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  1. Stephanie Richards: Full Moon Haydn: Lira Concertos (Ruf/Lautenbacher/Nielsen/Beyer/Berndt/Uhl/Koch/Hoffmann/Irmscher) Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia (this is getting good reviews HOW?) Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 1//Schnittke: Piano Concerto//Lutoslowski: Paganini Variations (Matsuev//R. Honeck/Kammerochester WIen-Berlin) (very good) Valentin Silvestrov: leggiero, pesante (Fordham/Lechner/Avenhaus/Silvestrov/Rosamunde Quartet) (I love this stuff) Ravel/Messiaen/Stockhausen/George Benjamin/Dutilleux/Schulthorpe/Douglas Young/Tristan Murail/Takemitsu: Piano Pieces (Peter Hill) Moor Mother x Jewelry: Crime Waves
  2. Faux Vietnamese omelette, using the detritus of my faux Vietnamese porcelet collar, together with other stuff lurking in my fridge. It was fauxlicious! On the side, raw wild arugula with soy sauce and benne seeds. 2014 Domaine Cornu-Camus Bourgogne Aligoté I chose this cuz it's lemony, but thinner than Chardonnay and less assertive than Sauvignon Blanc. There are better Aligotés than this (and I have some). But given that this dinner was as likely as not to be actively disgusting, I didn't want to chance wasting one. This is fine for what it is. Maybe, at the advanced age of 6, missing some of the tingling vitality of its youth. But it still has some nice lemony fruit, and then a fairly (but not amazingly) long set of minerals. I'm still not convinced that Aligoté is as great as its current acolytes would have it. There is a much better kind of white wine made in Burgundy. But I'm beginning to see that it shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.
  3. Tangerine -- actually Sumo orange -- Margarita. This can't require a recipe, right?
  4. 1. For JLA, those are good places to start. The only caveat would be if you find chamber music more congenial than orchestral music. In that case, maybe start with the Red Arctic/Blue Veil album. 2. As far as I know, that Stravinsky album is only available as part of a humongous box set. Although there was no way for anybody reading it to know, I was referring to the set as a whole (so far: I'm listening my way through) rather than that particular record (although that record is fine!). That was disc 11 out of 56 (plus a DVD)!
  5. Various: Golden Afrique Vol. 3: Highlights and Rarities from the Golden Era of African Pop Music (1939-1988): Jive, Jit, and Other Musical styles from the Republics of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia (with a name like that, you know it's GOT to be good) (includes the record from which "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was stolen without attribution or payment!) Josquin: Missa Ave Maris Stella (Bull/Cappella Pratensis) (there's better) Ulrich Schnauss: Far Too Many Trains Passing By Harrison Birtwistle: Chamber Music (Batiashvili/Ad. Brendel/Fellner/Freston/Williams) Blair McMillen feat. Sachiko Kato: Multiplicities '38: Music by Composers Born in 1938 (music for piano by John Corigliano/Joan Tower/Frederic Rzewski/Wuorinen/John Harbison/William Bolcom) (I'm struck by the same thought that always hit me when I used to go to my wife's high school reunions: it's impossible to believe that these composers, who look like they're of wildly disparate ages, were born in the same year)
  6. My last Meyer lemon! I reverted to a Paper Plane to see it out.
  7. J. Gordon Holt, we salute you: https://www.stereophile.com/asweseeit/1107awsi/
  8. Oh no I didn't mean to imply it was. Everything you've said makes it obvious you have and have had high-end gear. I was just saying that, if you're not looking to reproduce acoustic music blah blah blah blah, you'd be SHOCKED how good mid-level equipment is these days.
  9. Chicken fried rabbit loin, with a buttermilk-morels-ramp gravy. Sautéed wild arugula with smoked jalapeños on the side. When I was first contemplating this dinner, I thought I'd make a rabbit schnitzel. But I eventually concluded that chicken-fried rabbit would be more fun. (You have to understand that, as someone of partial Austrian descent whose family has never lived anywhere in the U.S. other than New York, chicken-fried is more exotic to me than schnitzel is.) And as soon as I decided t make that, the wine pairing became obvious. 2019 Les Vins Contés (O. Lemasson) Poivre et Sel Mostly Grolleau, with a sizeable chunk of Gamay and a smaller dash of Pineau d'Aunis. From the Loire, obvs. A light red -- but a spicy one. And lively as hell. Slight fizz. Which with the fried food was perfect. Yeah, it's sour, like the natural wine it is. But I think you'd have to be a sourpuss yourself to reject it.
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