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  1. Peach, apple, raisin Added a few tablespoons of almond meal to the peach mixture and flatbed the apple mixture with amaretto then mixed them together.
  2. Stone


    First try. Second try. Recipe from The Perfect Loaf
  3. Much better. Cooked some scrambled eggs in a little ghee. No sticking.
  4. I don’t know. From my research, I think I’m going to scour it down and re-season.
  5. Seriously? How do I do that?
  6. So, one of my pans has a mottled look and is decidedly not non-stick. throw it out and get a new one?
  7. Stone


    Sourdough pretzels “rustica.” Not pretty, but surprisingly good.
  8. Here's the recipe: https://brunoalbouze.com/recipe/countryside-apple-pie/ (Although when Bruno recently redid his website, he seems to have dropped some of the steps. Check out the video.) Yes, the apples are cut in a large dice, cooked on the stovetop for about 5-10 minutes with butter, raisons, rum and brown sugar. Then baked in a custard. The "creamy" look is from an egg white/sugar/butter glaze put on in the last 10 minutes.
  9. I know I made some, about 15 years ago. But I can’t find the recipe. I thought I posted about it here, but can’t find the posts. oh well. I went Apple picking this weekend, and have about 30 pounds of apples. Anyone have a good Apple butter recipe? i already made this tart.
  10. One of the best shows on tv. Sadly, Covid is pushing off the current season. Dark (Netflix): Re-watching seasons 1 & 2 to get ready for 3. Still one of the best shows I've seen in a long time. Terrific production. Bojack Horseman: Eh. A friend said it's one of her favorite shows, and at times brought her to tears. I'm not as enthralled. I do appreciate the creativity that goes into it. Fauda Season 3: Very good. Umbrella Academy Season 2: Not as fun as Season 1, but still pretty good. Marcella Season 3: A bit over the top, but still kind of fun. Bor
  11. Yeah, he's my new hero. His first 10 minutes was fascinating. The rest was also pretty awesome. Makes me feel that I've wasted my life.
  12. I tested positive for antibodies twice back in July. I don't recall being particularly sick, although there were a few days in March that I felt feverish and coughed about 5 times. The wife tested negative. The boy had a negative Covid test two weeks ago after waking up with a 103 fever. I almost got in a discussion with a "no worse than the flu" person on the Facebooks. 175,000 dead in 6 months, 1,000 dead a day and people still say it's no worse than the flu. Mind-boggling. By the way, anyone listen to This Week in Virology? https://www.microbe.tv/twiv/twiv-655/ Great s
  13. I'm not sure to whom this is directed towards.
  14. The last couple of times I blind baked a tart shell using plastic wrap to hold my beans, the wrap melted into the beans. I've been doing this for years, and never had this problem before. I've tried doubling it and using larger pieces wadded up on top. Should I be looking for a particular type of plastic wrap? I could use parchment paper, but I hate parchment paper.
  15. Too much sun? Too hot? Too much water? My neighbor’s plants are beautiful. do folks feee their herbs? I don’t know why all my pics get rotated.
  16. They got bigger! There's pollen/dust on the caps. Gills underneath.
  17. I don’t really want to eat them. I’m a little concerned about them touching the herbs I want to eat. Or just touching th and throwing them away.
  18. I’ve got some stray mushrooms growing in my herb pits on my balcony. is there any risk that they’re poisonous?
  19. Stone

    Super Duper

    There's a Mom who keeps using super when talking to her kid. "This is super yummy." "You're super tired." "That's super dangerous." I keep muttering "very". It's like "ton." Someone says, "let's go. we don't have a ton of time." "Of course not, ton is a unit of weight, not duration." "We got a ton of strawberries at the market." "Really, where will you put them all?"
  20. Stone

    Super Duper

    Has super always been used for “very?” I’m super hungry. We’re super late. He’s super good. I’m super angry. This is super fast. what happened to “very”? Or even “really”?
  21. We’re staying at an Air bnb in Dutchess county and the knives are so dull I almost brought them to Warren Cutlery to have them sharpened. But they had a wustoff sharpener. I tried it. It didn’t do anything.
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