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  1. Carlo Gesualdo was a murderer. And certainly no less important in the scheme of things than Phil Spector.
  2. Frederic Rzewski: Songs of Insurrection (Kotcheff) (might want to give that title a rethink) .clipping feat. Christopher Fleeger: Double Live (these guys can do no wrong) Catherine Lamb & the Harmonic Space Orchestra: Prisma Interius VII & VIII Suzi Analogue: ZONEZ V.I
  3. I knew the Scouse would get better with age, but YEOW! (No mold yet, though.) On the side, the end of my current batch of Marcella Hazan's smothered cabbage. This time, for the first time, I got up the guts to reheat it to crisp, as people say you should. It's good that way. But recent discussion here on MFF drove home that, much as I'd like to pretend otherwise, Marcella Hazan's smothered cabbage isn't pickled cabbage, the traditional accompaniment for Scouse. And I just don't have any pickled cabbage. I do, however, have some Gari. You know what? It wasn't nearly as bad as y
  4. Carlo Gesualdo? (It's easy to let the murderer part pass when it was 400 years ago.)
  5. Maybe a little TOO complicated in the end.
  6. Ifukube: Sinfonia Tapkaara/Ritmica Ostinata for Piano and Orchestra/Symphonic Fantasy No. 1 (Saranceva//Yablonsky/Russian Philharmonic Orchestra) (yes my current Godzilla obsession has taken me this far) Vellard/Ensemble Gilles Binchois: Amour, Amours: Florilege des Chansons Français du la Renaissance
  7. Cheeseburger. More fancyass this time: aside from cheddar, a steakhouse slab of bacon, some mushrooms, and green-tomato ketchup and mustard. (Martin's bun, duh.) Fried jerusalem artichokes with sage butter on the side. I had a wine pairing picked out. But I had a problem: the sage butter for the jerusalem artichokes required a teaspoon of lemon juice. What was I going to do with the rest of the juice from the lemon? I thought about it, and it occurred to me that a Whiskey Sour might go well with a cheeseburger. Whiskey Sour (no egg) Pour 2 oz. Bourbon, 3/4 oz. lemon
  8. It's so stupid. I always heard of Scouse coming to Liverpool by way of the Hamburg shipping trade, and for no reason at all I figured that had started in the steam era. But why would THAT be?
  9. I'll bet they washed it down with Coca-Cola.
  10. The anti-Ko: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/01/15/dining/fried-pasta-recipe.html
  11. The word is a reference to a political movement headed by, and named after, the current U.S. President.
  12. The Teenage News today is bad.
  13. In the Pandemic, it was [not allowed to use word] junction.
  14. I'm probably having a trouble navigating, but all I can see them offering in Park Slope is premade food. I must be wrong, right?
  15. Siegfried and Roy, together again.
  16. Vanhal: Symphonies in E Minor/C Major (2)/E Flat Major (Mallon/Toronto Chamber Orchestra) (really this is great stuff) Porpora: Germanico in Germania (Cencic/Lezhneva/Nesi/Sancho/Idrisova/Bennani//Adamus/Capella Cracoviensis) (well where did they think Germanico was going to be?) Nubya Garcia: Source
  17. I don't think cows do the butchering.
  18. More of that farinheira and eggs on toast. On the side, some Marcella Hazan's smothered cabbage. And lest anyone think I'm getting too "authentic" (not that Venice is anywhere near Portalegre), I dumped some Milu chili crisps over the cabbage, just to keep things interesting. I wasn't going to open another Beaujolais. So how about something vaguely Beaujolais-like? 2013 Bodegas y Viñedas Ponce Buena Pinta Blah blah blah Moravia Agria. Blah blah blah Garnacha. Blah blah blah light but with substance. Blah blah blah delicious.
  19. Musically reactionary. Trying to turn jazz into something as aesthetically dead as mainstream classical. OR: too comfortable.
  20. It should have been called One Tin that You Don't Have Bakes.
  21. What eating (most of) a Portherhouse at home by myself -- where I'm paying real attention to the meat, and not being distracted by conversation with tablemates -- drove home is that I can actually appreciate Filet Mignon as a foil to New York Strip. It does have its good points, in context. It's when you eat it by itself that it seems intolerably bland and mushy. Porterhouse really is a genius cut, putting on display the different good points of steak in its different varieties. No WONDER it's the Universal Steakhouse Favorite.
  22. Wynton Marsalis/Eric Clapton: Play the Blues (this is better than I expected, but there's still no place in my world for either of these guys) Charpentier: Sub Tuum Praesidium/Messe pour les Tréspassés: Symphonie du Kyrie/Messe à Quatre Choeurs/Domine Salvum fac Regem//Cazzati: Salve Caput Sacrosanctum//Cavalli: Sonata a 12/Magnificat//Merula: Credidi Propter Quod//Beretta: Missa Mirabiles Elationes Maris//Giamberti: Simalbo eum Viro Sapienti//Benevoli: Missa Si Deus Pro Nobis: Crucifixus (Daucé/Ensemble Correspondances) (exemplary -- but not just that, also fairly moving and hu
  23. You know, it never occurred to me to look for this dish in Luard. I guess I thought it was too recent. Or not culturally elemental enough.
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