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  1. For those always seeking perfection I would like to suggest an article form "Crosscut" Here is the link http://crosscut.com/2010/08/12/food/20059/Searching-for-the--best--burger:-It-s-all-about-the-hunt/?utm_source=Crosscut+Daily+Newsletter&utm_campaign=db0769ac2b-Crosscut_E_mail_8_13_20108_13_2010&utm_medium=email Enjoy and Cheers Fred
  2. I hate to be the party pooper in this love fest but I just can't help my self. I have been to Bastille twice. Once outside, a party of four, and once inside, a party of 6, both at dinner time. I wanted to love this place. The interior is just wonderful but the noise, OMG. I must say that the noise level outside is much better than inside. I came away form the party of 6 with my ears hurting. I could not carry on a conversation with the folks at the other end of the table. Even Quinn's is quieter than this Now the food. Yes the fries are good but the Croque-Monsieur, that I ordered when we were eating outside, was a pale imitation of any that I ate in Paris. It was, I suspect, put together by some one who has never been to Paris. When dining inside with a party of six I ordered the roasted chicken as did one other of our party. When the two roasted chickens arrived the dishes were decidedly different with one portion of chicken being twice the size of the other. It was very noticeable and embarrassing. On the whole I would say that the food is high end bar food dressed up as French and while the setting is absolutely wonderful the noise level is designed for younger folks whose hearing is already half gone. This is not, in my estimation, an adult dining restaurant.
  3. Is there room for Fred and Ed on either Tuseday or Wednesday?
  4. Fred won't be able to make it Tuesday night as he is working at Sur La Table as a sous chef, dish washer, bottle washer or bouncer. LOL. I will have Ed submit if he can make it by himself. Cheers Fred
  5. Ed and I are in for the 17th anytime and the 16th if after 12:30 or so. Looking forward to it.
  6. In case you haven't heard or seen, as the case may be. check out the November edition of Seattle Magazine and its take on BEST DESSERTS or where to find the 95 richest cakes, creamiest pies & most decadent desserts for every craving. The photography is wonderful and more importantly check out the photos on page 62, 63. and 79. Neil and Canlis got a two page spread and an additional photo. Way to go Neil! I should also add the Bakery Nouveau got a full page photo of Lorna's wedding cake along with other photos and mentions.
  7. What can I say, but thank you. A wonderful afternoon, the food, the weather and the companionship. Ed and I want to thank all the folks for showing up and being part of it. Thanks again.
  8. OK here is the List as of today. Duck Duck Charcuterie and Special Bread Eden and Bill Ice Cream or Sorbet and ? Rocky plus 1 Meaty and creole Lauren Plus 1 ? Tighe plus 1 1/2 ? Sea Gal plus 1 ? Char and Richard Fruit salad Hey Jude and Richard ? Rebecca Rancho Gordo Beans and moose Sparrowsfall plus 1 Not sure what to bring yet Nightscotsman ? Malarkey ? Fred and ED Big Sandwich (out of original Silver Palate cook book) and chocolates with caramel of course We are covered for glasses, plates,and etc and will have some jug wine and sparkling water. I encourage you to bring wine if you want something special to share.
  9. Ok well we are back in Snohomish after a quick working vacation in Portland. It seems as though September 14th is the best choice for a picnic so that's when it will be. Come rain or shine. Indoor or out there is plenty of room for all. It will be a true pot luck so there will be no assigned dishes but lets hear what folks would like to bring. Looking forward to it and to seeing all you folks up here. The hours will be 1 to 6 and if folks want to visit the town there will be plenty of time to do both. The shops are open from about 11 to 6 or 7 and there is plenty to see. Cheers Fred
  10. Yes, kids are OK. We will all keep them out of the pool.
  11. Ed and I would like to invite all of you to a fall potluck picnic at our home and garden in Snohomish. I am thinking of doing it on a Sunday so the maximum of folks can attend including ED. How about Sunday September 14th or 21st? Fred
  12. I might add that there are several wonderful recipes for Pot Roast in the book by Molly Stevens called "All About Braising". This is my go to book when it comes to one-pot meals. Especially one called Yankee Pot Roast Redux. There is also one fine recipe for "Osso Buco alla Milanese" and a "Country-Style Pork Ribs Braised with Mango, lime, & Coconut" F
  13. With my move to Snohomish the house came with a Wolf range and there is no difference in the burners for the range and the drop in cook top. While I appreciate the power of the Wolf I must say that it does not power down well. When it comes to using a small pot or to doing a very low simmer its not that great. I had better luck with my Decor drop-in in my Seattle house. I find now that I often have to use a flame tamer to regulate the heat low enough for some things and to keep small pans from burning around the edges or sides of the pan. Now the Viking at the Sur La Table cooking school has an inner ring that lights up when you want just a little heat or are using a small sauce pan. Then it lights up along with the bigger outer ring for the full power high heat cooking. If I were looking for a new cook top I would seriously take into account what and how I was cooking. Second would come the reliability of the brand name. When it comes to repairs and service look into who does this and how many people in your area service your brand. Consumer reports can help you with the repair rate of the most popular brands. I have found that in Snohomish there are not many folks that service Wolf and the main distributor and warranter station is down in Kent and they are not all that interested in helping me or servicing my range clear up here. The last time I called them for a service call they told me that it would be 3 weeks before they could get up here. Thats not very service oriented. Their attitude was take it or leave it. They did refer me to another company but when I called I was told that they did not make service calls just parts. Fortunately, after calling the company itself I was referred to a company in Bothel and they were able to come out in just 3 days. P.S. I would second the recommendation for the continuous grate on top of the burners and if possible for sealed burners.
  14. Fred and Ed are planning on making the trip down to the big city on the 28th for the BOM. Looking forward to it. F
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