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  1. I really, really disliked this movie. I blame George Lucas and his piece of crap story and all of the other nonsense he was probably responsible for. CGI monkeys? Really? Really?
  2. I think that's a bit harsh. The entrance is hardly maze-like. I've never asked for permission to take a break, and the staff is definitely not humorless (many of them are very engaging and I've had a lot of laughs with them). I'm wondering if some of the harsh assessments of Alinea here are based on visits soon after the restaurant opened. I've been fortunate to have eaten there 4 or 5 times since they opened, and the restaurant has definitely improved with age. In fact, as far as the food being too "molecular" or "chemistry-lab like", I would say things are actually toned down at Al
  3. Lots of things taste good. Donuts taste good, but they're not exalted as the vanguard of gastronomy. There's a place for everything, but if there has to be a hierarchy in cooking, I don't agree that MG should be at the top. If one treats food as high fashion one is effectively saying that a few years down the line that food is going to be outmoded. Good food has universal qualities, and just being the latest thing is clearly not a universal quality. Rather, being the latest thing is about selling magazines and books, and getting traffic to your blog. MG is an expression of food as a publi
  4. Have you eaten at Alinea recently?
  5. If it tastes good (and when it's done well, MG cooking does actually taste good), who cares what it's called. One person's fad is another person's evolution.
  6. Ha! You want potholes? Take a ride down Lake Shore Drive. I think some may be better described as sinkholes, or maybe trenches. I grew up in northeastern NJ and then went to college in St. Louis (which, IMO, is as much a southern city as it is a midwestern one). The biggest adjustment for me was the speed at which everything and everybody moved. I just couldn't believe how slow everything was. After college I moved up to Chicago where I've lived ever since. Now when I go back to NJ, I feel like they're the weird ones.
  7. Avenues in the Peninsula in Chicago has one.
  8. The Scottsdale thing fell through. Poli is coming back to Chicago and will be the Chef at Perennial. From Chicago Magazine's Dish newsletter:
  9. Since Poli left, that's no great loss. There are much, much better places in town.
  10. Richard is Richard Blais, formerly the chef at One Midtown Kitchen and Blais in Atlanta (which closed). IIRC, Blais was a very well regarded restaurant while it was open (about 6 months). I suspect "molecular gastronomy" is something that just wouldn't fly in Atlanta.
  11. I thought that Eight Days a Week was very silly. It kind of reminded me of one of those shows you would see at Six Flags. My prediction... Bottom 3: Ramiele David Hernandez Kristi Lee Cook Eliminated - Kristi Lee Cook
  12. I had one really great sushi experience at Okada (about a year ago) and one that was just ok (about 4 months ago). Haven't had sushi anywhere else on the strip though. What was "okay" about the second time? I hear Nobu's in town as well. Sushi Roku, anyone? When I have really good sushi (like Yasuda-level) I feel like the fish "pops". Hard to explain, but it just has a special taste/texture where you know it's great stuff. I got that the first time at Okada, but not the second. On the second trip the sushi was still better than most places here in Chicago, but that
  13. I had one really great sushi experience at Okada (about a year ago) and one that was just ok (about 4 months ago). Haven't had sushi anywhere else on the strip though.
  14. jesteinf

    Rock of Love

    The wife did some heavy Googling following the finale and from the looks of things, Bret is back with the mother of his kids and Jess seems to be in a relationship with some other guy.
  15. Pane Caldo is one of those places that is recommended only so often, but when it is, it always seems to be recommended with a good amount of enthusiasm. That being said, I can't seem to find any accounts of an actual meal eaten there. Well, time to fix that. Dinner at Pane Caldo with the in-laws last night was a real treat. The room was full, but for whatever reason this place has flown mostly below the radar of the online food world. I started with the roasted scallops, served in the shell with a really delicious provencale sauce. The scallops were cooked perfectly, and the sauce
  16. jesteinf

    Ssam Bar

    Again, Chicago. You can't escape pork belly in this city right now.
  17. jesteinf

    Ssam Bar

    I don't see why a place like this wouldn't work in Chicago.
  18. Sunset in Bora Bora from the deck of an overwater villa (taken on my honeymoon last week):
  19. I had a really enjoyable meal at Bonsoiree (a new restaurant in the old Savoy Truffle space) on Friday night. Although the menu only gives the options of 3 or 7 courses, our waiter let me and my dining companion know that there was also a 5 course menu available for $50. Although we would both have to choose the same items for our tasting menu, we decided to just go with it. We started with 2 appetizers, the gnocchi with rabbit and sage and the kampachi tartare. Like I said, the gnocchi was ridiculous. The past was perfectly light and airy, the rabbit tender and flavorful and a gorgeous s
  20. A bunch of friends and I were in Las Vegas for my bachelor party this weekend staying at the Wynn. This scene happened literally right in front of two of the guys that were there with us. Fantastic stuff.
  21. jesteinf

    Rock of Love

    I am shocked. SHOCKED! One of my favorite parts about this show is how everything, everything makes Brett horny. I mean, I was watching the whole motocross thing last night and when that one girl went flying off the bike I half expected him to say, "She took a pretty bad fall and we all thought that she might have been dead, but I gotta admit, it made me pretty hot". There has to be a drinking game in there somewhere.
  22. Honestly, that was pretty riveting to watch. Watching Johnny V's panic as he raced to get Scott back downstairs, followed by him reassuring the women that Scott was coming back, followed by the women (wisely) racing out of the house, with Johnny V chasing behind was both fascinating and a little hard to watch. This show is actually really good. Provides a nice balance with Rock of Love.
  23. Never been to Stripsteak, but the steak at Prime (in the Bellagio) was great when I was in Las Vegas in October.
  24. Hope this isn't too late nuxvomica, but I found Aigre Doux to be just ok (certainly not worth the hype). For lunch, I would either head down to Chinatown for dim sum, or hit either Nomi or the Ritz Carlton for their brunches. Both are excellent and have plenty of options beyond eggs.
  25. I'd suggest instead LTHForum.com I'll second that. Metromix is best used for finding dining deals on different days of the week. Avoid the reader reviews at all cost. lthforum.com is infinitely more valuable.
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