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  1. The Chicago Michelin stars were announced yesterday. Here are the winners:








    Charlie Trotter's







    Crofton on Wells


    graham elliot

    Longman & Eagle












  2. I've found that really anytime you go you're sharing your BYO wine with everyone in both the kitchen and the restaurant. Sure, you'll mostly get your wine. But if they think someone else's wine goes better with what you're eating then you'll get a glass. The moral of the story, IMO, is not to bring anything too special because odds are you won't have the bottle to yourself. Just sort of goes with the overall vibe of the place.

  3. Going to Schwa is like going to your stoner buddy's house for dinner, but your buddy happens to be a culinary genius.


    I like Schwa for 1 star, but wouldn't be shocked by 2 (even though the food is probably 3 when it's on).

  4. The Publican and The Purple Pig are both fantastic, but sort of similar (Publican is better, Purple Pig is right on Michigan Ave so is easier to get to). Cibo Matto is really good right now if you want Italian (if you're up for the trip to Andersonville, Anteprima is a bit better). I'd also recommend Mado (farm to table, BYO) in Bucktown, Graham Elliot (if you can get in), and Schwa (also if you can get in).


    Also, there's nothing but great buzz about Girl and the Goat, which is Stephanie Izard's new place.

  5. I was just at Blackbird a couple of weeks ago. While the food was as good (if not better) than it's always been, the portions have become almost laughably small. Although, with a friend in the kitchen, that might not matter.


    Still, I much prefer The Publican these days.

  6. Going to Chicago on the 27th for a one day round table recap of the Chase Giving contest. All expenses paid, how could I say no? I'll arrive at the Hampton Inn Majestic around 10:30. Since I don't have a commitment until that evening, I thought of going to the Art Institute for a few hours. Any ideas for a great lunch in the area?


    That evening is dinner with the other winners and Chase people. I won't eat much of the banquet food: I thought of catching a cab after the meal and going to Publican for some bar food. It's less than 2 miles away.


    Is this the best use of my precious few free hours? If I can squeeze in two good meals and some culture, it will be worth it!!


    For lunch, Tony Mantuano (Spiaggia) has a restaurant in the modern wing of the Art Institute (Terzo Piano). I've heard mixed things, but the setting is gorgeous. You could also do The Gage, which is close on Michigan Ave. and is more of a gastropub. The same people that own The Gage also own Henri which is right next store and is more traditional French. I haven't been but early reports are very good.


    The Publican is always a good call. Without a doubt my favorite Kahan restaurant.

  7. I went to high school with the chef/owner. There's nothing remotely surprising about this.

    You mean he's always be a smartass a self-hating Jew a guy who tries desperately to be funny but fails miserably?


    Yeah, this is about right.

  8. Answers as best I can figure...


    how did the dharma initiative find the island?


    Presumably they were drawn to/somehow detected the extreme electromagnetic activity coming from the island. Dharma's main purpose was to study what that was all about.


    where did the hippies in the temple with the leader assembled from a grab-bag of japanese cliches come from?


    An ultra-devoted to Jacob sect of The Others


    what happened when the bomb exploded?


    I'm still trying to figure this out, but I assume the bomb exploding had the effect of throwing the castaways forward in time to the show's present day. I also think this was a response to the time travel theory that you can't really impact the future by changing the past (although I don't think that really holds up given some of the other stuff that happened).



    what the hell was up with widmore and the good witch?


    Don't know, but in the Sideways Purgatory she wasn't ready for her son to "move on". Perhaps some feelings of guilt for killing her own son?


    and instead spent 10 minutes on people embracing in slow-motion. and wasn't nadia sayid's true love?


    I didn't get that either. Shannon was long gone and all we've heard about since is Nadia.


    and where was mr. eko? desmond wasn't on the plane so why was he in the church? and if he could make it in then why not all the other non-plane characters?


    Who was in the church had nothing to do with who was on the plane. The people in the church shared in what was "the most significant" time in their lives. Presumably, Eko had another experience that impacted him more (probably being indoctrinated as a soldier as a child or something related). For Desmond and Penny, however, the island represented something far more significant, so they were there.


    Anyway, I enjoyed the finale. I've always been more interested in the characters than the mythology, so leaving several things unanswered (the whole infertility thing, the wormhole to Tunisia, etc) didn't really bother me. Also, how would anyone have predicted the ending at the beginning of the series? The island as purgatory theory turned out to not be true. The people in the church did not die in the crash. As Jack's father said, some died before Jack and some long after.

  9. I think this exchange that I had on the Top Chef Masters 2 thread has me pretty much done with eG.


    So, no issues with the winner using store bought sausage?


    Nah, it's not Top Charcutier. In fact I thought the question a little disrespectful, not only to chefs of this caliber, but also to a major sponsor ("What, you're serving me sausage from Whole Foods?").


    Unchallenged by any other poster. Yes, we're fine that a "Master" chef used a store bought sausage product and it's disrespectful to even question it. I think that pretty much sums up what's going on over there.

  10. The Publican is a really great spot that has evolved significantly since it first opened. The initial premise of the restaurant was "beer, pork, and oysters." While that still may hold true, this place is capable of putting out some pretty sophisticated food. I had a cured tuna dish there a few weeks ago that was extremely complex and a far cry from the usual pork-based layups we have all over town.

  11. Sometimes I actually build up the courage to go to a cart and order a gyro using the Greek pronunciation. The guys never have the slightest idea what I'm talking about. (Any parallel to "rioja" is strictly in the mind of the reader.)

    Isn't that a new york thing, the hard G? If you are in Chicago isn't it something closer to the Greek pronunciation?


    Here it's a soft "g", right? It's pronounced "jigh -- roe". How do Chicagoans say it?



  12. Yes, 4 stars for the Sony e-Reader (at #1) vs. an absolutely devastating 3.5 stars for the Kindle DX (at #6) and 3 stars for the Kindle 2 (at #10). If anyone can translate the Russian comments, I'd be curious to know how interesting those are as well.

  13. As I see it, last night's game and win were hugely important for two reasons:


    1. The starting pitching will now be set up properly

    2. Hopefully Joba's short outing last night gave him some confidence and will allow him to be dominant in the WS. I like the Yanks against the Phils, but the current state of the bullpen is troubling to say the least.

  14. So, why not start the 7th with Hughes? Or at least pull AJ after he gave up a hit to the first batter? I guess Joe's just trying to make this interesting.


    ETA - Well, never mind. Maybe Mo could have gone 3 tonight :)

  15. Counter-arguments: Pettitte has pitched much better on the road. As Burnett's confidence is not his strongest point, why give him the impression he's not one of the two aces any more? Unless seven very hot bats suddenly go cold, Posada's contribution is dispensable. Of course, you may be right - just putting the other viewpoint.


    My only gripe last night was sending in Rivera to defend a five run lead. What a waste of his energy, and he's never at his best in those situations. Otherwise, a great night. The most valuable thing I saw was evidence that A-Rod's personality transplant is carrying over into the post season. His objective now seems to be to help win games, rather than appease the crowd and help his brand by looking for the next home run, and that makes him an incredible asset at last.


    Couldn't agree more on Rivera. Why on earth would you make him throw 20+ pitches for absolutely no reason?

  16. "You don't have to agree with everyone's politics...none of us agree 100% of the time. But you have to admire a lifetime dedicated to public service and improving the lives of others -- and that is just one of the many things that made Ted great." - Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)


    Thank goodness for all of the descency today, particularly in light of the nonsense that has been going on for the last few weeks. A long career in public service is something to be lauded. It is difficult, if not impossible, to find a great statesman without faults.

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