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  1. also has anyone been to Michel Rostang in years? Heard anything?
  2. Heading back in 2 weeks for my birthday. We're only going to be in town 2 nights. The first will be casual at Ver Jus wine bar. Saturday (bday) we planned on Chateaubriand- called upon their opening today (2 weeks) only to be told they are already booked. GRRRRRRRRRR!! Suggestions for a semi-fancy, modern French place for a party of 6 on a Sat night that still might be taking ressies?
  3. I've got some recent good cocktail info from my last two visits here: http://luggagetag.blogspot.com/2012/08/bon-appetite-sante-paris-part-une.html http://luggagetag.blogspot.com/2012/09/bon-appetite-paris-sante-paris-part-deux.html My favorite right now is probably Candalaria and Conserverie
  4. We are heading there tomorrow night, I'll report back!
  5. in August I had a very good lunch at Saturne, good but both my dishes needed a bit of salt. Still I'd go back. I also had a fantastic dinner at Comptoir du Relais. Stunning. Have loved Frenchie Wine Bar. If you are in the area and in need of a quick nosh the tacos at Candalaria are surprisingly good. Heading back to Paris for my birthday in Dec. Looking forward to ongoing reviews so I can choose a great dinner. Thinking Vivant? Sola? Yam'tcha?
  6. I haven't been to the Skillet Diner yet and was thinking of going this weekend with some friends. I know it got some meh reviews at first (but so did Poppy which is now a favorite of mine). Has anyone been recently? Also I can't tell from their website if they take reservations?
  7. Hello! Last month on our way to and from Punta Cana we did two overnights in Miami. We decided to stay on the Biscayne Bay side which was perfect (as we were already spending a week on a beach). one night at the Hotel InterContinental and one night at the Kimpton Epic. We ate at the Yardbird which I loved. We don't get a lot of true southern food in Seattle so the delicious fried green tomatoes, cheddar waffle with chow chow and fried chicken were welcome treats. Oh and they have a lot of Bourbon. We also ate at Ole! which a friend suggested. Although I found the location and dining r
  8. Hi BOM'ers! I'm doing social media for Seattle City Search and just posted asking about the area's best cheeseburgers. Who knows better than you all?? I'd love it if you'd chime in with your opinions CitySearchSeattle Many thanks in advance!!
  9. We drink a lot of blueberry caprihaina's (sp) in the summer. I also love blueberry handpies- make them up and keep them in the freezer (like poptarts) and then just stick them in the toaster when needed. And speaking of freezing I always try to freeze a bunch- loose on a sheet pan and then pop them into ziplock bags. Then you can use them in the winter for pies, muffins, pancakes and yogurt toppings when all that is in season are apples
  10. lunch also booked at Saturne. Yam'tcha is closed during that time - boo/hiss Also if anyone is going to be in town Aug 19-22 I'd love to meet up!
  11. I recently found myself in their bar, a sweet and sticky cocktail menu mess of sorts. But good to know that the food is better. It is a pretty place
  12. Sola is opened near the end of August. So is Saturne. I believe Mini Palais is open all August, though I have heard not so great recent reports. Agape Substance was my favorite last year, especially my dinner there in May (even better than my July dinner). Thanks Nancy, we have lunch booked at Mini so I will report back. my friend really wants to try it, fingers crossed. I'm going to check on those others right now!
  13. Tighe, we are very excited about it, and yes you really need to get up there for a 'regular' dinner- if they can be called that!
  14. Is there really no thread here on Willows Inn? We had an amazing dinner there last year and are heading back next week for the First Harvest Dinner, wondered if anyone else will be there on Thurs?
  15. It's that time of year again, when I travel to Paris in search of delicious places open in Aug! We are hoping that Yam'tcha, Mini Palais, Sola and Apicius will be open, waiting to hear back. What else is hot and worth seeking out this time around. I have to say that Agape Substance is still one of my favs from last year!
  16. Me!! Is it that color?? I'm totally interested in this!
  17. Mezcaleria is open and it's delish! The space is really great with a lot of front of the house being given to the bar. Big communal table in the back as well as 2 and 4 tops. Some La Carta menu items are there but lots of new stuff including a smoky goat. and of course a good selections of mezcal. too bad it's not open for lunch as I see this being insanely busy and doubt I'll get in again for months!
  18. just starting to poke around for info on an upcoming trip to Boston so this is all great info, thanks so much for all the recent posts!
  19. this was one of my fav places in London recently. we went for a 3 course lunch and it was fantastic!!! strange there were only 4 tables occupied at lunch. thanks for the head's up on this Nancy!
  20. Brugge was lovely! The churches, cobblestones, canals and beer were all very very lovely. We ate at Den Dyver on a friend's rec which honestly was just ok. The beer pairings were excellent but the food was meh We had a good but expensive meal at Christophe's (because it was the only bistro that served past 10pm) and a great lunch of mussels in a little cafe across from the Halve Maan brewery. Also a very good fish soup at Cambrinus which serves a hell of a lot of beers too!
  21. Additionally we at at Hix (on Brewery) and Hawksmore Spitafield and thought both were great. Hix has an amazing bar downstairs and has some very interesting game on the menu (Squeaker). Hawksmore's porterhouse steak had excellent flavor and the sides (mac & cheese) were delish. Also a very impressive cocktail menu. The Golden Hind for fish and chips was good, not the best IMHO and we preferred the haddock to the cod.
  22. We had a very nice dinner at Pied Au Terre the other night. Fantastic service, really lovely staff The tasting menu was 95£ and we each had the wine pairing- I had the classic and TDoW had the modern (can't remember what they called it). Each dish was very very good with the foie gras with smoked eel consume being my favorite. Wines were extremely well paired and the somm was nice to let me guess the pours and spend time talking about them. They knew it was our anniversary and had little notes on our dessert dish- old fashion but still sweet. And upon asking we were presented wit
  23. yes I had read that one, thanks! it just has the one rec for Brugge. Not interested in the kid stuff but we will probably do the chocolate museum for kicks
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