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  1. Kay - I made sunchoke soup for a dinner party Friday night. I used Thomas Kellers recipe found here and topped it with a bit of truffle oil and truffles that I had brought back from Italy. It turned out really well but peeling all those sunchokes was a chore, especially since I had increased the quantity by 1 1/2 times! Sounds good. We like April Bloomfield's Jerusalem Artichoke Smash but that also involves peeling them. Kay
  2. littlemsfoodie found them for me at Ballard Market. $2.59/pound for local organic versus $5.00/pound at Met Market for ones out of California (I'm not sure if they were organic or conventional). Unfortunately it took me 40 minutes to get there from my office! Glad you got them but now I am most interested in what you are doing with them (when you have time) as I have some and will get more tomorrow at our last of the season Farmers' Market in PT. We love them roasted, whipped, pureed etc. Kay
  3. They are currently at our Central Market along with QFC and Safeway. Saw them this week at all three stores. Kay
  4. Turns out QFC had the Malt Vinegar Salt all along but they stock it with the vinegar vs where the other salts are. Not only that but they are closing it out at $2.74 instead of $4.99. I now have two jars of it and it is quite good. Kay
  5. Eden, The Malt Vinegar Salt is a new product from J&D who make Baconnaise etc. Our QFC carries the Bacconnaise line and the other bacon salts but not this new one. Plan on asking them to get it since they are already dealing with the line. perhaps other Kroger companies carry it. It is available online from Amazon. Kay
  6. Central Market carries it so that would mean that Town and Country would have it or be able to get it. Kay
  7. Don't think so as ad says 'established 2004' and Avila opened November 2009. Kay
  8. In town, consider Silverwater, Fins or T's. Going afield, Ajax in Port Hadlock or the Fireside at the Inn at Port Ludlow are also possibilities.
  9. Outstanding pies can be found at the Chimacum Cafe on State Route 19 in Chimacum WA. They are well known for their pies and have a huge assortment. Kay
  10. Eden, Central Market in Poulsbo had them last week and at a good price of $2.50 for 24 count. Therefore probably any of the stores that they have in their chain would likely have them also. They were actually labeled Slider Buns. Kay
  11. We were just there Monday night. Small plates included beef heart, grilled octopus and stuffed pepper (which was outstanding). Our entrees were lamb shank (delicious) and escolar which was good, but attended by a fig and red wine reduction which seemed a bit odd for a somewhat bland fish. We started with pisco sours which were a first for me. In all, we were glad to have tried Andina.
  12. Good morning all, Al and I are headed overseas again and our daughter in London has asked me to bring Schaffen Berger baking chocolate. Does anyone have any idea where I can find it? Have checked my Central Market in Poulsbo but they only carry the "eating" type. Know I can get it online but would prefer to purchase it without shipping. Thanks, Kay
  13. It was so great to see everyone again after so long and to welcome Shaya, Michael and two of the absolutely most well behaved children that we have ever enjoyed a three hour lunch with ever. I am amazed at their age how much they love their food, recognize what they are having and being able to state their preferences. As everyone has already stated everything was absolutely delicious. Al loved the lardo pops, pasta with oxtail and pork rolls while enjoying absolutely everything else. My favorites were the pork rolls, pasta and all sausages. I did however greatly enjoy everything else also. We both thought the fresh peach dessert was a fantastic way to end the meal. Having "survived" this great dining experience, since it was really "an experience", food coma set in quickly and we skipped dinner. Not only that we skipped a run to Esquin and TJs (definitely not hungry). The wait for the ferry home (2 runs) was a great "rest time". Thanks to all for the sharing experience and to Lorna and Henry for setting it up. Most importantly to Shaya and her family for visiting and giving us the reason to do it. Come again. Kay
  14. Al and I are still in and very much looking forward to it. Thanks for effort to set it up. Kay
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