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    My favourite song

    "Favorite song" is a mug's game that changes every day. But it has lately occurred to me that I had long thought of Brecht-Weill's "Der Bilbao-Song" as The Greatest Song Of The 20th Century. But now I'm thinking that maybe it's Tom Jobim's "Águas de Março".
  2. A pretty quintessential after-the-opera supper. A leftover milk-braised pork brisket sandwich, dressed with milk gunk and mustard. Topped with a slice of Von Trapp Sauvage cheese and some fennel I'd pickled for this purpose. Leftover white beans with dandelion greens and porcini mushrooms on the side. I'm at sort of a low point in my life. (It's only gonna get worse before it gets better, unfortunately.) (Dinners are gonna get GRIM.) So I wanted a wine that would not only go with the food, but cheer me up. 2016 Poderi Sanguineto I e II Rosso di Montepulciano This wi
  3. Sneakeater

    Hav & Mar

    OK, I went. The concept is supposed to be, roughly, food of his two countries, Ethiopia and Sweden. So what, I wondered, is that lasagna doing on the menu? But the waitron told me to order it, and it was very good (and not like ordinary lasagna). I went home and did research and discovered that Ethiopian Lasagna is A Thing, a culinary remnant of the Italian occupation. Would it have killed them to call it "Ethiopian Lasagna" on the menu, so your average diner who isn't Ethiopian could know what it's doing there? I thought the food was very good -- big surprise, fo
  4. Gin Lemon Drop 1-1/2 oz. wimpy French wine-based Gin 1/2 oz. Cointreau 1/2 oz. lemon juice 1 tsp. Simple Syrup Stir. You're supposed to sugar the rim, but no. Garnish with lemon twist.
  5. Purloo! To repeat myself, how did I get to be in my mid-60s before I had this incredibly delicious dish? As my discussion of my initial batch might have suggested I'd do, I soaked A LOT more dried shrimp and incorporated them into this batch. It made a difference. (Also, with reheating, the rice got crispier: a positive.) Speaking of repeating myself, more grilled cabbage on the side. I seem to have undercooked this batch (a rare occurrence here at Chez Sneak). I miss the char. Having aced the pairing last time, I decided this time that a Grüner Veltliner would be sov
  6. It probably took at least a Neanderthal to think of blending in the pike.
  7. For those who care, fairly solid evidence has finally been found that cooking goes way past Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals all the way back to Homo Erectus (as had been supposed but not established).
  8. Boy did I not have the full experience there.
  9. OK, just one more thing. (Forgive me if I already said this somewhere.) Back in the initial days of the COVID vaccines, when people were traveling all over the City to get to places that had availability, a friend got an appointment in the neighborhood adjoining Ridgewood. Having read me repeatedly apostrophizing the Queens food scene in my newsletter, she asked me if I could recommend someplace she could have lunch after her shot. I sent her to While In Kathmandu. After her ordeal, she emailed me something like, "How could you send me there? There were only two things on the
  10. Or look at Dhamaka. The cocktails suck. The wine program REALLY sucks. The beer program is OK, especially if you stick with Indian beers you've never had before. Will anybody NOT go to Dhamaka because the beverage program isn't great? Who EXPECTS a good Western beverage program at a place like that?
  11. I know you aren't disagreeing with me, but I just want to play this out. You can be a pizzeria like Keste/UPN/Franny's/Roberta's/Ops et al. And then, yeah, people would expect you to have a good beverage program (and could justifiably complain if you don't) (looking at you, UPN!). But you can also be a good pizzeria like Scarr's or Paulie G Slice Shop, trying to "elevate" the slice shop. While you'd probably want a place like that to have a good craft beer selection, nobody would reasonably expect anything in the way of good cocktails or wine. It seems so clear to me that Unc
  12. (And just so you see I get it, in the early days of Cha Kee, before they had a license, you definitely missed the cocktails [and wine, for that matter]. But that's a very different restaurant.)
  13. I mean, would anybody denigrate Scarr's for not having cocktails?
  14. I mean, if Noodletown had cocktails, would you even dare drink them? (And yes, I get that this isn't Noodletown. But it's very consciously placing itself in that tradition.)
  15. It's like complaining that Corner Bistro doesn't have a good wine program.
  16. But IN the not-fancy mom-and-pop Chinese restaurant? Since when do we expect THAT?
  17. As you all know, the only way to describe the way you feel about food today is, "I never want to eat again EVER." So, an omelette filled with the last remnant of the Concord grape gravy I made appallingly long ago with my Canard à la Vigneronne. This is especially good because along with the thyme and shallots in the gravy, there's a lot of embedded duck juice giving it a good deep flavor. It's not just a jelly omelette by any means. This was a a big deal, actually, cuz it was the first successful omelette I've ever made in my life. I see JUST what I'd been doing wrong all these y
  18. An illiterate peasant, she is now driven around in a Bentley with chili-red accents.
  19. You know how Tough she is? When her son took over the business from her several years ago, he changed the recipe to use a cheaper, less flavorful chili. There was a consumer uproar. So she threw him out, took the company back over, and reinstated the original chili.
  20. I'm going to friends, but I have to say the M. Wells Thanksgiving menu looks fabulous.
  21. Of course, you've got to think of the pork brisket I was just introduced to as a candidate for this. But I almost think it's not fully flavored enough.
  22. Over The Lockdown, I turned a friend onto this dish. Now he's as addicted as I am. I THINK he's still talking to me.
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