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  1. Hey Robin - I'd say they were pretty high. Two to three times retail. I didn't spend a lot of time looking at the list as I let my buddy do the ordering last night. Hoff
  2. Hi Kids - We went to Oceanaire last night for dinner before going to see Spamalot. The short version: both Ocenaire and Spamalot rocked. The long version: We had 6:00pm reservations. Seated promptly on arrival. The room is really cool looking. Very 'art-deco-y', which I like. When you walk in the raw bar and the bar bar are right there. You can sit and eat at either. The room is big and loud and has a steakhouse feel to it. This is not an intimate, play footsie w/ your dining companion kind of place. Service was, in general, good. Not Frasca level or anything though.
  3. I have not been to Oceanaire. Hopefully it's a good chain like Capital Grille rather than a nefarious one. Why don't you go and tell the three Colorado residents who read this what it's like? (winky, winky) Even the DCPA's website isn't of much help, is it, as I see it lists only 11 spots in the "Plan your visit" area including La Fondue and The Palm. No sushi for Hoff? Just straight-up seafood? "Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I'm being repressed!" Yep, that's my hope too. From talking to acquaintances here at work, it's supposed to be
  4. All - We're going to see Spamalot (woo hoo!) a week from Saturday and want to eat seafood at some place w/in walking distance of the theatre. My immediate thoughts were Jax (been there in the past and like it) or Oceanaire (haven't been but have heard good things). Any other ideas? Has anyone been to Oceanaire? Looking forward to your thoughts. Hoff
  5. Hey - I wanted to pass along a recommendation for a great BBQ place - Cabin Creek BBQ and Smokehouse (http://www.cabin-creek-smokehouse-barbeque.com/) in Aspen Park. Aspen Park is on highway 285 near Conifer and Bailey. They won Westword's Best BBQ for 2007. Anyway, we stopped there last weekend on the way home from camping and it was incredible. They have really good smoked meat, I especially enjoyed the brisket. They have some cool options besides the usual sandwiches including what they call "mashers" - basically mashed red skin potatoes covered in the meat of your choice, bean
  6. Hey - Thanks for the heads up on Pupusa's. I went for the first time last week (following a very intense 50 mile all climbing road ride in the environs of Lefthand Canyon) and the pastor (or maybe it was carne adobada, in any case it was pig) torta was absolutely incredible! Hoff
  7. Just like a man- it's all about *you*. mrs. jones got the chile verde, and I got the Salvadoran Tamals. They were the first thing I've had there that I didn't love. It was a "special", but that sign has been up for weeks. Lots of smooth cornmeal, the filling was chicken in some of it, potatoes in another part, posole in another part. It wasn't bad, it was just kind of bland. I usually get a couple of pupusas (or the sincronizada) and I always get ones with cheese in them, and I always love them, so I thought I'd try something different. Even so, there were 2 large tamals, rice and
  8. I love the name 'Ted's Superstation', that's some funny sh*t. Anyway, this shopping center is about a mile or so east of Ted's on 120th, just a couple of intersections away. It is on the Northeast corner of the intersection of 120th and Federal. There's a Caribou coffee there, a bank (or two or three), and another new restaurant, Village Bistro, that I've heard pretty good things about.
  9. RLM - It is supposed to be in the shopping center at the corner of 120th and Federal. They've been working on it a long time. The last time I drove by there was a sign that said opening in early May. Hoff
  10. Hi all...sorry for the delay in posting. It has been effin' crazy at work. Anyway, had a great dinner at Ocean. First off, that space is something else, I can't imagine what it cost. We had a set menu as we were in a private room. I had: Apps: Calamari (very good, not as good as Capitol Grille's - they have the best in Denver IMHO) Sizzling Hamachi - really tasty, very spicy A seared tuna w/ peanut sauce and edamame - good fish, nice sauce. First Course: lobster tacos and steak tacos - I liked these, one of Guard's signature dishes, brought over from 975. Salad: Caesa
  11. Thanks guys. The menu definitely seems intriguing...it may be overpriced but I'm not paying so that doesn't matter this time. RLM...it sounds like we need your input!
  12. Hey Kids - I'm going to Ocean for a work dinner tomorrow night and haven't heard/read any reviews. Has anyone gone and what do you recommend/not recommend? Thanks, Hoff
  13. Old Louisville Inn, in downtown Lousiville (http://www.olirish.com/) is open til 10 or so. Good food and atmosphere.
  14. Hey Kids - Just thought I post a quickie review/recommendation for a (relatively) new taqueria in Lafayette. It is called Los Tapatios and is in the shopping center at the corner of South Boulder Road and Public Road (the same one that Wal-Mart is currently in). It faces Public Road and is right next to the Sonic. This place is a pretty classic taqueria. Very good and inexpensive food. I had a torta al pastor and it was incredible - great flavor, really good meat. It cost something like $5.50. My wife had a burrito that was also good, nice green chile. They also have tacos with various
  15. Sounds really good Robin, I've been wanting to try Steuben's. I'm intrigued by their lobster roll...I love a good lobster roll, it's something that's hard - if not impossible - to get 'round here.
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