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  1. Omni, what is this, a movie? My husband loves Tracy, if this is out, I need to find a place in London that's playing it and take him for one of his Christmas presents.
  2. akiko

    Tokyo Recommendations

    oops, you should introduce yourself with your surname said first and then your first name! I wasn't joking when I said that the language is difficult Does it help if I told you that at least you'll be speaking Japanese with an American accent? In my experience, Japanese spoken with an american accent is a heck of a lot closer and more easily understood by the Japanese than Japanese spoken with an English accent. Even my husband doesn't pronounce my name correctly!
  3. akiko

    Tokyo Recommendations

    be balanced with how much effort you put into learning. Of course, anything you learn will be a benefit, but with Japanese it might be frustrating how much effort you can put into the language and get so little out. It's very frustrating, the accent and the fact that there are three separate alphabets they use - four if you count the fact that sometimes they use Roman lettering. Stone, if you learn to introduce yourself in Keigo (very formal japanese that is used in formal/business situations) that one phrase may go a long way for you. "Hajimemashite, Stone (insert last name) to mosh
  4. akiko

    Tokyo Recommendations

    Behemoth, where are you going? If its just Tokyo then you shouldn't have too many problems. Even outside of Tokyo you should be okay as long as you are prepared, rather than try and learn Japanese for the trip print out maps of all your destinations so that if you need to get some place you can show them instead of trying to say it. And other than that, you should be able to mime what you need. Stone, most restaurants in the US are not very typical of restaurants in Japan Sushi restaurants tend to only do sushi, tempura restaurants usually specialize in tempura. But there is
  5. My husband wants me to add that Jennifer Garner and Matt Affleck got married here, what bigger endorsement could there be ?
  6. Cabby, Its a beautiful resort, a Christina Ong hotel which generally equates gorgeous. Very well run, if you like tropical resort vacations than this one should be high on your list!
  7. RP, did you, or has anyone eaten at Cracco Peck? I've heard mixed reviews but we have a reservation.... that I don't want to keep if its not all that. It's to much money to pay if its going to be disappointing.
  8. Has anyone been here recently? Any recommendations, eating, food shopping, and otherwise?
  9. Guajo, where is this? This isn't the place out in the burbs that is known for their tonkatsu?
  10. article about the bourbon red in chicago reader chicago reader click on restaurants and then you'll see the heritage turkey link
  11. Omni, I just bought butter this weekend from a farm in the UK, I think its called Malthouse. They have a new stand at Borough Market where they are selling their cheese, buttermilk, and butter. Their butter is distinctly cheesy. Even more so when its melted. Delicious.
  12. I'm trying to read Matthew Fort's travel-foodlogue in Italy but its so boring. How can you take a wonderful subject like traveling through the regions of italy and the distinctive differences in dishes across it and make it boring? Reading it is actually painful to me because someone ought to do this and do it better than Matthew did.
  13. This is assuming that this is the right model of Ducane. I'm measurement backwards, is 10,000 BTU's a lot? It says it will do Turkeys... Does anyone have experience with a spit fork rotisserie? Does this mean I'll be able to skewer the thing crosswise and maybe the weight issue won't be such a problem? (There's a little devil on one of my shoulder's asking me why I always have to make life complicated and stressful for myself, can't I just spatchcock two turkeys grill one and roast the other, a routine I know I can execute. But then there is the other devil on the other shoulder telli
  14. I just talked to my brother in law, he says "if a grill can do it, then this one should be able to". They say its a monster one, gas grill by Ducane specially made for Home Depot? I'm about to try and google for a picture and description of it and its rotisserie function.
  15. I've been thinking about that too. I'm not good with figuring things like that out... would it just take some intricate tieing up? I need a website that will give me step by step instruction on how to balance a turkey on a spit!
  16. akiko


    Wilfrid, that's EXACTLY how I would describe how the recipes turn out. Except that in your own hands you can start tinkering and turn almost good into good. For example, that tofu dressing might become delicious if you added more ginger and toasted and ground some sesame seeds added that and then seasoned the thing correctly. I really want to be able to say that seaweed brings something out in the meat or adds a nice complement... but I'm not sure it does. Either way, sirloin is the wrong cut for this... I might have to experiment with that one too.
  17. akiko


    I tried this once today and my computer crashed just as I finished the post Here's take two Random meals this week: Has anyone been to Sumile in New York? I tried two of their recipes - Nori crusted sirloin steak with roasted shitakes, Tamari-Mirin-lemon sauce and wasabi on the side. Enoki and julienned snowpea salad with basil and a tofu-sesame oil-lemon-ginger dressing. I actually wasn't very impressed. I'm not sure Seaweed does anything for steak and the tofu dressing needs to be tinkered with to give it some punch. Salmon salad with crisp salmon skin, fried shallots, re
  18. Has anyone ever cooked a turkey on rotisserie? Good idea? Bad idea? We usually do two turkeys, one in the oven and the other on the grill. Alas, my sister has a gas grill so no smoking abilities here but it definitely works as an alternative oven. They bought a new one this year and it has a rotisserie function (I haven't seen it yet) and I'm tempted to try it out...
  19. lars, dotchi was my favorite food tv show when I lived in Japan. It may still be my favorite even though I haven't seen it for over 8 years. You are so lucky to get it. The show is a gold mine of information about Japanese cuisine and regional specialities... and artisanal ingredients from all over the world. I wish they would play it here in the UK.
  20. My husband used to go once in awhile when we lived in New York. No safety razor (he would have been very unimpressed). He was quite happy with the service. There is a place in Chicago in the bloomingdale building that also does this at a high standard, its also more expensive than Art of Shaving is.
  21. GC, thank you. Because you posted this, I decided to take my husband away for his birthday. But we ended up not staying at the Meridien! There ended up being a few boutique type hotels that ended up being just a bit cheaper and the Meridien in Milan looked a little tired. But if not for you, we wouldn't be going to Italy for the weekend.
  22. GC, that's really tempting... Where would you go in the month of december? Vienna for the christmas markets, milan to go christmas shopping and eating, or budapest... I've never been to any of those cities and now I'm thinking about it
  23. WAIT Don't leave me out! I'm assuming this works the other way around? Like if I want to play american DVD's in the UK and don't have a multiregion player? Can someone (wilf) be so kind (wilf) as to forward (wilf) those instructions to me?
  24. I use the benrinner all the time, with the guard. But for something like shallots and garlic, those things are just too little. The benrinner is too big and unwieldy, that handheld thing looks like it would do the job but... I've been wrong before.
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