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  1. Who’d get excited about being near a candle factory?
  2. You're BOTH right! (Well halvah.)
  3. I guess I get distracted by being so close to the Joyva factory.
  4. I didn’t realize it was still open. And I go to Elsewhere.
  5. I mean the dude was Austrian.
  6. Brooklyn Hot Dog Company are what I use. What I wanna know is why something called “The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company” ships from Ohio.
  7. I dunno but I’ll bet he listened to Bruckner while eating them.
  8. Yeah gotta be skin-on, right?
  9. Cuban Liberal This is a variation on a Liberal Cocktail. I've seen it called a riff on the El Presidente, but come on: look at a Liberal, look at an El Presidente, look at this, and then look at what this is fucking called, and you tell me. 1-1/2 oz. white Rum* 1 oz. sweet Vermouth 1 tsp. Amer Picon (faute de mieux, I used Golden Moon Amer dit Picon) Stir over ice. Strain into chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with an orange twist (didn't). __________________________________________ * I had almost exactly 1-1/2 oz. of white Rum left in my open bottle. I lo
  10. Everybody I know thinks Niman Ranch Fearless Franks are the best -- although I'm ashamed to say I haven't tried them. (I didn't even know until a minute ago that they make a pork/beef blend, which is what I look for, in addition to the all-beef Niman Fearless that's easy to find in stores near me but which I'm not interested in.)
  11. You mean the gospel singer Mavis Staples?
  12. Why would you want to not unpleasantly clip something on your finger when you can stick a long swab up your nose and uncomfortably rub it around?
  13. Now he's pretty clearly cherry-picking. But he'll have to show what he thinks is a two-star -- good but not as good -- and a one-star -- kind of good but not that good -- to show what three stars means.
  14. Let's get crazy! Very occasionally even mignonette!
  15. Maybe Victoria Blamey will strew a chunk of avocado and a tomato slice on a gefilte fish sausage as a main course at Mena.
  16. It's going to be hard for readers to suss out the new Times star system until Pete Wells gives a rating other than three stars.
  17. Not to mention the Venezuelan and Colombian ones!
  18. To be fair, there's some herbal shit on the finish that's not uninteresting. But this will never be one of my faves.
  19. So tonight's show ended at like 10:30, and I had like an hour and half's work to finish after my one-hour's subway commute home. (The venue also had a two-drink minimum, but that's my problem.) Lucky that I had planned a quick Midnight Pasta. And lucky that it turned out to be DELICIOUS. Linguini with Colatura. Colatura is an anchovy sauce they make on the Amalfi coast, a sort of Campanian version of Vietnamese fish sauce. There is evidence that it is a direct descendent of the famous Roman condiment Garum, but nobody knows for sure. Boy is it good. The deepest umami you've
  20. There's a reason Chinese restaurants are famously popular among Jews.
  21. Californians are transplanted Midwesterners, right?
  22. Actually (scaled) fish and meat are complicated. You can eat them as separate courses in the same meal but you can’t cook or eat them together
  23. Crustaceans aren’t “parve” like (scaled) fish. Crustaceans are “traif”. They aren’t Kosher under ANY circumstances.
  24. Even Hitler was right about Bruckner.
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