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    sears tower

    People here will not be calling it the Willis Tower. It will be the Sears for years to come. There are still plenty of people who refuse to refer to where the White Sox play by its actual name.
  2. Watching Larry King last night, those close to the family said that Janet was supposed to talk but couldn't. That's when Michael's daughter took the microphone and spoke. I thought it was sweet and heartbreaking.
  3. Can't speak for RdG, but in general Spain is more casual then the US. Certainly no jacket or tie for any of these places (especially the first 2). Neat, clean, long pants, collared shirt and you are good to go I think. You know Dos Palillos is asian (japanese fusion really)? I'm not sure I'd rush to go there unless I was in the nabe. It was good, but if you live in a big city in the US not standoutish. We went because our apartment was steps away. You might want to sub Gresca or one of those kinds of places instead for a more Spanish experience. Just my opinion. Thanks fo
  4. So we're finally off to Spain in a couple of days. While in Barcelona we'll be eating dinner at the following restaurants: Dos Palillos Paco Meralgo Rias de Galicia Hisop Comerc24 Can anyone give me an idea of what sort of attire would be appropriate for men and women at these restaurants (never been to Spain before, so not sure what would be viewed as appropriate)? We're just trying to figure out what to pack and I don't want us to stick out like a couple of rubes.
  5. That was pretty neat. They actually never aired the episode because the other guests couldn't get a word in edgewise. Anyway, you should all be thankful you didn't work in downtown Chicago during the transition. Presidential-level security every single day in the heart of the Loop. Not good times. But, better safe than sorry, regardless of who occupies the office.
  6. jesteinf

    El Bulli

    Dinner is on the 24th, so we're planning on arriving in Roses on the 23rd and then leaving on the 25th.
  7. jesteinf

    El Bulli

    I've got a reservation at El Bulli in a few weeks, and the Wife and I decided to build a 10 day trip to Spain around the dinner. We're spending a couple of days in Madrid first, and then taking the AVE to Barcelona. Our plan is to stay in Barcelona for a few days, head down to Roses for a couple of days, and then come back to Barcelona for a few more days before heading home. The question is, what's the best way to get to Roses from Barcelona without driving? It looks like there is a bus, but you can't buy tickets in advance and obviously I don't want to risk getting stuck without a wa
  8. "Kara... you're goin' home" As far as I'm concerned, that would be great. She annoys the hell out of me. Why, because she thinks "Cryin'" is "early Aerosmith"?
  9. Yes, Kara's song was a complete disaster. But really, why should it be any different than the other Idol finale songs? It sounded to me like something that would play over a montage in an 80's movie.
  10. Very interesting finale last night. I thought Kris was just a little bit better than Adam, but I'll be happy either way. As I said to my wife as we were watching last night, you could make the case that Kris and Adam are both equally good, they're just two different types of artists. The only question is which do you prefer, not which is more talented.
  11. I think I've had that scallop liver. It looked to me like a tiny little brain.
  12. I have a Kindle and I've never had the "bleed through" problem that Peter mentioned. I would suspect it was a faulty unit.
  13. I own a Kindle and I love it. I read on my commute every morning and evening, so it's fantastic not having to lug around a book. Also, when I go on vacation I usually schlep 4 or 5 books with me (sometimes all hardcover), so not having to do that anymore is great. There's no eye-strain because of the technology behind the display, so it really is just like reading an actual book. These probably aren't great reasons for everybody to buy a Kindle, but because of the amount of reading I do and the fact that a lot of it goes on outside of where I live, it's perfect.
  14. If you're going to be alone, go to Avec and sit at the bar (you may have to go a bit on the early side to avoid a long wait). Depending on where in the loop you're coming from it's either a good walk or a short cab ride. You could also do A Mano, which is just north of the river on Dearborn. I think most of the menu has gone a bit downhill lately, but their pizzas are still excellent. If you want to head towards Michigan Ave, I would recommend either The Gage (gastropub) or Mercat a la Planxa (tapas). Avec www.avecrestaurant.com 615 W. Randolph (312) 377-2002 A MANO Tra
  15. I would put Adam as my favorite to win it right now. At first I thought it would be Lil, but she just hasn't gotten it done the last couple of weeks. If Allison can develop any sort of fan base, she should be right there with Adam on finale night.
  16. jesteinf


    it's all the smoking the french do. No moisturizer. No sunscreen. Time travel stories make my head explode. Like wouldn't have Danielle recognized Jin when she saw him in 2005? EW.com posts a wrap up of each episode after they air. These are extremely helpful for processing what just happened, pointing things out that you missed, pointing things out that you never would have thought of, etc. Anyway, today's wrap up took on that issue:
  17. I'm pretty sure you can read blogs on the Kindle.
  18. I read tons of books. Sometimes I read 2 or 3 books at a time. If I'm going on a week-long vacation I'll sometimes bring 4 or 5 books (mostly hardcover). So honestly, I have no qualms buying a Kindle. In fact, I already did. I put in my order shortly after Thanksgiving, only to find out I wouldn't actually get the thing until end of February/beginning of March. Today Amazon sent me an email to let me know I would be getting a Kindle 2 instead of a Kindle 1 since my order hadn't shipped yet (which I thought was pretty nice). Jason, I read your article and see your points, but I reall
  19. jesteinf

    Vin Scully

    Marv Albert is obviously fantastic for basketball. He also does a wonderful job calling football games on the radio (not sure if he still does, but he used to do Monday Night Football with Boomer Esiason).
  20. I was first introduced to those garlic fried ribs a few weeks ago. They are insanely good, to the point where you just can't appreciate how good they are until you've actually tried them. Neither words nor pictures can do them justice.
  21. I would stay at the Peninsula. The Ritz has gone downhill over the last couple of years.
  22. Unfortunately the bar dining scene in Chicago isn't that great. Your best bet is probably Avec. Some other options for bar dining: Graham Elliot Bowles (formerly of Avenues in the Peninsula) just opened a new place (it's called Graham Elliot) and you can definitely eat well at the bar there. They've also got a great cocktail list. Powerhouse - The Chef used to be a sous chef at Alinea. The restaurant is sort of steakhouse-esque, but with far more ambition and creativity. A Mano - Italian small plates. Owned by the same people as Bin 36 (a wine focused restaurant locat
  23. The "windy city" refers not to how breezy weather conditions are, but rather the bluster that typically comes from Chicago politicians (in one famous case, lobbying for the 1893 World's Fair). But, yeah, it also gets pretty windy here. The best new restaurant in the city right now is hands down L2O, Laurent Gras' new seafood focused spot. Blackbird and North Pond are also great higher-end spots. If you want ethnic, you can't go wrong with Thai (TAC Quick, Spoon Thai) or Mexican.
  24. It's been hot and stormy here the past week, but that's unusual for June. Next week is supposed to be in the low-mid 70's, so there might still be some time before the heat and humidity set in for the next few months. Chicago is great, and it's even better during the summer.
  25. According to Tom's blog, the scallops were provided by Allen Brothers:
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