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  1. I know this is a tough category. I've had some stuff that tasted really bad, usually because I didn't realize I wouldn't like something. Or dining experiences where the restaurant just fucked up. I went for lunch to Cafe Boun Gusto. There are a bunch of them -- they offer a choice of pasta types next to a list of sauces and you can mix and match. They also have regular pasta dishes and meats. I order the orechiette with sausage and broccoli rabe. It was basically over-cooked orechiette, completely flavorless sausage, and a few limp pieces of rabe. But the amazing thing was that
  2. Stone


    Waht also suprises me is that I eat at the bar all the time, usually get served by that bartender, have conversations with him, yet he never remembers me. (Yes, my feelings are hurt.) As for the food at Otto -- The pizzas are much better than when I first went, but still not worth the money or the stomach space. Some of the combinations are very good, but nothing special. I didn't like the guanciale (sp?) at all -- it was too funky for me. And when they brought the tallegio/porcini pizza through the dining room, everyone cringed. Good cheese does smell like happy underpants. Cooked g
  3. Stone


    Can we discuss Otto other than gelati in this thread? So last week I'm going to meet a lady friend at the bar at Otto. If you don't know the bar, it's really beautiful. It's a very long marble bar running along the back wall of the entrance room. At the left end, in the corner of the room, the bar curves and terminates at the back wall (if you're looking down from above, it would look like a "J"). There are about four stools along the bottom of the "J". The closest to the wall is pretty much behind the wine cubbies. The other wall is just behind. So here's the scene. There's fou
  4. Maybe I misunderstand you, but I didn't see this movie as white men saving the natives from themselves. i saw it as "white men bad" corrupting idealistic nobel society. White man learn culture from the native but it's too late.
  5. Actually, I thought this might be a decent place to have an intelligent discussion about the film since I know there are a lot of intelligent and fairly well-rounded folk here.
  6. My first thought about this movie is simply how bad it is. It's a bad movie. Put aside religion. It's a bad, poorly made, self-indulgent, self-important, bad movie. The opening scenes. The Agony in the Garden? How bout the Agony in the Aisles? Mel's own martyrdom, his over blown production at its worst. The plodding use of slo-mo, the swelling music, birds flying. Christ (if I may), it was painful. Another thing I've noticed about the direction of "actors-turned-directors" is that they can do BIG scenes, but they can't direct people in small scenes. Most of the times the plot
  7. I was suprised how many people didn't realize this movie was Dances With Samurai. However, I still enjoyed it. I thought the sets and scenery were beautiful. Ken Watanabe was terrific. yes, the story was stunted, unsubtle and the "love" story between Cruise and the widow of the man he killed was absurd.
  8. Stone

    My Band (rock)

    That's pretty good.
  9. Stone

    Last Episodes

    The last episode of Friends is coming this Thursday. I don't expect much from it. I admit that I used to love the show, but the last few years have gone down hill -- jumped the shark if you will. But on the whole, it seems to me that last episodes of popular shows rarely live up to expectations. Of course, it's only important when the show goes out on top. For instance: Seinfeld: Terrible. The weeks before the last episode they ran retrospectives, yet the last episode was more of the same. And a stupid premise that made explicit what was funny only because it was implicit -- that t
  10. There's a new oh so trendy dark bar on Charles Street in the West Village called Hue. What disappointed me was not the bar, but that it is in the space that was occupied by one of the kitshiest, o.k., tackiest places in town. But I cant' remember the name. Help me. It was Italian. I think it was called La Fontina. There's a small bar/seating area on the entrance level, then you walk downstairs to a large room that was done up in wonderfully awful Italian trash. With a fountain. O.k. food. But fun. What was it called?
  11. Stone

    Bar Masa

    Someone was wrong. Most of it is frozen, but certainly not all - think about uni, oyster, surf clam, etc. You're right about the bivalves, of course, and I guess uni and anything else that's delivered alive. But tuna, salmon, mackeral, etc. . . .
  12. Stone

    Bar Masa

    My understanding is that all sushi in America has been frozen or at least heavily iced. Someone told me its an FDA requirement.
  13. Stone


    I was there last weekend. It was pretty good. much better flavors than the usual Indian food. But with any vegetarian meal, it leaves a little to be desired.
  14. O.k., you know the episode that starts with Captain Winters running alone across the field to start shooting at a bunch of Germans, with the rest of the platoon following a few minutes behind him -- after he starts shooting? Can someone explain the thinking behind that? He runs up, alone, and starts shooting -- alerting the Germans that they're coming? So the Germans are ready when the rest of the guys get there? (And, of course, 50 German SS and not one of them can shoot this one guy, standing alone on a berm?)
  15. Stone


    I loved these books. Didn't the BBC do their usual piss-poor production of Hitchhiker back in the 80s?
  16. Stone

    Blue Smoke

    Even if someone else were paying, I'd try to find better BBQ. I found Blue Smoke to be non-offensive. Great form, not enough substance. For example, the ribs were some of the meatiest, most tender I've had. But their flavor, while not bland, was not near what I expect from bbq. The pulled pork was minced -- not good.
  17. Stone

    Il Buco

    I concur. The food was good, with few actual flaws (such as the overly salty salt-cod). But it lacked excitement. I found the room to be very pleasant, although the hard wood chairs were a tad uncomfortable by the end of the meal.
  18. I hopped on the wagon for a month back in 2001. And started exercising. I lost about 20 pounds. It wasn't worth it. Actually, it wasn't such a big deal. The hardest part was explaining to people why I wasn't having a beer or a glass of wine with dinner. And, of course, staying sober and facing reality kind of sucked. And when I wasn't drinking, the women I was with felt uncomfortable, so they didn't drink. Which meant that I didn't get laid much. And I woke up earlier, feeling all "fresh" and "rested". Which ain't all it's cracked up to be. I believe I joined eGullet soon the
  19. I'd second Ron's hot water/salt scour treatment. And it works wonders for exfoliating the buttocks. I always worry about how I'm treated my cast-iron skillet. After I finish cooking my steak, I'm more keen on eating than cleaning. So I usually leave the skillet on the stove. I try to reheat it to loosen the fat before a quick scrub under hot water, but I usualy have some chunkies stuck on the surface.
  20. I've started re-reading Constantine's Sword, an amazing book about the history of the Church and the Jews. That got me reading the New Testament, to see what all the hubub was about. (has anyone considered the fact that Mark, et al., knew what the prophesies were and just made the stuff up? I mean, George Washington didn't really chop down the cherry tree.) I'm also just beginning Desirable Daughters, 'cause I love South Asian authorss.
  21. it is amazing the terrible things some restaurants do to avacados. Purees guacamole has got to be one of the worst. And adding ridiculous amounts of salsa (which I think is completely unnecesary anyway) to mask the fresh flavor of the avacados. i think guac should be very spartan. roughly chopped, slightly mashed avacadoes, lime juice, S&P, chopped onion and tomato and cilantro. Maybe a good dash of cumin. but that about it.
  22. Ranitidine: Thanks for making my job a little better!
  23. I loved LiT when I saw it in the theater. I almost choked during the treadmill scene. But, then again, I was far from sober. I rented last weekend. A dreadful movie for sitting home alone sick on a Friday night. (I.e., sober.)
  24. Stone


    I didn't think Amma lived up to Diwan either. But it was still damn good. The portions were much smaller at Amma. And the chops weren't nearly as good. At Diwan, our table of 9 received three plates of huge, moist, tender and delicious chops. The chops we got at Amma were small and almost an afterthought. I did think the sommelier at Amma was terrific. He selected some great wines for us.
  25. Where do you guys live? I'm at 8th and B-Way.
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