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  1. We're leaving on September 19th so if they are back before then, I'd love to hear their suggestions. We really tried to fit in Newfoundland and Labrador but there just isn't enough time.


    I had to dig around to find my Twitter username but I found it and have followed both of those. Of course that took me down a rabbit hole about pineappleweed, which I now feel the need to plant.

  2. Paul and I are spending a couple of weeks touring around here at the end of September, first of October. We're flying in and out of Montreal and renting a car to tour around the rest of the time.


    I read through the Montreal thread and come up with a rough plan for our three nights there. We get in pretty late on a Friday night so I was planning to go to either L'Express or Lemeac that night. Is either one better for a late-ish dinner, say around 10 PM?


    I'm struggling to find a place to stay in Quebec City. I prefer a modern boutique hotel (think Kimpton) but I'm also cheap - hoping for under $250 per night. Any suggestions? I'm also looking for places to eat here.


    The bulk of our trip will be driving around New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. It is my plan to eat as much lobster and oysters as I can. Are there favorite spots we should go? Any off the beaten path sights I should see? Any special places to stay along the way? My ancestors came from that area so I am armed with instructions on which cemetaries to visit but that's about it. I recently came into all my old childhood books so I'm re-reading Anne of Green Gables in preparation as well!

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  3. I realize that Bill can't do the 28th but since the 29th is the Friday of Labor Day weekend, I think we should go on Thursday the 28th. That leaves Friday open in case anyone (cough... me) wants to sneak out of town for the long weekend.


    Here is our list of burger suggestions. Where should we go? I left off Tighe's suggestion because it's in BC. I'm not opposed to doing a road trip is anyone is up to one at some point!




    Lost Lake Café

    Brgr Bar


    Old Sage

  4. Anyone up for a burger in August? I haven't heard back from Girlchow so we should feel free to go someplace in Seattle.


    My available dates are:

    Thursday, August 14th

    Friday, August 15th

    Saturday, August 16th

    Sunday, August 17th

    Monday, August 18th

    Thursday, August 21st

    Thursday, August 28th

    Friday, August 29th

    Saturday, August 30th

    Sunday, August 31st


    Those last three are Labor Day weekend if that effects your choice.

  5. I loved the burger at Miller's Guild. The meat could have been seasoned a bit more but that was easily remedied because there was salt on the table. Imagine that! I usually prefer a brioche bun but this one was tasty and held up well to the burger. The burger normally comes with mushrooms but I ordered mine without. The bacon wasn't very prominent. The motoraioli was fantastic. The fries were a bit limp but with good potato flavor. I'd go back for sure.




  6. One time when some girlfriends and I were in NY, we got caught in the rain and were trying to hail a cab back to our hotel. No one would pick us up, I assume because they knew we weren't going far. My friends luggage had crapped out on the flight over and she had just bought a new piece to replace it. I had my friends stand back and I stood out with the luggage so it looked like I was going to the airport. Someone stopped immediately and we all jumped in.

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