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  1. Just had two rather good meals at Meat and Potatoes. You did order wrong (though the pot-roast is indeed fine). You should have ordered steak and potatoes (any of them). The Weston is a rather good cocktail bar btw ($10!) The Frick is nice. Fallingwater is very worth doing. eta: oh, the Warhol museum is very well done. It’s also a lot of Warhol. Similar impressions of Butcher & Rye. Flo2 seemed nice but only had a drink there.
  2. DC is a mix of full-scale crap and good food. NYC is a mix of overpriced mediocre and good food.
  3. Nathan


    any recent reference points/recommendations? I'll be there in January.
  4. Some meals about a month ago. Tokyo: Manten. Best value on the planet. It shows up on everyone's insane value for the price omakase....tablelog too. they're all right. great uni, good o-toro, ikura, unagi etc....two hours where the food did not just stop coming. $65 for lunch. go now. All other customers were Japanese. L'Effervescence. I mean I get why it has two stars. The service and room were impeccable. A couple dishes were very good...venison, the famous turnip. but overall this kind of thing just doesn't work for me anywhere. And like other SP restaurants it could be located anywhere. (Although, unusually, the crowd was all Japanese...albeit very well-heeled, Birkin bags and the like.) Osaka: We had excellent yakiniku (Japanese-only, guided by a Japanese friend), all sorts of cuts of beef, horse carpaccio (very good), raw tripe tastes identical too and has the same texture as cooked tripe, etc. sidenote: I love Yokohama. two nights there and it wasn't enough. great town, found an izakaya so good that repeated the next night, on the other hand the famous Yokohama Chinatown is bullshit. it's just a tourist trap (for Japanese tourists).
  5. I was at lunch and everyone was speaking English (accentless except for the Brits ) or Spanish or Mandarin.
  6. Clown Bar -- All Americans, maybe an odd Brit. That foie and duck pie is something else though. Only criticism is that the actual pastry shell is a bit loose...maybe some meat glue? A Pied de Cochon -- I really can't like this place. Everything is executed just fine (I did the Temptation of St. Antony among other dishes) and priced twice as high as it should be because the entirety of the clientele are well-heeled Americans above the age of 60 (with your standard Chinese sprinkling). Le Comptoir du Relais -- standing only, tiny, massive menu, most of it good. anything with boeuf or brandade especially. their bread was the best of the trip. Loved it. Went twice. crowd was a legitimate mix. Prescription Cocktail Club. Pure bullshit. easily my most hated part of the trip. Martin. tomatoes in tashi were the best tomatoes of the trip. most dishes were under salted. still, clear talent in the kitchen. good service. fun, mixed crowd. L'Attache. Not a fan of their wine set-up (by the bottle only apparently), but both the clams with tomatoes and the pureed njduja/pepper soup (basically a winning dish on Chopped concoction) were excellent. fun place. Aux deux Amis: fun crowd. food was good but then you notice that all seafood is prepared the same way with oil and parsley...still I liked the razor clams. Brunch at Jessika's: excellent, tolerable company too Bistro Paul Bert: I know I know. Still everything here was good. steak au poivre, lamb shoulder, grand marnier scuffle. So sue me. I'll take it instead of Au Pied de Cochon. All Americans (with the obligatory Asian tourists). is it just me or are all the famous chocolate stores selling the same stuff from the same factory and just using their own fancy packaging? various other odds and ends. btw, produce, dairy and bread were excellent. I thought meat was pretty variable in quality. I was not impressed with the shrimp anywhere. everyone had crevettes as specials and they were never good quality.
  7. Nathan


    I should note that the pasta with sungolds at Crown Shy is significantly better than the one at Misi.
  8. Nathan


    No! I didn’t see it! Wasn’t my ressie at Misi I will next time!
  9. AB and Sneakeater are both exactly right. The crowd is absurd. The bartenders are good. I do like it in the winter for a filling meal that isn’t absurd if you order carefully. For example, the kale salad followed by the meat pie with a couple cocktails, tax and tip will set you around $125-130 and keep you full until dinner the next night.
  10. Nathan


    Weird that no secondi except for the occasional special (but great for the margins I’m sure). Beverage program is mediocre. Service was good. Grilled runner beans were very good. Baby artichokes were meh. Fettuccine cacio e pepe (not labeled as such) was solid. Corzetti with sungolds were very good (is anything ever bad with sungolds?) Crowd was unobjectionable. The place is....fine.
  11. Nathan

    Maison Premiere

    It’s easy to look at the preciousness of this place and want to hate it. But the cocktails are still very good. ETA: on other hand Fresh Kills is a couple blocks away and has excellent cocktails without the Williamsburgness.
  12. Nathan


    That lamb is very good, actually tasted like.....lamb. I do think a touch of citrus or vinegar or pickle may enhance that sandwich though, but I could be way off.
  13. I have 7 nights in Paris in mid-September (I'll do some day trips elsewhere but I have a 7 night hotel stay to burn). I could do a couple reservations but primarily need to do walk-ins/bar seats due to an unreliable schedule. (Unfortunately dinner time in Paris is about conference call time in the U.S.). Mary Celeste type places sound exactly like what I'm looking for.
  14. 7 day JR Rail Pass costs virtually the same as Tokyo to Osaka roundtrip and the second fastest Shinkansen is only 15 minutes slower than the fastest. Big whoop. And you go past Mt. Fuji. Pass will pay for itself bopping around. For train apps, Apple Maps and Google Maps cover the Japanese train schedules in detail. The HyperDia app is fine as a backup but shouldn't be necessary. https://www.insidekyoto.com will help you immensely from getting around to food. It's by far the best resource I've found for the English speaker. You may find Tokyocheapo.com useful for event schedules and the like in Tokyo but it's not very useful on restaurants. The Eater 38 for Osaka is not useless either. I'm heading back to Japan for the third time in November.
  15. Which programs are your miles/points with? This, I’m more or less an expert in. Both Kyoto and Osaka are worth all the time you can spare. 2-3 nights each for sure.
  16. Barbuzzo does really nice stuff with vegetables and pasta. Pizza with squash blossoms and prosciutto was good too. This may be controversial but I had a burger at that old mainstay The Continental (the near the water location) and it was the best burger I’ve had in quite some time. Pretty much the Platonic ideal of a cheeseburger.
  17. 2 years later: Ljubljana is now packed with Americans and still beautiful. Debated between two of the “fancy” places for dinner: JB (once on the SP list) and Strelec. Went with Strelec. Tasting menu of 7ish courses. Some very good meat dishes. Seafood less successful (not bad). Lots of foams and so forth. Desserts were good. About Michelin one star. Excellent at the price point. Go to Ljubljana because it’s beautiful, and Strelec is just fine. Piran: No Americans and it’s tiny but gorgeous. Venetian town set on an isthmus. Beautiful narrow streets, churches, walls, ocean. Two nights is right, three nights slightly too long. Mussels with tomato and cheese at Cantina off the square. Langoustines at Pavel 1 or 2. And repeat. Every meal. You will be very happy and full.
  18. Pizzarium: excellent pizza. Suppli varied but the carbonara suppli is a work of art. Flavio al valvavodetto: perfect cacio e Pepe. Excellent in voltini. Porchetta. Osso buco was fine but not great. We were the only tourists. Would happily eat here many times more.
  19. Nathan

    Crown Shy

    Crown Shy is very nice. The white beans with nduja (granted there is some version of this on every menu everywhere in the country), carrots with razor clams, tagliatelle with sungolds was excellent, something else was more forgettable but fine. Cocktails were good if slightly sweet. Will happily go back.
  20. Ironsides earlyish. Fish tacos places.
  21. Was in Frankfurt, Bamberg, Nuremberg and Wurzburg last week for spargel season. Wurzburg is an outrageously cute town. The whole drinking wine on the 14th century bridge tradition should be copied everywhere. Wurzburg is 85% of Salzburg with 10% of the Chinese, Americans and Brits.
  22. I endorse Ironside. Searsucker is objectively mediocre at best. Born & Raised is a very Las Vegas steakhouse...with lots of tableside martini and manhattan carts and similar flourishes. Kind of fun, in small doses.
  23. F Street Station was enjoyable for what it was. Even got to see a bar fight while eating my quite good halibut sandwich (I went back and had it again). There is nothing to eat in Fairbanks btw. And prices are high the further north you go in Alaska. I was also told that the King Crab in Alaska is from Siberia. Alaskan King Crab is purportedly almost all sold in Asia.
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