputation for getting better over time -- except there's never any left over. I have some leftovers! I'll find out some future lunch. But shit it was great tonight. I would like to pat myself on the back for somehow N
  7. You can't fool me. Pigs don't have fingers!
  8. I can’t believe that. Life is NEVER that good.
  9. Brahms: Ein Deutches Requiem (Schwartzkopf/Fischer-Dieskau//Klemperer/Philharmonia Orchestra & Chorus) Young/Ferrara Ensemble: Figures of Harmony: Songs of Codex Chantilly c.1390 (Disc 4: Corps Femenin: Duke John of Berry's Lyrical Avant-Garde) Duke Ellington: The Duke Ellington Centennial Collection (Disc 3: The Early Years 1927-1934) Brahms: Piano Quartet No. 1/Violin Sonata No. 3/Cello Sonata No. 1 (Rubinstein/Kochanski/Piatigorsky/Pro Arte Quartet) (stunning)
  10. Duke Ellington: The Duke Ellington Centennial Collection (Disc 2: The Early Years 1927-1934) Schubert: Symphony No. 8 "Unfinished"//Mendelssohn: Ein Sommernachtstraum -- Scherzo/Nocturne/Wedding March//Rossini: Guillaume Tell Overture//Berlioz: Le Carnival Romaine//Nicolai: Die Lustigen Weiber von Windsor Overture (Erich Kleiber/Berliner Philharmoniker/Staatskapelle Berlin) Lutosławski: Concerto for Orchestra/Twelve Pieces by Henri Michaux/Mi-Parti/Overture for Strings (Anna Szostak//Wit/Polish National Radio Orchestra/Camerata Silesia) Underground System: What Are You
  11. Where are the sardines in that?
  12. Oh come on it’s gone all the way down to 78 degrees!
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