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  1. tonight, apparently. http://www.poppyseattle.com/
  2. i've heard great things about sand point grill from friends who live fairly nearby. the chef, charlie durham, used to cook at cassis, and is an alum of SCCC, so he's *clearly* well-educated!
  3. i went to ocho on friday evening...i posted about it opening on Eg, where i also disclosed that i know the owners by association. the space is great, it's right at the corner of 24th and market, where the hot dog place used to be. they did a nice job of making a very small space feel open and welcoming. i think we tried just about everything on the menu...sherried mushrooms on toast were very good, as was the special...some kind of bean dish...the chorizo (imported from spain) was excellent, i just wish i could remember what it came with...patatas bravas were ok, though i prefer a more traditional bravas sauce than they make there. tortilla was good (and $3!) it's not txori, but it doesn't really have to be...it's a nice neighborhood place. they make sangria too. i had a white wine one that was very refreshing. if i lived within walking distance, i'd be there all the time. prices are low low low and the wines by the glass are cheap and good. right, so it's probably a good thing i don't live within walking distance... service was good, and despite some inconsistent salting, which i'm sure will get worked out, it was solid. congrats to zach and gelsey!
  4. sea beans are at the WS farmer's market today if you're still on the hunt.
  5. http://www.sgfbeef.com/process.php this place is amazing. the folks in the photo are actually ex-classmates of mine. i had the opportunity to visit the central processing center (though they have a mobile unit for coop members). the butchers are artists and i was lucky enough to get to help break halves of some older animals. it was an amazing experience. good valley, i don't know how many head you'd need to have to make a coop membership worthwhile, but i suggest getting in contact with Bruce (contact info can be found through the link) good luck!
  6. Farestart's Guest Chef on the Waterfront is Wednesday - tickets really are almost sold out, so try to get yours while the getting is good. should be a fun night! http://www.farestart.org/help/events/waterfront/index.html (i'm working there now as a catering chef - so this is a shameless endorsement)
  7. hey peppyre, check out who's playing at the triple door and benaroya hall. the ACT theater is beautifully old and historic and just opened a new show. on the boards also has some interesting productions. seattle center's website might be worth a gander - lots of stuff goes on there. during the day, i love the butterfly room at the pacific science center. there is also good shopping to be done here - if that's your kind of thing...feel free to email or PM me for some ideas!
  8. wow. this place seems to be a bit of a spark in a tinder box - lots of strong feelings both ways - i had some preconceived ideas about a meal there, and i was very (happily) surprised. i imagined the space to be very dark and intimate - sort of secret and hard to find, and very rigid. i knew there would be a lot of wine. it *is* a little tricky to find (halfway up the steps across from gasworks in a newish looking condo-y/office complex) it is not dark - soaring ceilings, stark white walls, lovely saffron drapes - the space is intimate, without feeling as small as it is. we got the last table (i guess patrons can choose where they want to sit when they arrive, and we narrowly avoided being shut out by a deuce. luckily someone suggested that the deuce sit "at the chef's table" (the bar) and they complied.) as the last table in, we were also last to receive our aperitif (sherry) and truffled popcorn. we enjoyed them and to be honest, going with a group of people, the time before getting our menus went by very quickly. i drank the sherry, which i do not generally love, but *and here is my downfall at elemental* put it in front of me, and i will drink it. oh, we were also offered a cocktail as the sherry was set before us. *danger* so - me+sherry+kir royale+8 pieces of popcorn=potential trouble. but, i'm a pro, right? right? the menu is broken up into 3 areas (roughly - starters, firsts and seconds) you can choose to order a la carte, or one from each section ($38). when we four ordered, we ended up choosing 10 individual items and 2 that overlapped. phred asked if we wanted to share everything and we agreed. *danger* this meant we had 10 courses - which in turn meant 10 wine pairings. *danger* i will try to remember what we ordered: asparagus soup - cold, the essence of sweet asparagus without being overly grassy. a great way to start. we ordered one of these, and it's worth pointing out that they brought 4 bowls. i feel for their dishwasher, but boy do they have service nailed. beet and smoked trout salad (we had 2 of these) excellent - red beets, sweet, well roasted with horseradish and smoked trout - simple and lovely. dandelion green salad with egg - probably my least favorite savory dish - i was hoping for a runny poached egg, but it was hard-cooked, and since the greens are so bitter, i would have liked a little yolk to temper the greens. others would certainly disagree. flan - i think it was parmesan and fava, but at this point...getting pretty toasted. we loved this dish, though. served at room temp, it managed to be both light and incredibly rich. ravioli - spring pea and...ricotta? i liked this, quibbles would be minor and irrelevant. also - a very generous portion (not sure if it was because we were sharing, but all portions seemed designed to leave you wanting more, but also to satisfy) honey glazed black cod - god this was good. simple, clean, fatty and sweet, served with a tiny bit of the creamiest rice. divine. did we have 2 of these? no idea. i'm blanking on the last of the "primi" (we ordered 5 of those) secondi were rabbit (2) and a loin of boar. both were great. i think the rabbit had gnocchi - but we were on to the reds, and my memory is definitely fuzzy here. i do remember a lovely reduction sauce on the boar. perhaps there were mushrooms. hell, at this point, there may have been leprechauns. desserts were not my favorite part of the meal. i remember a rice pudding (good - for rice pudding which i don't like) something chocolate which i thought was dry and a cheesecake with rhubarb sauce which was actually quite good. coffee was exceptional. the tab was absurd. i don't know how they make money. service is included, and the bill for 4 was around $300 - which included (have i mentioned?) a million glasses of wine (there were 2 with dessert!) and our cocktails. net net: go to elemental. go at 5. go with people you like. eat lunch that day! go with drinkers. take a cab. edited to add: no problem with credit cards.
  9. i'm headed to elemental this weekend - i'm excited, but slightly confused about the (existence of a) menu. did they change things - or was there always a menu? why did i feel like it was a tasting menu experience? is it me, or is the menu at elemental only incidental? (excuse the carrie bradshaw moment, i could not resist.) can anyone who has been recently give me any tips...? will they be ok about more than one credit card (3 of us are taking a 4th to dinner) or should we bring cash? thanks much!
  10. And she was still there when we arrived around 9 PM that's a lot of dishing.
  11. i think tav must be *the* spot for large parties. we tried to go last night with another couple, arrived at 6:20 and the place was empty (except for kcasey in the bar with some gals) the hostess was perfectly nice, but told us she wouldn't have anything at all until 9:45. I wonder how long those tables were sitting empty, while i was sadly denied white anchovies. i also can't help but wonder if there are people out there who walk into a restaurant early - in order to get a table - are told there's nothing for hours and then wait or come back. i bet it happens, but it's just bananas. i like the no reservation policy in theory - a 2 top can often get a table at tavolata (or lark) at 7pm, which can be nice if you want to be spontaneous. what makes a no reservation policy less democratic (which, one would assume, is the antithesis of their point) is when it's absolutely impossible to have dinner with friends at a reasonable hour. i don't have a solution, and we ended up having an excellent meal at Palace Kitchen, but i wonder if they'll end up changing their policy...if every single table was booked for 7pm or after, they're losing out on a whole early seating. rob just accepted a new job around the corner, so we'll probably end up confining our visits to weekdays.
  12. i was curious about this BOM, considering i live a hop and a skip away (work prevented me from joining!) i can say that the burgers i've had there are ok, but not as good as circa up the road. when i've burgered, i've generally ordered MR and gotten M/MW, but haven't found the burgers as dry as the BOMers. imho, the best menu item at elliot bay is the tuna taco (horrifically mis-named, but usually quite good.) which comes with fries and the chipotle sauce & coleslaw. happiness wrapped in a flour tortilla. did anyone have the buffalo (beefalo??) burger? i've always wanted to taste someone else's, but never wanted to commit myself... i think rocky is right in general - especially with larger groups - it's got to be a challenge for one grill cook to manage 7-15 burgers for one table.
  13. eden, you might also look at the mount baker club (their site - maybe mountbaker.org? is not super helpful, but the space is very cool.) as i recall, the kitchen is full, but older - not fabulous, but workable. we looked at it for our wedding last august. definitely in or below your price range. i believe their capacity is around 200 for a plated event - a buffet table would bring that number down considerably. good luck!
  14. i wonder about the daily menu thing...the pizza fritti may have been a fluke, as i've only seen it once, although, that would be truly tragic. we were there late last friday, and the menu you described, abra, seems pretty close to what they had when we were there. i kind of (naively?) assumed that the "fun" stuff would be trotted out on weekends, but maybe they're more likely to experiment on weekdays. i also wonder about the pizza fritti since i think the dough is cooked in the same fryer that they use for zeppole - maybe it's a capacity issue? rocky, do you have any scoop?
  15. interesting article...thanks for posting. do we have (local) white sturgeon caviar? i thought it was a NOCAL product...and where on earth did cherries come from in march? i don't have wsj access, did the article specify when the writer was here? by picking lampreia, rover's and canlis (canlis??) it seems that part of the standard the writer is looking for is: expensive. i wonder about the need to find similarities rather than celebrating the differences found in different regions. perhaps the expense account audience is looking to eat in NY wherever they are?
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