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  1. This was very much the Rich Tribeca Mom crowd
  2. Sneakeater


    I think I know where their long-awaited new MEAT restaurant (the original concept for Dame that died in the Lockdown) will be. But I'm not telling.
  3. Just to be clear, that isn’t “Brooklyn Hots’ dish” but rather The National Dish Of Rochester—invented years before pot went mainstream.
  4. You guys gonna start talking shit about poutine?
  5. I keep meaning to try Place des Fétes, the classy French seafood wine bar that Oxalis opened on this stretch of Greene Avenue. But the simple, maybe sad, fact is that I can't walk by Brooklyn Hots without going in.
  6. This harkens back to a somewhat neglected strand of OG NBC: vernacular food with heightened technique and ingredients. Here, the Vernacular Food Concept is: Rochester. I don't know where (or even if) chef/owner Brian Heiss cooked before. He's mainly a wine guy. Indeed, his major presence on this block of Greene Avenue in Clinton Hill is his natural wine shop Radicle next door. Brooklyn Hots doesn't have a license yet; the idea is that you buy a bottle at Radicle and take it in. This makes solo dining a little awkward -- but if ever there was a dish designed to soak up alcohol,
  7. You can just SEE how good that must have tasted.
  8. It occurs to me that the combination of apples and honey makes this like the ideal Rosh Hashana wine. I don't know why I never thought of that. Oh well. Next year. If I live so long.
  9. Baked halibut with a tarragon/RAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPP cream sauce. (Yes, it's Alaskan Fish Week here at Chez Sneak. No, I didin't get them direct from Alaska; I got them at my neighborhood monger. The Alaskan fish they get just seems nicer than what comes to me in the post.) What's interesting here is that this dish tasted nothing like the wild salmon with horseradish-tarragon cream sauce (with RAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMPPPPPPSSSSSSS) I made a couple of nights ago. I mean, I get it: French is different from Hungarian. But it's interesting (and lucky if you're trying to keep your frid
  10. Do they all know something you don’t? Just asking.
  11. Sneakeater

    Wan Wan

    This is like REALLY Chinese-influenced.
  12. Sneakeater

    Wan Wan

    They don't have their license YET.
  13. Sneakeater

    Wan Wan

    Chinese-inflected Thai food, an existing cuisine reflecting the influence of a large Chinese community in Thailand. Imagine Thai food without the spice. The name is all too appropriate.
  14. I mean, it's a different style of food.
  15. It's objectively better, even if I like the Angie Mar place more.
  16. Uninspired beverage program. That's a problem.
  17. The foie gras torchon with rhubarb and lavender, while nothing you haven't had before, is Seasonally Correct -- and like everything here, immaculately prepared. The roast squab is about perfect. MUCH better, I think, than the somewhat similar -- and more elaborate -- dish at Mena. (See, I was expecting this to be fussied-up, too. But it wasn't. Sure it had a glaze and a sauce -- but it just came across as a particularly succulent roast squab.) You don't want to hear about it, but the white chocolate dessert is very good. So, bottom line: not over-elaborate, not showy. Just
  18. Better than I expected. The à la carte carte has expanded some since they opened. Solid. Not as fussy as I feared.
  19. Next thing you'll be telling me that if you dump it on calve's liver you can't tell it's calves liver.
  20. A vegetable cleverly disguised as a dessert!
  21. I wish Radicle Wine in Fort Greene carried this wine. Cuz it would be beyond great with a Garbage Plate at their new Brooklyn Hots Rochester-style eatery next door.
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