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  1. Just warm enough for a 40-mile motorcycle ride along the coast today
  2. Was in a local outdoors store today. 90% of the handgun ammo gone, 15 to 20 people in line to buy a gun and the NICS system crashed.
  3. theclash

    Kobe Bryant

  4. theclash


    Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul 5 piece horn section, three backup singers, two keyboardists ( including Lowell Levinger from The Youngbloods) and two procussionists. Played for three hours
  5. Harvard Square is now dead https://cambridge.wickedlocal.com/news/20191028/harvard-squares-out-of-town-news-clears-out-ahead-of-last-day
  6. The Palace Diner might be worth a short drive South
  7. One of my favorite dive bars is Ruski's in the West End. They open at 7 for breakfast. It's worth having a drink at Top of the East great view over the bay Both Otto and Slice are worth checking out In Old Port i really like The Thirsty Pig. Also Liquid Riot. You could spend a week just visiting breweries in the area You could probably find better fried clams than Two Lights Lobster Shack but when you also throw in the view it can't be beat. Worth a drive
  8. theclash

    Dr. John

    I believe he switched from guitar to piano after having part of a finger shot off
  9. theclash


    Patti Smith at the Orpheum in Boston. Family affair with her son on guitar and daughter playing piano for the encore. Still rocking at 72.
  10. theclash

    Notre Dame

    Do you remember the fire at St. John the Devine some years ago that was due to work? Yes, that is why I was there. I was removing the pipe organ so it could be renovated, partially for to the fire. I was using the blowtorch to break apart solder joints in the windlines. They were too close to the wood baseboards for comfort
  11. theclash

    Notre Dame

    Years ago while I was working at St John the Devine with a blowtorch this was my nightmare.
  12. theclash

    Frank Robinson

    Only player to win MVP in both leagues
  13. theclash

    NFL 2016

    Exactly. No pressure. Actually, he kicked after time out was called. Yeah - I had it backwards. Was the bad one indeed tipped? https://youtu.be/b4xXKsXFagI
  14. theclash

    NFL 2016

    Exactly. No pressure. Actually, he kicked after time out was called. It seems it was tipped
  15. L'espalier calls it a day after 40 years https://boston.eater.com/2018/12/26/18156869/lespalier-back-bay-closing
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