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  1. I am thinking of the refritos these beans are eventually going to make, and I am becoming weak.
  2. I guess it's worthwhile to talk about Tepary beans for a minute. Tepary beans are native to Northwestern Mexico or Southwestern U.S. (which of course used to be parts of the same country). The Sonoran Desert, in other words. They are said to be the most drought-resistant heat-resistant crop in the world. So of course, a lot of eyes are directed at them as a crop that can flourish in our new climate. But there's one other thing about Tepary beans: they are delicious. They are almost ridiculously flavorful. The brown ones have a very deep nuttiness, with some sweetness ov
  3. Had one of @Wilfrid's Hoovers tonight. Very nice. It would be interesting to try one alongside an El Presidente, which is sort of a more complex elaboration of the same idea. But not, for me, tonight.
  4. Memorial Day brat on a bun with spicy mustard and Branston Pickle (I thought it would be a nice gesture on Memorial Day to bring together the principal antagonists in the two World Wars). Goat cheese macaroni salad on the side. And kale florets/baby broccoli/preserved Meyer lemon salad. And brown Tepary beans. Humans have been eating beans for something like 10,000 years. So it is with great humility, as well as great pride, that I announce that I made tonight what I believe to be the best pot of beans ever made. (Cooking in a smoked ham hock certainly doesn't hurt.) I inten
  5. Maybe they’re big in South Africa cuz (Portuguese) piri-piri sauce is so popular there.
  6. Bacon cheeseburger with flowering baby arugula and what really really were my last RAAAAAMMMMMMPPPPPSSSSSSS of the season, seared. Ketchup, mustard. If I haven't said so already, let me say how great Lost Bread Co. sesame milk buns are. Goat cheese macaroni salad. Super garlic pickle. For the WIN. Stephane Lucas Papillon d'Orphée I don't want to call this "N/V" because I've seen people refer to bottles of it by vintage. But if the vintage is identified anywhere on the bottle, I'm not seeing it. This is from the Côtes du Tarn in the Southwest of France. It's ma
  7. Research now discloses that the original Brooklyn cocktail -- as served at the Hotel St. George, blocks away from where I used to live long ago -- used sweet Vermouth rather than dry. Current cocktail historians suggest that the switch to dry Vermouth in the recipe was the result of a misprint. I'll have to try sweet Vermouth next time.
  8. Yeah what a great cocktail. It really does elaborate on the Manhattan in an interesting and delicious way.
  9. It's been ages since I've had a Brooklyn. 2 oz. Rye 1 oz. dry Vermouth 1/4 oz. Maraschino liqueur 1/4 oz. Golden Moon Amer dit Picon (or Bigallet China-China or CioCiaro) (for purposes of mixing I personally think the Golden Moon rules as an Amer Picon substitute) Stir. Strain. *************************** I don't like the Brooklyn more than a Manhattan. I couldn't like anything more than a Manhattan. I like it differently from a Manhattan.
  10. When Jacques says there is no chance of cutting yourself, it becomes very clear that he's never met me.
  11. Memorial Day Weekend! A Philly Cheesesteak Sausage (which thankfully had some pork in it as well). On a roll with horseradish and fried RAAAAAAMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSSSS. Some goat cheese macaroni salad. A Super Garlic pickle. I was thinking of a Cab Franc with this. Then I began thinking about Mencia. Then I began thinking about Northwest Spain in general. 2017 Manuel Moldes Acios Mouros This comes from Rías Baixas in Galicia. Now when you think of Rías Baixas, you think of white wine. More particularly, you think of Albariño. But they make red wine there,
  12. Sneakeater


    Things are obvs in constant flux, but my current Life Plan (subject to MUCH change) would put me in Headcheese Heaven.
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