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  1. Paul and I had lunch at Sterling Cafe yesterday. What a truly strange place. The menu talks about everything being all natural, filtered water, etc. They even purify the air! But the wife of the owner/chef operates the salon next door and they are open to each other on the inside. As I ate my lunch I watched a woman having a manicure. What's the point of purifying the air if you are going to have it open to a salon? Anyway, on to the burger.......


    I ordered my burger medium rare with cheddar cheese, all burgers come with grilled onions. The food took a really long time to come out and, when it did, Paul's corned beef sandwich had turned into a reuben. Luckily he liked it so a it was a happy accident, as we didn't have time to wait for them to remake a sandwich. The burger came on an untoasted ciabatta roll from Essential Baking with good-tasting thousand island dressing (the same that was used on Paul's reuben) on the bottom of the roll and ketchup

    :D on the top. It was also topped with a nice piece of romaine lettuce and a couple slices of decent tomatoes. The burger came medium to medium well and was seasoned with more garlic and onion powder than I prefer. The burger was so drippy and the toughness of the ciabatta roll made it very difficult to eat neatly. A nice touch is the cloth napkins but I what I really needed was a stack of paper napkins to wipe off my face and hands after each bite. The burger comes with Kettle corn chips and I ordered an organic german pilsner to go along with it. The corn chips seemed an odd match - I'd see if I could substitute a side salad next time. What am I saying, next time. While it wasn't an awful burger, I'm sorry to say there will be no next time.


    Speaking of ciabatta rolls, I was at Trader Joe's this week and overheard this elderly woman point out the ciabatta rolls to her husband and explain to him that those were the rolls they use at Jack in the Box.


  2. I love the idea of a side-by-side tasting. Great idea Scrat! Paul and I (and Kathy and Rob) can pick up the Jones order if you'd like.


    I think ambrosia salad sounds perfect, I think my kitchen can handle it ;)


    In the words of Cartman, this party is going to kick ass!

  3. I don't think we could have picked a nicer day to do a taco crawl. As we were basking in the sun and munching on tacos, it would have been less pleasant to do in the rain.


    Not to be redundant with what has already been said, I'll just add a couple of comments.


    Had I known that we would not see chicharrones on the menu at any of our later stops, I would have ordered it at our first stop. After hearing the raves about it, I can't wait to try it.


    My favorite taco was at Tacos El Asadero. As Anita said, I stuck to Adobada (which was called Pastor at Rocky's place but it clearly was "spicy pork") and this was the best combination of sauce and pork. I liked the pork at Taqueria Dos Hermanos but it was too saucy. I loved the pickled carrot at Dos Hermanos. I'll definitely go back for that and chicharrones.


    It's unanimous, Malena's tacos were also my least favorite. There was more meat on them than the other places but they were so flavorless it didn't make it worth it. I really didn't like the guac and was sure that it was packaged, but Anita saw them making it fresh. I have no idea how it got to taste so drab.


    The chorizo at Taqueria Tequila was very good. There was a nice vinegar-y tang to it that I really liked.


    The onions were grilled at El Pasadita (Rocky's truck) and was a nice touch. I got a torta there to take home to Paul which was, as Rocky promised, very tasty. What, you didn't think I'd sneak a bite?


    Thanks everyone for planning this. I can't wait for the next one. Oh, and my addition to the "crawl" list is a hot dog crawl. Cam had the perfect idea....a hot dog crawl ending with a game at Safeco Field. Sounds like a perfect thing to do this summer.

  4. The 23rd sounds good to me. I need a MsRamsey fix :rolleyes:


    The Jones bbq event at Tighe and Scrat's was my first ever eG event and I often thank the whatever powers that be for giving me the chance to meet all of you. Do you think we can convince Nightscotsman to come up for it too?! And has Schielke come over here yet? And Seawakim and Seawadave?

  5. Unfortunatley, I won't be able to make it today (Saturday) but I am definately in for tomorrow (Sunday). I'm not sure if Paul is going or not. Also, my friend Mr. Bill and/or his gf Gillian might come too. So................I might have room in my car. I'll keep you posted.

  6. We were going to try Crow before the opera, but then I read so much stuff online that basically said "don't go if you have any plans within three hours of the time you step in the door, and expect the world's slowest service", so we gave it a miss. Have they fixed that problem?

    I don't think that it's necessarily a problem, it's just not as enjoyable. The first time we went, it was before a play and we had no problem getting done in time but it felt, I don't know, like we didn't really experience the place.


    The second time I was there was for a late-ish dinner with no time constraints. It was much more fun this time. The vibe was much less subdued and it felt more comfortable to eat at a slower pace.

  7. I heard that the Northgate truck is gone, otherwise it would be on my list for sure.


    Says the P.I. map:

    If you're looking for The Happy Taco, the Northgate-area favorite has closed


    If you and/or Rocky can confirm it's still there, I'm all over it.



    I drove by there on Thursday and the truck was there and it looked open. I don't know if it is called The Happy Taco though. Maybe there are two?

  8. My personal favortites are the the one in Northgate at the gas station next to McDonalds's and the one on 148th in Bellevue/Redmond.



    This is sad, especially because I've known about this place for a few years, but I don't think I've ever been to the taco truck on 148th on the Eastside (of Seattle). I've seen dozens of posts/references to this truck. Do you know what it's called?

    Ultimately, traffic and distance is the reason I don't get up to the Eastside much these days... and that I live/work in Pierce County now and have access to taco trucks galore.

    You know for the life of me I can't remember, but I will try and make it over there soon and write it down.



    I have a doctor who is just off Meridian right by this location. Usually my appointments are in the morning so I'venever seen them open but I have one coming up that is in the afternoon. I know what I'll be doing afterwards.

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