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  1. Wait a minute. Now I’m thinking, going with the digestivo theme, that instead of Americano Rosso you use Dopo Teatro. This is going to be EPIC.
  2. You need to set the table. It’s a very important step toward convincing yourself you’re actually human.
  3. Less good than last time. But still, where else can you have a decent dinner while gazing out on Ellis Island and reflecting on your historical good fortune? (I’m sure my Grandparents would have forgiven me the shrimp segundo.)
  4. Not to be too obsessive, but thinking back to my Piemontese Boulevardier, I can’t help but reflect on how the substitution of Cardamaro for Campari turns an aperitif cocktail into a digestivo. (I’m very proud of this one.)
  5. I told her that if I were a gigging musician, I'm not sure I'd get a job that got me up at 7 in the morning on Saturdays.
  6. I went to this sort of private show last night. This morning, as I was being checked out at one of my regular Greenmarket stands, the checker said to me, "didn't I see you at a show last night?" She was the opening act. "I wondered why you looked so familiar," she added.
  7. I am sitting at the bar of a restaurant where I have just had an all-Piemontese dinner. For my nightcap, I had the bartender make me a sort of Piemontese Boulevardier, with Cardamaro swapped in for Campari and Cocchi Americano Rosso swapped in for sweet Vermouth (Bourbon remains Bourbon, and Angostura remains Angostura). Boy is it good.
  8. Holy shit. I just happened to be looking at a photo of Samuel Beckett, and he doesn't just look like Susan Howe: they have the same exact face.
  9. Sneakeater


    I think they offer new availability however many weeks out daily. So if you check in early you can always find something however many weeks out. (Also, as Orik said, I've never failed failed to get in via "Notify".)
  10. Sneakeater


    Next thing you know they'll be charging $350 and moving to Manhattan.
  11. I thought this was going to be the post where you remember ordering all this random stuff under the name Parker.
  12. Whenever you use something like old Dijon Honey Spread, an angel LIVES.
  13. I'd have to buy A LOT of Mexican Coke to make the delivery worth it.
  14. Just ask them where they sourced it.
  15. (Although at least Topo Chico doesn’t prevent you from performing sexually.)
  16. As are a lot of substances I personally don’t care for.
  17. Unlike Mexican Coke, Topo Chico is not as good as its followers think it is.
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