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  1. We went and it's a fantastic space!! I'm looking forward to having a full meal there (and starting with some oysters at Walrus!)
  2. and right next door Staple & Fancy opens officially on Sunday night!
  3. Ballard Market usually carries them in the bulk bin, I just buy what I need which saves me lots. Might want to check there.
  4. Sorry about the delay and thanks for the reminder! We had a wonderful dinner at Le Vivier last month. Everything about it was charming! The resto itself sits right on the Sorgue and as the weather was gorgeous the group of 11 of us had a large table outside on the patio with the river running in front of us. The decor is minimalistic white with splashes of orange and cute little orange fish making their appearance here and there (wind up fish in the clear ice buckets, fish on the tile in the bathroom). The service could not have been nicer. We never saw a menu but instead just asked them
  5. Cool, thanks! And happy birthday to Dayne... and to you!!!
  6. I thought I wrote up something on it as we went right after it opened with a small group. We loved it and I need to get back. Especially the potato souffles....ah! It's not fancy or dramatically different than other really good bistro food but I love that Thierry is doing something casual and I loved the open kitchen, wood fired oven, homemade pasta, even the cocktails were nice. I'd say for me the problem is that it's not in my hood, were I close I could see myself there as often as I'm at Bastille (& it's just as noisy)
  7. we are dining at Le Vivier next week!
  8. damn it we leave for France that day!!! we miss meeting you again!!
  9. from the Thundering Hooves site: Pork Back Fat 5.0 lbs. $10.00 Our pork back fat typically comes in 5 lb. packages. ($2 per pound) - (Variety Meats) Pork Leaf Fat 1.0 lb. $2.00 Pork leaf fat is the drier fat surrounding the kidneys on a pig. It would be called "kidney fat" on a cow. Sold for $2 per pound, it comes in 1 lb. packages. (variety meats) Didn't see skin but you can email them if you ever use them
  10. haven't been to any of these but Unicorn bar is serving brunch with items like Rooster fried steak (Siracha) and Breakfast Poutine. MistralKitchen is offering things like brioche french toast and steak & eggs. Del Rey is in the game with Angry Maria cocktails and mexican offerings, huevos rancheros, eggs in bacon cups.
  11. oh I LOVE oysters, raw though! Finished my week of "The Herbal Kitchen" with Lavender Ginger Mai Tais (awesome) and Onion Rosemary Foccacia Bread (also super tasty) to go with roasted chicken and sausages with sage (not in the book) and a green salad
  12. just an fyi Union doesn't close until the 29th
  13. Shaya I hear this a lot at my Holiday parties which have a mix of our friends, most who don't cook. I also think it's sad that so many people buy everything processed and packaged. I look at what my friends are feeding their kids sometimes and seriously cringe. By the way I'm just stalking around here, desperate to have a dinner party, as my front porch is being rebuilt so there is no proper entry right now. I can't wait to have people over again!!!
  14. Steve I buy 3lb chickens from my farmers, can you ask for smaller chickens? More "Herbal Kitchen" last night. Started with the Shiso Crab Cocktail. This is simple yet delicious!!! I will serve this at a dinner party for sure Next was Tarragon Oyster Stew which was quite good but I realized I don't really like oyster stew ( I seem to only like my oysters raw)
  15. So we went to Luc last night with 3 other couples and everyone just had a blast! It's a great little place, bustling for sure. Loud Loud Loud and of course there were some waits as the kitchen and floor staff still work out their dance. But everyone raved, the prices are screaming low and the vibe is upbeat and fun. We were seated in the back of the restaurant right in front of the semi open kitchen. At the pass are stools so you can eat and watch. You can also sit/eat up at the bar. Tables and booths fill the space but for whatever reason we felt the back of the restaurant seemed more co
  16. I actually hadn't heard about brasa until this morning farewell
  17. Last night dayne made the clams w/ chilis & bacon. It was good, maybe not wow but very good Tonight I did the quick fettuccine with fine herbs. This just seemed very boring to me. My ricotta didn't get as creamy as I expected. Also made the tarragon ice & melon balls Again these are out of "the herbal kitchen"
  18. Dayne & I are and will be blogging on our site. Will you be there?
  19. All this week I'm cooking from "The Herbal Kitchen" for no other reason than I haven't done much out of it but what I've done has been great. First up last night was grilled hanger steak in a marinade of rosemary, lemon, soy sauce. crazy good! and asparagus in a frothy lemon tarragon sauce. also delish and much easier than a holladaise.
  20. Shaya- DAMN GIRL!! that all looks awesome!! oh lobster, how I love you!! I made an easy broccoli quiche with gruyere and sharp white cheddar last night served with a big green salad. Not Keller style but this one only took 2 hours including the crust!
  21. campagne's news letter says they are doing a super burger with foie on it...
  22. are you planning to tour around any? we will be basing out of Antibes next month. I dont know if we will get as far as Marseilles, but we are definitely going to Bandol. We are just going to hang in Marseilles before traveling up to a little town just east of Avignon for a week stay, from there we will tour around a bit!
  23. we are heading to Marseille next month so if there is any new info out there I'd love it!
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