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  1. Scheibe: Sinfonias (Manze/Concerto Copenhagen) Lopes-Graça: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 & 2 (Nebolsin//Bamert/Orequestra Sinfònica do Porto -- Casa de Música) (maybe this should have stayed in Portugal) Janáček: Sinfonietta//Dvorák: Symphony No. 9 "From the New World" (van Immerseel/Anima Eterna Brugge) (I was SO expecting this not to be good that I could only be delighted when it turned out that it WAS good) Schubert: Winterreise (Güra/Berner) (gorgeous -- but not without acknowledging the abysmal depths here) Prokofiev: Visíons Fugitives//Medtner: Fairy Tale//Chopin: Sonata No. 3 (Anna Gourani) (a first-rate recital: note how she tailors her interpretation of the Chopin warhorse to fit in with the rest of the program) Amirtha Kidambi & Lea Bertucci: Live at the Kitchen
  2. Back to goose pastrami heaven. I put ramps on the sandwishes cuz, well, they're not getting any younger. Marcella's smothered cabbage on the side. I know I swore to open a better Alasatian Riesling with this final batch of the pastrami. Imagine my mortification to find that I had none on-site. And much as love this goose pastrami, I wasn't going to open a Grand Old Deiss Blend. I was still pretty committed to an Alsatian wine as a pairing with this. Which left me with a wine that is in fact a personal fave -- but that I feared would be too light, maybe. 2015 Laurent Barth Pinot d'Alsace A stupid worry, since one of the titular Pinots that comprise this blend is Pinot Noir. (Also look for Pinots Blanc, Gris, and Auxerrois.) God is this a delicious wine. And since its appeal isn't based on racy fruitiness or sparkle, it ages, too (within reason). What you get is a tangle of flavors that LOVES food. (Joethefoodie and I have both agreed that it's a Top 5 pairing for Cantonese: it's MADE for delicate food like that.) (Which is why I was a little concerned about the rather indelicate goose pastrami.) Even this food. So you get apples, citrus, surprisingly plums (I guess that's the Noir peaking through), and even more surprisingly grapes. Then you get a spectrum of minerals -- but they're extremely harmonious. God I may love this wine even more than I love goose pastrami.
  3. If you want something light, a Roy Howard: Pour 1/2 oz. Brandy, 1 oz. Lillet Blanc, 1/2 oz. orange juice, and 1/2 teaspoon Grenadine into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Shake. Strain into a chilled Martini glass or coupe.
  4. Or, in other words, cook it right.
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    This is good about Richard Olney.
  6. https://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2017/11/rats-of-new-york/546959/
  7. Ultrasista: Sister (meh) Kaki King: Junior Bach: Goldberg Variations (Vinikour) (my, this is good) Kneebody + Daedelus: Kneedelus Thomas Zehetmair/Ruth Killius: Manto and Madrigals (gorgeous) Tulve/Vox Clamantis: Ieremais Space Quantum Futurism: Futurist Garvey/Gravity Waves Methods Body: Methods Body The Magnetic Fields: Quickies (this is like my new favorite record EVER)
  8. Alice Coltrane: Spiritual Eternal: The Complete Warner Bros. Studio Recordings The Spaniels: Goodnight, Sweetheart 1959-1961 Black Quantum Futurism: Space-Time Collapse I
  9. Maiden's Blush No. 2 Pour 1-1/2 oz. Gin, 3/4 oz. Absinthe, and 1 teaspoon of Grenadine into an ice-filled cocktail shaker. Stir. Strain into a chilled Martini glass or coupe. (Those maidens had best be blushing if they're drinking something this strong!)
  10. Lamb osso bucco. (Bonner will be happy to know that I cooked it in my combi oven. Since going to a play tonight consisted of sitting in front of my desktop in the next room from my kitchen.) Made with another of D'Artagnan's gifts to the solo diner, the volcano lamb shank. Over Pencil Cob Grits, to try to maintain the illusion this was interesting cooking. 2013 Poggio al Sole "Seraselva" I don't usually see the point of Bordeaux-blend Super Tuscans. But if any meal ever called for one, it was tonight's lamb osso busco. This is an honorable wine. It doesn't taste just like a Bordeaux: it's a little fruitier and livelier. But it certainly comes across as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot -- just in a guise that's somewhere between Bordeaux and Old Skool New World. With a dish like this, it really worked. A Bordeaux would've been too subtle. An Old Skool New World would have been too shouty. But this was just right. And there's a reason that people have always drunk the Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blend with lamb.
  11. The same kind of produce-bin-emptying Spring allium pasta that everybody else has been making. Steamed agretti on the side (this time I figured out how much to steam it). This is really good stuff. And, before you trim it, it looks like Willie Nelson! I had no deeply felt belief that a Bordeaux Blanc would be good with this. But I deeply felt belief that the bottle chilling in my fridge had to leave. 2015 Chateau Turcaud Blanc This perennial overperformer didn't fail to overperform last night. This is sub-$20 wine that does everything good wines do. It's layered. It's complex. Does it have the finesse of a Pavillon Rouge? No, of course not. But it really gets the job done. And, actually, it was probably one of the better possible pairings here. The Sauvignon Blanc was good with all the alliums, and the Semillon gave it a little roundness to go with the cheese and (I feel stupid saying this, but I really do mean it) the wheat in the pasta.
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    Vanderbilt Avenue Foodtown, Brooklyn
  13. You should totally be selling "Drink Your Leftovers" tee shirts.
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    I think mine -- unlike Stephanie and N's -- probably read better than they eat, FWIW.
  15. Stephanie Richards: Full Moon Haydn: Lira Concertos (Ruf/Lautenbacher/Nielsen/Beyer/Berndt/Uhl/Koch/Hoffmann/Irmscher) Dua Lipa: Future Nostalgia (this is getting good reviews HOW?) Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No. 1//Schnittke: Piano Concerto//Lutoslowski: Paganini Variations (Matsuev//R. Honeck/Kammerochester WIen-Berlin) (very good) Valentin Silvestrov: leggiero, pesante (Fordham/Lechner/Avenhaus/Silvestrov/Rosamunde Quartet) (I love this stuff) Ravel/Messiaen/Stockhausen/George Benjamin/Dutilleux/Schulthorpe/Douglas Young/Tristan Murail/Takemitsu: Piano Pieces (Peter Hill) Moor Mother x Jewelry: Crime Waves
  16. Faux Vietnamese omelette, using the detritus of my faux Vietnamese porcelet collar, together with other stuff lurking in my fridge. It was fauxlicious! On the side, raw wild arugula with soy sauce and benne seeds. 2014 Domaine Cornu-Camus Bourgogne Aligoté I chose this cuz it's lemony, but thinner than Chardonnay and less assertive than Sauvignon Blanc. There are better Aligotés than this (and I have some). But given that this dinner was as likely as not to be actively disgusting, I didn't want to chance wasting one. This is fine for what it is. Maybe, at the advanced age of 6, missing some of the tingling vitality of its youth. But it still has some nice lemony fruit, and then a fairly (but not amazingly) long set of minerals. I'm still not convinced that Aligoté is as great as its current acolytes would have it. There is a much better kind of white wine made in Burgundy. But I'm beginning to see that it shouldn't be dismissed out of hand.
  17. Tangerine -- actually Sumo orange -- Margarita. This can't require a recipe, right?
  18. 1. For JLA, those are good places to start. The only caveat would be if you find chamber music more congenial than orchestral music. In that case, maybe start with the Red Arctic/Blue Veil album. 2. As far as I know, that Stravinsky album is only available as part of a humongous box set. Although there was no way for anybody reading it to know, I was referring to the set as a whole (so far: I'm listening my way through) rather than that particular record (although that record is fine!). That was disc 11 out of 56 (plus a DVD)!
  19. Various: Golden Afrique Vol. 3: Highlights and Rarities from the Golden Era of African Pop Music (1939-1988): Jive, Jit, and Other Musical styles from the Republics of South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia (with a name like that, you know it's GOT to be good) (includes the record from which "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was stolen without attribution or payment!) Josquin: Missa Ave Maris Stella (Bull/Cappella Pratensis) (there's better) Ulrich Schnauss: Far Too Many Trains Passing By Harrison Birtwistle: Chamber Music (Batiashvili/Ad. Brendel/Fellner/Freston/Williams) Blair McMillen feat. Sachiko Kato: Multiplicities '38: Music by Composers Born in 1938 (music for piano by John Corigliano/Joan Tower/Frederic Rzewski/Wuorinen/John Harbison/William Bolcom) (I'm struck by the same thought that always hit me when I used to go to my wife's high school reunions: it's impossible to believe that these composers, who look like they're of wildly disparate ages, were born in the same year)
  20. My last Meyer lemon! I reverted to a Paper Plane to see it out.
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