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  1. theclash

    Leon Spinks

    First thing that I thought of..
  2. theclash

    Diana Rigg

    I think the story is he was shot down in the war, he was found in her farewell episode
  3. There is also The House of Seven Gables
  4. If you ever get back to Gloucester good side trips are Salem, witch trials and The Peabody Essex Museum, and Ipswich home of The Clambox
  5. The Prisoner Because 2020 hasn't been strange enough
  6. I wish Lester Bangs and Lou Reed were still around to add commentary
  7. Hollywood Have you watched Bosch on Amazon Prime? I find it a fairly good representation of the books.
  8. Today in Maine it was 97 degrees, a woman was killed in a shark attack and there is a tornado warning
  9. theclash

    Peter Green

    Legend has it better guitar player than God (Eric Clapton)
  10. And Jim Carroll ordering drinks
  11. The state of Maine has had just over 3000 total cases and about 110 deaths. The governor is currently being hammered by the tourist industry for maintaining a 14 quarantine, or proof of negative test for out of state visitors. My guess is we will see a large jump in cases from just the day and weekend tourists from lower New England.
  12. Just warm enough for a 40-mile motorcycle ride along the coast today
  13. Was in a local outdoors store today. 90% of the handgun ammo gone, 15 to 20 people in line to buy a gun and the NICS system crashed.
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