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    Hey it took me a couple of minutes to figure out. Cuz you’re right: who here would write about Mena in the “Mena” thread?
  2. Sneakeater


    He meant the hotel Mena is in.
  3. This may be an overpeated douchebag whisky, but it's really what I like.
  4. This is just the Scotch talking now, but does comic acting get any better than those two?
  5. Cuz I hate to think any reference would go uncomprehended:
  6. I hope Robbie Burns will be here to sing to me when I try to wake up in the morning.
  7. OK, this is overdone. I'm a douchebag. So shoot me.
  8. Octomore 07.3. You know what, you've got peat. I like peat.
  9. Oh God. This would be SO GOOD with a Montreal-style steak. (I'm on a mission now.)
  10. It's kind of like heavier-than-air flight. Your every instinct tells you that it shouldn't work. But somehow it does.
  11. I'll own up: I actually made a meringue once. I was absolutely astonished that it worked.
  12. This is really good. The cherry flavor is REALLY strong. Which means that this would be like a PERFECT pairing for a Montreal-style steak. Although -- this is probably just ethnic self-hatred -- I just can't see drinking so expensive a wine with a Montreal-style steak.
  13. A visitor having business with the lord arrives at a great manor house in Western Europe. He is greeted by the lady of the house. "And where is your husband?", the visitor asks, after pleasantries have been exchanged. "He's out shooting peasants," says the lady. "You mean pheasants," the visitor says. "You don't know your game." "I mean peasants," the lady answers. "You don't know my husband."
  14. I guess there are regs against serving it commercially if it's hunted locally?
  15. That's just never on the menu anywhere I go.
  16. Of course, it's pretty expensive for a burger 'n' pizza wine. But if it's a really GREAT burger 'n' pizza wine . . . .
  17. Black trumpet mushrooms love a cream sauce. So . . . Bigoli and bucatini (I somehow had half a portion of each) (last year I could have sold them on the black market) with a black trumpet cream sauce. The tail end of a truffle might have gotten shaved on top. (Don't tell anyone that it was a Périgord black rather than an Alba white.) What I'm happy to say is the last of my red chard on the side, sautéed. Barbera, right? (Even if the truffle wasn't from Alba.) But not just any Barbera. 2017 La Msòira e'l Rastel (Fabio Gea) Green Palma The great Natural winemake
  18. I'm as unspa-y as you can get, and I think that looks fantastic.
  19. Sneakeater


    Have you been to the current one yet?
  20. Interesting discussion, though.
  21. As voyager said, poaching is not just a method of cooking.
  22. Sneakeater


    Victoria Blamey was fabulous at Chumley's. And I, unlike Roz, thought she did a good job in a very uncomfortable situation at Gotham. I suspect her failure at Fulgurances had as much to do with the restaurant's budget as with her cooking. I have very high hopes for this place.
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