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  1. Bluefish with an improbable rhubarb/pickled beet sauce. On the side, asparagus that was sautéed (with spring garlic and thyme) and then poached -- which turns out to be a nearly perfect way to cook it. The asparagus recipe came from Martha Stewart (a surprisingly good source, I've learned over the years). The bluefish I kind of stumbled into on my own, after doing some general reading. I was full of misgivings about that bluefish dish. I really didn't expect it to work. Imagine my surprise when it turned out to be delicious (if extremely unsightly). This was obviously getting a
  2. When did the first Cheec and Chong album come out? 1971? Has to be at least a couple of years before that.
  3. Oddly, I ate at Le Gratin the night before Tammie Telemariam's opening night, and it was anything but a low-key affair.
  4. @joethefoodie(and me) (and everybody now in their 60s or 70s) were when pot went mainstream.
  5. I weep when I think of what you must have had to go through -- in the MORNING -- with those gorgeous fava beans.
  6. I'm reading some reviews of this wine -- this very vintage -- talking about how it tastes on "Day 2". It's very hard for me to imagine having any of this left over.
  7. I'll add that you get Brunet's wines for around $20 a bottle: CRAZY value!
  8. So this wine is really opening. Which suggests it isn't quite ready yet.
  9. One thing I'd like to publicly contest. I see some recipes floating around that call for boneless legs of lamb in this dish. WHY would you use something off the bone, if braising the meat on the bone can only lead to a richer gravy? I guaranty you my lamb neck made for a better Navarin than their more expensive cut.
  10. As soon as I spotted a very nice-looking lamb neck at my butcher, visions of a Navarin started dancing in my head. I mainly followed Jacques Pepin's NYT recipe. I like Jacques's recipes for The Times cuz they tend to be easier than all others. You might accuse Jacques of dumbing down his recipes in the Times for lazy and even incompetent American cooks. I'm one of them, however, and I appreciate it. I did make some changes, of course. Being a gross American rather than a refined Frenchman, I upped the herb Q. And I replaced the allia Jacques called for with RAAAAAMMMMMMMPPPPPPPS
  11. If you're fully vaxxed, the CDC (now) says you don't have to quarantine after exposure unless you show symptoms or, of course, test positive.
  12. I was ashamed to ask that.
  13. He hasn’t been around Brooklyn this year.
  14. I see they have some at Union Market. But they’re charging almost as much as @voyager’s corner store.
  15. When I got to the Greemarket this morning, the market had been reconfigured—and the RAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPP vendor wasn’t there. YIKES. Then I noticed some in some boxes at the back of the table of the maple syrup vendor (of all people). SAVE.
  16. This is of no relevance whatsoever, but I get pickled pork snouts from the Pennsylvania Dutch country. They are delicious. They are beyond delicious. Once my super saw a jar of them on my counter as he was doing some work on my kitchen. "You EAT those?" he asked.
  17. Nick, while you’re waiting, thanks for everything, OK?
  18. I inherited my cast iron from my wife. I have no idea when or where she got it. There is no question it’ll long outlast me as well. I hope our nieces and great nieces appreciate it.
  19. I mean I made a friend.
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