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  1. Ack! I'm going to have to back out too. I am so sorry. I just got slammed at work. Suzanne, sorry I'll miss meeting you. Have a great time in Seattle and hopefully I can meet you on your next visit. Lauren
  2. Another Arnie Millan event: Join Seattle sommelier Arnie Millan for a bubbly tasting with outstanding appetizers provided by Brasserie Margaux. Learn all about Champagne in time to inform your choices about this fabulous holiday beverage. Arnie will talk briefly about the history of Champagne, how it is made and how to enjoy it by taking you step-by-step through the tasting process with five different Champagnes. The fourth annual "Champagneology ," will take place Sunday, November 20th at 4:00 p.m. in the Cambridge Room at the Warwick Hotel at 401 Lenora Street. The cost is
  3. I am so sorry but I am going to have to back out of dinner Thursday night. I'm still available to meet for drinks beforehand if that comes to be.
  4. Dinner at Le Pichet on Thursday sounds great! I'll be there and look forward to meeting you. What time is best for you?
  5. The old Briazz (now Organic To Go) on 5th and Union downtown is closing. It's such a large space.....anyone know what's going in there?
  6. Oops, I keep forgetting to read the pinned threads! I kind of lost track of Suzanne's visit. I just checked my calendar and, if something is planned for Thursday or Friday night, I would love to join in. Tamarind Tree, Lark, Le Pichet.....anything.
  7. Really? The cocktails were sweet I'm only teasing of course. Glad you found us here on Mouthfuls! That meal sounds fantastic. Two of my most favorite things; sablefish and pork belly! Lauren
  8. I had lunch at Blue Moon yesterday with Rocky and his brother. (Rocky, you must really like this place - you've been three times!). I had a single bacon burger with cheese. I really liked the burger - like Della said, it was wet enough for me and had a distinctive smoky flavor that I loved. Plus there was enough cheese and it didn't slide off the burger in one mass - always a good thing. We also had an order on onion rings and fries to share. I have to say I didn't care for either. The fries were thick cut, real potatoes, which is good. But too limp for my preference. Rocky said the onion
  9. I had my Owen Roe Abbot's Table last night and I thought it was pretty good, maybe not worth the $$$. The color was a nice raspberry tint and the nose had a welcome hint of cedar in addition to the fruit. The wine tasted fruitier than I anticipated after smelling the wood-iness (nice word, huh?) of the cedar. But, after a while of tasting, I thought it was pretty one dimensional. Good, but not interesting. I doubt I'd buy it again, mainly because I can get the same caliber wine for half the price.
  10. I'm still thinking about Sara Moultin and Michael Chiarrello.
  11. I bought the Owen Roe 2004 Abbot's Table at Pete's last night. It was around $21.
  12. From an email I got today: Wines of Amarone Dinner - Saturday, October 29th Join Sommelier Arnie Millan and Chef Chris Zarkades for an unforgettable 5 course dinner, paired with wines, in the 19th floor Queen Anne Suite of the Warwick Hotel overlooking the Space Needle. The dinner is at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 29th . The evening will feature the wine and cuisine of Italy's famed Veneto region, which includes the fabled cities of Venice and Verona. The Veneto has a rich culinary tradition and is famous for its wines, especially Amarone. Among the fine wines featured wi
  13. Laurel, thanks for posting this. It looks beautiful and I look forward to perusing it. I would be up for cooking from this. We could even do it at my house if the time is right. How does October 29th sound?
  14. Friendly faces everywhere! Congrats Jason.
  15. Paul and I are still planning to come too. We'll be coming into Austin (from Seattle via Santa Fe and Albuquerque) late Friday afternoon, what time does the get together start? Also, like joiei, I won't be able to prepare a "dish" for the event. I'm sure I can come up with some weird, travelable things to contribute - is that okay? Thanks for including us in this and foodie52 for hosting. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone!
  16. Margaret, I'm with you. I've spent at least $300. The biggest thing I bought was a beautiful 9-quart Le Creuset for a mere $167 (pretty good considering Rocky and I saw them at the outlet mall yesterday for $200). I also bought a global santoku knife with a granton edge that I have used exclusivly since I bought it. I love that knife. City Kitchens is very, very dangerous for me.
  17. In the lower price list, I like both Eva and Stumbling Goat as good neighborhood restaurants. But, as LMF and Leslie both said, Lark is a must. I'm a bit confused by the inclusion of Typhoon on the higher priced list. To me, it's like the Olive Garden of Thai restaurants. If it works out, I'd love to be part of the gathering when you are here. Of course, if you choose the lower price, we can always go to Lark on Friday! (They do take reservations for a larger group don't they?)
  18. Thanks, Carolyn, for putting this together. It was great to meet you and I look forward to getting a chance to talk with you soon. Thanks, Carla, for allowing us to take up so much room on a very busy night! Everything was great and much appreciated. Lauren
  19. It's called Hawaiin Breeze and Rocky, Paul and I tried it on Monday. It was just okay. I had the chicken katsu, which was not so good. Paul had the bbq combo with chicken and kahlbi ribs. He liked the ribs but said the chicken was boring. The rice and mac salad was good. I'll let Rocky tell about his meal. He (Rocky) can also compare it to Hawaiin BBQ (on the Ave) as he has been there as well.
  20. My friends son and a bunch of his friends work there. My friend went in to check it out and said it was horrible. If you go, see if you can find out what's in their vegetarian chopped liver. When she asked what it was, she was told it was chopped liver without the liver
  21. On 45th and Wallingford, next to Wonderbar, is a new Hawaiian BBQ place. The menu includes all the standards; plate lunches, katsu, and the required macaroni salad. It was empty when I went by on Sunday (which is never a good sign) but I'll have to give it a try soon.
  22. I hear she is still there. I remember when she and her husband ran the place. He died and my co-workers and I made a point to go there more regularly to keep her in business. We should check it out. Any takers?
  23. I'll be on vacation on the 17th (Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Austin) so I'll have to miss this one again! I haven't made one yet! If anyone has recommendations for me for the places we are visiting, please let me know. I am looking for any and all suggestions!
  24. I've only been in there once, but it was probably 15 years ago and I don't remember much. When I worked just down the street from there, a couple of my co-workers would go there for lunch at least once a week. Another Morbid Curiosity place along Leary is Harvey's Tavern. They used to make my favorite pizza in town. Again, I haven't been in years.
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