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  1. Is it even worth going on?
  2. Last purchase at Blue Moon. Hard to believe.
  3. I have to say that the single scariest thing that's happened to me since I've started limited circulation was last weekend, when the R train I'd planned to switch to wasn't running and I was directed to a shuttle bus instead. Everyone in the bus was wearing a mask (that's the only good part). But there was no attempt whatsoever to keep the bus lightly populated: to the contrary, the bus didn't leave till it was packed. I was standing in the aisle, and all the passengers were cheek-by-jowl. I was, to tell the truth, terrified.
  4. Here's something that's never happened to me before. My first-of-season D'Artagnan wild game (and stuff) delivery arrived today. Except that the carton was . . . empty! When I called up Customer Service to arrange a delivery that actually included the meat I'd ordered, the rep told me this wasn't the funniest thing she'd ever seen at work. "Once", she recounted, "some lady called me up to complain that there were two items in her package that she hadn't ordered. I asked her to describe them. They were ice packs!" (Um only two??????)
  5. Stravinsky: Pulcinella (Jordan/Shirley/Gramm//Stravinsky/Columbia Symphony Orchestra) (this being one of my personal favorite pieces, it's odd that this recording has eluded me until now -- especially as it turns out to be one of the best) Haydn: Symphonies Nos. 45 "Farewell", 81 & 94 "Surprise" (Dorati/London Symphony Orchestra/Bath Festival Orchestra/Phiharmonia Hungarica) Vivaldi: Violin Concertos RV 187, 221, 227, 235, 366, 387 (Chauvin/Le Concert de la Loge) (sort of like LeB, I'm mostly bored with these when I'm not listening to them) Vierne: Organ Symphonies Nos.
  6. That vat of black beans in my refrigerator is beginning to vibrate. I thought I'd use a mess of them to make some faux Skyline Five-Way. Now these were Cuban-style black beans, not chili. But they did have a lot of hot peppers in them. The "chili" in Cincinnati Five-Way isn't actually chili, though, but more a Greek-American meat/bean sauce. I tweaked the black beans to more closely approximate the flavor profile of what you'd get in Cincinnati (chocolate! more cinnamon! more cumin!). (One difference that remained is that the meat in those beans was a couple of kinds of cured pork,
  7. That's the secret reason I love game birds so much.
  8. You know, I don't think I've even ever made barley. And I LOVE barley.
  9. I will be very surprised if NYC enters 50% as it was supposed to this coming Sunday.
  10. The world cares, but Scotch Broth is one of my very favorite soups. Never had it homemade. Will have to rectify that.
  11. You should definitely hold on to that as sculpture.
  12. He's really good, right? I think it's puzzling how underappreciated he is now.
  13. No, he's another one who just stopped.
  14. Be sure to post whenever you see the Hobart for $200.
  15. It occurs to me that the reason they pull Olds from the voting line isn’t that we’re thought to be too feeble to stand but rather too likely to die if we catch COVID from the crowd.
  16. Ugh. Maybe they can make a beer that tastes like TaB now that you can't get the original anymore.
  17. Beethoven: Symphonies Nos 4 & 5 (van Immerseel/Anima Aeterna) (a little bit of vibrato wouldn't have been amiss) Smetana: String Quartets Nos. 1 "From My Life" & 2 (Stamitz Quartet) George Russell: George Russell Sextet Fasch: Overture Symphonies (Rémy/Les Amis de Phillippe)
  18. Yeah, it's a huge technical achievement to make a beer that tastes like Gatorade. But why would anyone want that?
  19. This amp is a lot like the black beans in my refrigerator: it keeps getting better and better -- and will continue to, until eventually the tubes die and it gets worse. Until then, though . . . . (and, unlike with the black beans, I can replace the tubes). One concern was whether a sub-100 WPC (and in triode sub-40 WPC) amp could drive my speakers. As the U.S. distributors of this amp keep repeating in their promotional materials (and in this case they're telling the truth), that turns out to be a kind of a stupid question.
  20. You know, if you blind tasted this wine, you'd say it was a Chenin Blanc. Interesting.
  21. I had some sorrel to get rid of, and I couldn't think of a better way than more steelhead trout with sorrel sauce. There's a reason the dish this takes off from is a genuine Classic Of World Cuisine. Some steamed Brussels sprouts (with lots of butter) on the side. As I've said, I'm still excited with all these brassicas -- even though in a month I'll be pleading God to make it April. I always knee-jerk to a Sauvignon Blanc with this (I just thought of something else I could have tried, actually -- but too late). Tonight, I thought I'd go for a particularly big round one, though, t
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