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  1. My lovely late June braise was sliced beef hocks with port and red wine, served with salsa verde. Came out extra nice, maybe because I also tossed in some pork shank for a multi-meat braise of leg.
  2. You said it Tighe. Why not just let Providence Cicero write something worth reading instead?
  3. Great points Tighe. I always appreciate your kind of deep thoughts and good questions. The world needs more like you
  4. Tsquare - Not my data. The data and the write-up are from the study's author. Tighe - I'm with you. If I had to watch every dime (used to be every penny before all that inflation-deflation stuff hit), I would probably take a pass on organic or naturally grown foods. And happily, I dont find myself in that position right now. I dont think there is any one single answer to all of the problems created by the current industrialized food system. I'm not an all my eggs in one basket kind of girl, and our society shouldnt be an all one flavor kind of society. Sometimes folks talk lik
  5. So much for elitist and overpriced. Seattle area Farmers Market / Supermarket Price Comparison 2009 results were consistent with May 2007 and 2008 studies, which found farmers market prices to range from about one-third less to roughly equal in price to comparable organic produce at neighboring grocery stores and food co-ops. This is a powerful finding, especially since all the data is from Seattle area markets. The state Farmers Market Association recently observed that prices at Seattle markets are higher than in nearby communities, and prices in W Washington are higher than in E Washi
  6. About 15 - 18" in Bremerton, bit more to the south and to the north. Never seen this much here. Folks all talk abnout the last big one in 95 or 96, which sounds to me like something a television character would say. The snow didnt stop for even a moment between Saturday afternoon and Sunday dark. Anywhere someone shoveled, you cant even tell. Lots of sleds and snowmobiles out playing. About 10,000 spread around the Peninsula without power, but, at least the ones I know pretty much expect it, so they have woodstoves or propane for heat. My home has never lost power (fingers crossed) but
  7. Hiked up to the top of the hill today, where I'd brilliantly left my car so I would be able to get out in case of snow. And guess what....the doors are frozen shut. The lock opens, but the door is solid. Not even a wiggle. I tried and I pried with no luck. Did not have any spray de-icer, and found out that WD-40 does not do the trick. Dang it.
  8. Food-related info from my environmental topics. The testing is a way to make the point that pharmaceuticls make their way into our local lakes and streams via the same pathway as cookies do. Subject: [Pharmwaste] Signs of cookie pollution Holiday Treats, Watered Down By measuring post-holiday spice levels in waterways, scientists hope to raise awareness of the public's role in protecting water quality As the aroma of spices fills the air this holiday season, scientists from the University of Washington (UW; Seattle) want citizens to remember that what they consume has a direct
  9. Alas, the really good Asadero Taco Truck south of MLK and Graham is no longer. It looks to be a victim of progress as the entire mall is vacant due to light rail or related contruction. Does anybody know if Asadero has re-opened in a new location?
  10. OK, name calling wins. If it is good enough for losing presidential candidates, it is good enough for me.
  11. Interesting discussion, but to me it seems incomplete. Like most good ideas, when taken to their theoretical extremes, they are not perfect. By theoretical extreme, I mean that we stop considering other factors and expect all the world's problems to be solved by "local" or "organic". Whenever folks put ideological purity above good sense, it is a silly proposition. It is equally silly to expect mass-produced, petrochemical-intensive, factory-farming that limits our choices to species best suited to holding and transport to solve all of our problems either. Here's an idea - It takes
  12. Feedback for the MF crew. Thanks for the tip on Birchfield Manor in Moxee. The place is comfortable and charming, and the dinner was excellent. Straightforward food, extremely well-prepared. It was a pleasure. For anyone who hasn't been for as while, the Prosser-Benton City-Richland area is booming with wineries and new construction. Fidelitas, Goose Ridge, Kestrel, mmmmm.
  13. We drank a fabulous Abeja Cabernet with dinner the other night. It was dang good. Mmmmm. Thanks for pointing them out to me.
  14. UPDATE: There are indeed two Asadero trucks, one just north of and acrss from the Darigold plant and another on MLK and Graham. The one on MLK is much brighter and better, to my taste. Mystery over. No mistake after all.
  15. Agreed with the above. How can you be underground while actively courting press coverage and big-time PR for your "secret" operation? And how can you be secret, yet continually and effectively reach out to new clientele to grow your operation? It seems the only way to pull off an underground effort is to commit to small size, which limits your revenue potential. At the same time, it allows you the freedom of committing to whatever set of "values" you are pursuing. You have to be committed to a unique form of business--you cant really have it both ways. At least not for the long
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