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  1. Does anyone have roses? When we moved into our new house, C and I were set to put in a border of rocks and just leave a big rectangle of grass for our garden. I have a history of killing everything so we felt rocks and grass was safest. But after we moved in, what little that did exist in those flower beds was so pretty and the character of the house and garden seemed to call out for big lush blooms and English roses. So, we planted a japanese maple (two more on their way) for a shady back corner with C's stone buddha. Planted in blue hydrangeas and big pink ones (a white one o
  2. Yes. Mongo, we're about to do the same as you... except we already moved in. And in an old victorian terraced house in London going with the original floorboards is not usually a great idea so we'll be putting prefinished hardwood on top. But first we're painting so we don't have to worry about covering the floor. In fact the my husband might deliberately spill paint on the hideous carpet that is there. and in preparation he wants to buy this ladder - Versaladder We watched a infomercial and he's totally sold. Does anyone have one?
  3. Cloud Atlas is the first and only of his books that I've tried to read. I really wanted to like it, I can't get past the first few chapters... maybe I need to try again. this would be the third attempt. And Middlesex, I loved, all of it. One of those books that I started reading and suddenly the rest of the world melts away. My husband is quite familiar with this phenomenon. He simply stops trying to talk to me or interact with me in any way until I finish the book .
  4. Has anyone been recently? I was there a year ago and tried various restaurants but the only one I want to return to is Chandelier (lebanese, wonderful mezze and fresh juices). I'd be interested in anything food related - restaurants, spices, food market (I've been to Goodies and wasn't all that impressed but I do love the Carrefour there), sweet shops. Please?
  5. Rose, your kitchen looks great! I want to hear more about Omni's comment above...
  6. My sister and her husband love good food but they hated Alinea. Its not everyone's cup of tea. I think you have to be fascinated by food and the creative possibilities rather than just love food (even then, you might not get a great experience at Alinea).
  7. I just made these, C loved them. But this wasn't really my idea of pancakes. They are very light almost souffle pancakes but me? I want pancakes or I want a souffle, I don't want in between. I missed the almost crisp exterior you get with normal American pancakes. But that's my preference. If souffle pancakes sound good to you - make this.
  8. helena, I've been on a pancake kick for the past few weekends. This one looks good! Its the first one I've seen that has you separate the yolk and whip the whites... I can imagine how light these should be. Report back if you make them! I'm putting them on my menu for this weekend.
  9. I do use the large chef's knife and couldn't be without it but the smaller one is more natural a fit for my hand and height and the one that I use most often. I definitely think it matters, you choose the size and weight that is most comfortable for you as well as what is appropriate for the task at hand.
  10. I agree with everything Lippy just said . I covet a kitchenaid stand mixer.... I couldn't be without a food processor and the braun stick mixer with attachments. Very useful those attachments - for grinding spices or blending or processing smaller amounts of stuff. When I go to replace my current food processor I will buy the bigger size. I have a medium sized one and for several pastry recipes, its not big enough. Sweet Pastry dough is often made in big batches and you can't get the same results by halving the recipe. I have spent very frustrated afternoons trying to process mo
  11. Macro, I never use my two handled mezzaluna thing, My big chefs knife does a better job (at least, I think its way easier to chop herbs with) for the things I would use the mezzaluna for (mine is a double blade and the herbs get caught on the insides of the blades and I find it annoying to push out to rechop). but it might just be me, I like the rhythm I get with the chefs knife, I can't get that with the rounded mezzaluna. And on the knife sharpening thing, You need a steel definitely just for maintenance and maybe a shinkansen sharpener for emergencies but I'm with Liza, take them to a
  12. - Omni, why? I've never quite understood the liking for these things. In another few weeks we're moving into a place that has one and C can't wait to rip it out.
  13. Is he a donor to the Labour party?
  14. akiko


    I like the art deco-ness. And the pearly bits.
  15. Lippy have you tried YSL's touche eclat? That one works for me. Or Laura Mercier secret camouflage (I think that's what its called). Its more covering and every compact comes with two tones that you mix together to match your skin exactly. The touche eclat is faster and more convenient and gets extra points from me because it comes in a color specially mixed for asian women. But that Laura mercier works better for blemishes.
  16. Except that he looks to have inherited both of your height genes! What is he? In the 200th percentile for age/height? Even in that pic, he looks long!
  17. pencil liner somehow manages to smear all over with my eyes. So unless I'm looking to do the smoky eye look, I always use liquid because it stays put and I'm a fan of the doe eye flick at the corner. The brand that I've found easiest to work with is Make Up Forever. It comes in a little pot with the brush in the cap, so you unscrew and then line your eye. That brush is also perfectly designed for doing that flick, its not a thin flimsy thing but a more substantial thing that comes to a point. No carrying a separate brush or having to dip your brush in water and then touching it to the cak
  18. He's gorgeous. No red headed delivery men frequenting your house then
  19. Has anyone mentioned Bridge to Terebithia or Where the Red Fern Grows? "sniff" I loved those books.
  20. Shammi, shammi, shammi kebabs! Recipe please. Its funny, here at New Tayyab's, they only make this once a week and the quality varies quite considerably. It's never bad but often does not taste the same at all. I know, some of this is down to quality of meat, but still.... I'd like to try making these at home. Mongo, are you thinking of moving house? How long have you guys lived in Boulder?
  21. I've already learned something. I thought Rajasthan and Agra were North of Delhi . I could have sworn the travel agent that helped us with our trip gave me a picture that had delhi on the bottom of the golden triangle...
  22. akiko


    I find the quest to look young just to look young absolutely graceless. I hear women talk about this all the time and its boring. What does make complete sense to me is effort to look beautiful. Grey hair can be gorgeous (I think the woman from the dove ad is beautiful and there are so many others with that amazing white or silvery grey or pepper coloured hair). Do your best with what you've got and be proud of it. In the same vein, alll wrinkles are not bad things. Crows feet can often soften a harsh face make someone look kinder, gentler, and beautiful (My husband and his father b
  23. akiko


    I have lots of friends who have done it and if I weren't about to be broke because we are buying a house, I'd do it I heard about people's foreheads not moving and I wonder if this doesn't have more to say about the Doctor using more botox than is necessary or his own skill in application. Amongst my girlfriends who have done it - no one looks unnatural - it gradually wears off over four months or so. Could they make wrinkles across their foreheads or crinkle up their eyes where crows feet were forming? No, at least not in the beginning of the four months. But smile looked natu
  24. akiko


    You call Tony and ask him to do it again this year
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