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  1. Backstory, I'm sorry, i just saw this (over a month laster). I wouldn't want to say about the willow without seeing how close to your house you're talking about. You'd need to ask someone who is more of a specialist but those weeping cherry trees come in dwarf versions (I know, I have one). I can't remember but I think their root systems only grow to a bit more than their eventual spread and height. I love mine, it was beautiful a month and a half ago when it blossomed. They come in various types, my sister has a regular one with the gorgeous delicate small flowers, mine is the pom pom ve
  2. akiko

    Mumbai Munchies

    And Swati Snacks was also rather amazing. Especially this Someone should open a branch in London.... and in NYC, there would be a huge following.
  3. akiko

    Daniel goes to China

    Daniel, do you have any idea how they achieve this crisp skin? I've seen this at a lot of Chinese restaurants in the UK and am always amazed when I crunch down into it. So different from crackling you get or make at home when you roast pork. Its like they flatten it somehow and then that texture can't be beat.
  4. akiko

    Mumbai Munchies

    I got back from Mumbai and Kerala about a week ago but haven't had the time to post anything about it. I had some amazing eats and I'm hoping to get the pictures up on my blog over the next week.... (although this is ambitious, I ate quite a lot). But Mongo , I did think of you as I posted the first Mumbai topic on my blog. Click below if you want to see some Alphonso Mangoes. They really are incredible.... I believe, I bought one in the UK once and it was not the same. It didn't even taste remotely like the ones I had in Mumbai a little over a week ago. Whatever they do to steril
  5. I loved newsradio too and am a big fan of Eddie Izzard. I Love Lucy was torture for me. As a child I'd watch it because my older siblings liked it but I always knew that she was going to get herself into some mess when she really meant well and there were moments that I wished I could cover my eyes and ears. I have the same problem wtih Curb Your Enthusiasm. I love it, sometimes, hate it when you just want to tell Larry, STOP! enough, you're digging yourself in farther and farther, this is no longer funny, its painful. But I do think he's very clever. I do think a lot of humo
  6. MT, I do want to add that I don't think Thailand does GREAT thai food. But I haven't had better in a restaurant in London. I'm only suggesting it as a place to go if you really really want to have thai food in London.
  7. Monkeytennis, Thai is one of the cuisines that London does not do well. That place you found in Eastbourne may have been very rare, indeed! But if you have to have it, in my opinion, the best Thai food in London is actually in New Cross (kind of a pain to get to if you are staying in central London). Its called Thailand and specializes in Thai and Laotian. My favorite thing to eat their is crisp fried red curry rice balls. Here's a link to the Timeout review
  8. Nuala is in for a big shock if she accidentally bites down on that button that causes the whole tape measure to suddenly retract!
  9. I loved the Mrs. PiggleWiggle series. And later loved Ramona the Pest series. Narnia Chronicles, James and the Giant Peach, The Phantom Tollbooth is just a wonderful story.
  10. Awww..that is so cute! How did you manage that? What was the name of the teacher? I used to be so jealous of that show because it showed the kids at snack time and I was convinced that THEIR snack was a thousand times nicer than anything I would ever get at home! What DID you get for snack, anyway? I always imagined something involving chocolate and marshmallows. I loved Romper Room! And Zoom. And then later, I thought The Great Space Coaster was the greatest show ever written. My first concert was Pat Benatar. I still love her.
  11. I have a mystery tree in the backyard that has just begun to bloom. It kind of looks like what I remember an ume (plum blossom) tree to look like in Japan. But I think its too early for a plum blossom to bloom... does anyone know if they blossom this early in the year?
  12. I've had the Elstar variety here in England. As long as they are fresh, the apple is crisp and sweet and delcious. But if you leave them too many days they turn mushy. Definitely worth trying.
  13. I always wanted a slip n slide. I also wanted an easy bake oven. But I was very happy with my lite brite and my spirograph. And I had a banana seat bicycle with polka dots on the seat and pink plastic tassles on the handles (okay, it was actually a hand me down from my sister but it made me very happy).
  14. Here in London, my next door neighbors both have gorgeous climbing roses that are blooming... have been for about a month. I don't know if its the unseasonably warm weather we've been having or what but I've made a note to plant more roses next month because I want what they have. I saw those roses bloom twice last year - early in the summer season and late and now they're blooming again in the middle of winter.
  15. That was me except I got sour apple gum and a push up...and when I went home I roller skated until my mother made us go in because it was dark outside. me too, except mine was flying saucers and fun dip... or those little dots of candy on the white paper. What the heck were those called? Oh and blue icy pops.
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