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  1. I love Kalbee chips. They are addictive. Whenever I go to Japan, I binge on the mentaiko version. Thankfully, my local Japanese market doesn't carry that version. Plenty of others. But I can pass those up.
  2. Thank you for reminding me of this drink. Last week before I had to go on the road, I poured enough tomato water down the sink for at least one, if not 2 cocktails. I will not do that again. I'll use my souper cube to freeze what I'[ve got for future use.
  3. Feel better bloviatrix. My annoyance stems from a visit to Lowe's about 10 days ago. They had all the Christmas decorations out for sale already-accompanied by music. I had Jingle Bells stuck in my brain all day 🤬
  4. Tua and his receivers looked very good.
  5. Heh. Funny you mention braises reheating beautifully for an airline meal. On my flight back from the beatdown in Tuscaloosa, I had Delta's braised shortrib. It was a defensive play, for the exact reason you mentioned. It was so tough I almost sent the bowl it was in flying while trying to cut it. The broccolini was also impossible to cut. Same for my seatmate. So, I defaulted to my backup "Delta Diet". Eat the dessert. Ask the FA for some pistachios and almonds. Then eat a reheated serving of my own braised shortrib (or whatever) when I get home. I keep a few selections of leftovers in my freezer for occasions just like this. Which happens pretty much every time I take a late lunch/early dinner flight home.
  6. My college roommate (who lived between 72nd and 3rd) introduced me to Zabar's on my first visit to NYC while I was still in college. I spent a lot of time (and money) over the years on the 2nd floor. And also in the cheese section. I haven't been in years. Guess I'll have to do a nostalgia visit next time I am in town
  7. I'm good. Thank you for checking on me. This is our yearly monsoon season. It used to be like this every year before we hit the major drought we are still in (yes, deserts can have droughts). My area got +/- 2" of rain in under 2 hours. We are on high ground and meet code that requires being able to deal with 100 year floods. Other areas got hammered. The washes are at very high levels. But not overrun. The ground is so dry it can't absorb the volume of rain before low lying areas flood. And older areas that were built before the code are in bad shape. Especially some areas of East Las Vegas and (small areas) of the Strip. Also the underground tunnels where homeless people live (especialy during the summer trying to avoid the heat). Thankfully the city has been strong about evacuating them when possible heavy rainfall is predicted. An example of how dangerous the floods can be...a few years ago a brand new firetruck was out doing a swift water rescue and got swept away. The firemen had to be rescued by a helicopter.
  8. When I was in college, I was the GM of the University radio station. The University allowed us to have him for the Homecoming concert. And I got to give him his check. He was sooo charismatic and nice. He will always be one of my favorite celebrities I've interacted with. My roommate one upped me by seeing his limo at the Krystal (Southern burger chain known for late night square burgers that are really good if you've had too much alcohol. Or have the muchies). And they communed over "herbs" and Krystal burgers. To this day I wish I'd gone with her to Krystal that night.
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