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  1. I've noticed this, too!
  2. I think what happened at Le Crocodile is that they understandably felt it necessary to cut down their menu during the slack period when the hotel wanted them to be open but they weren't doing much business (and sending those sad emails to their list). My complaint is that they haven't bulked it back up now that business has picked back up (although it isn't surprising they didn't). Compare Frenchette (which, obvs, isn't in a hotel). Their menu also contracted significantly during Lockdown. Now that things are resuming, they've expanded it some -- but not back to what it used to be.
  3. Go to Laser Wolf in the Hoxton down the street and tell me THOSE people are hotel guests.
  4. You went during the months they were sending email blasts begging former customers to come in and support them. Now it’s hard to get seated again. The Wythe isn’t that big.
  5. Do you think Le Gratin aims mainly to service Beekman Hotel guests?
  6. I am POSITIVE that the great majority of the people who drink and eat in the upstairs place aren't hotel guests.
  7. (Although I am grateful that being in a hotel requires them to open Mondays.)
  8. I would be very surprised if the majority of the people who eat in Le Crocodile are hotel guests.
  9. Im sure you could have put some of those RAAAAAAAAMMMMMMPPPPPPSSSSSS with the London Broil.
  10. Wait the King Sisters adjacent Buddy Cole is actually kind of cool IRL.
  11. Celine Dion and her late husband led the investor group that bought out Schwartz’s in Montreal, as far as I’m concerned the greatest deli in the world. (And yeah it hurts me that it isn’t in New York.) Now you’d think that would be the kiss of death, Celine and her late husband not having much connection with deli culture. But you can’t detect a difference. Thanks Celine.
  12. And my only feeling about Celine Dion is gratitude for not fucking with Schwartz’s. (Although to be clear, that gratitude is VERY deep.)
  13. I’m sitting at the bar at Bamonte’s and kinda wishing I could have THAT.
  14. I guess it’s obvious why you shouldn’t. OK I’ma change my life.
  15. I never saw the movie. It was kind of lost on me.
  16. Wait I didn’t know this STILL wasn’t accepted practice.
  17. @small h I told the guys (non-gender-specific) at The Brick how stoked you were that they blurbed you. They exclaimed, “you KNOW them?” (I don’t think they thought you actually existed.) They said they were pleased you were stoked.
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