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  1. I can do vegan pasta, beans, rice. but the Asian stuff looks much lighter. I need to make more soups and broths. Daniel -- do you pickle vegetables?
  2. Sorry, I don’t look at the dinner thread often. ok, I looked at the dinner thread. (You fancy people call it “supper”.) can you start a vegan recipe thread? Damn.
  3. P’kahn Pie with cranberry chantilly cream.
  4. My wife is on the phone with a consultant discussing a trip to Disney World next October. She’s now describing the food the Devil eats and what movies he likes. I’m pretty sure when I was a kid, my parents just made a hotel reservation.
  5. Can you post more photos of what you’re eating?
  6. Daniel - I certainly agree that we can all survive very well without meat. There have been times when I switched to a plant based diet fir that reason - if I can live without killing, I should. I eat meat got somewhat selfish reasons I like it. It’s often easier. When I don’t eat meat I eat a lot of cheese a d nuts and I get even fatter. (Although at the moment that’s a bad excuse.). I tell myself that on the scale of things eating animals may be “bad,” but it’s not so bad. But, and I think I had a discussion about this with someone on egullet all those years ago, we all know that the me
  7. I'd recommend the book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human. (No, not the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.) It's main argument is that humans evolved to eat cooked food, because the act of processing/cooking food allows the nutrients to be more rapidly absorbed by the body. But the author has a pretty good explanation of why are bodies are quite different from our close herbivorous cousins. Daniel -- How's the Veganomicon?
  8. Anyone watching Flavorful Origins on Netflix? It's a Chinese production focusing on cuisines from different regions of China -- Chaoshan (season 1), Yunnan (2) and Gansu (3). Beautifully filmed. Most of the food is completely new to me.
  9. Wasn't there a thread? Oh well. Fartchitecture.
  10. The Passion of Joan of Arc and Vampyre are also excellent.
  11. I didn’t know you’re doing this for moral reasons. Te salud. I wish I had that self control. I have a hard enough time not killing people for moral reasons. What do you eat on an average day? How much time do you spend cooking? (Although I guess you usually have a lot of time to cook. And a kitchen to do it in which.)
  12. Who has been the most powerful force in US politics in the past 40 years? Rush Limbaugh? Rupert Murdoch? I mean, when these guys started, who knew how they would shape the minds of half The people in the country?
  13. Just finished The Queen's Gambit. My wife and I seem to be the only people who didn't like it. I read the book years ago, and enjoyed it. But I didn't understand some of the director's choices here. The janitor was filmed as if he were a serial killer. The mother's unhappiness is about as subtle as a kick in the face. And the overall pacing was dreadfully slow. It did get me to download a chess app for my morning commutes. The Right Stuff on Disney+. Pretty good so far. I don't really remember much from the movie, so I can't tell how it differs. Signs on Netflix. Polish mur
  14. I thought some of these were cute, but there seem to be a lot of these shows about lost young people amazed by fairly banal life experiences. (High Maintenance on HBO was better.) On the whole, Ramy's character was such a child I was annoyed by the whole thing. The idea that all those women would fall in love with him? Must be nice to be able to write your own love stories.
  15. Agreed. I couldn't get through it.
  16. Stone


    Made a batch of Bruno's peanut butter cookies recently. I used Demerara sugar instead of brown sugar, which ended up with a darker and chewier texture. The dulce de leche piece of this is pretty easy and that stuff is good.
  17. 15 years later, I tried again. This time using Bruno's recipe.* Much better result, but still not right. I was going for soft torrone, but the nougat was too soft -- more like a thick chewy marshmallow. I assume that I didn't get the sugar high enough. I used both digital and analog thermometers for the honey and the sugar syrup. Odd, the analog thermometers registered about 10-15 degrees below the digital. So, perhaps that's the simple answer. (But when I tested them all in boiling water, they all registered at 212* on the dot.) And I didn't have rice paper (thus, all the corn star
  18. Stone


    Don't know. The website is still up. I haven't seen any other reports in the press. But I went by again yesterday and there's a big sign in the window. I'm surprised no one seems to have noticed.
  19. Stone


    Yeah. Sign on the window said restaurant space available.
  20. I use ghee. Teflon kills.
  21. Stone


    mines better. Meks’ babka is made in the same Albany factory that makes Katz’ pastrami in an old asylum swimming pool filled with brine. got apples at Wightmans. Fun times. The boy likes corn mazes. (Which is kind of redundant. Corn. Maze. Maize. Get it?)
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