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  1. [guest wine review by little MR foodie] We picked up the Melange at Whole Foods ($12.99 IIRC) and opened it tonight to have with some parmesan chicken and noodles. I decanted it for ~30 minutes prior to drinking -- don't always do that with most wines, but based on prior experience felt that it could use the help. The wine was pretty jammy and not particularly smooth. It's fine, and should definitely be enjoyed w/ food as opposed to on its own, but not fantastic. I got some cheese overtones, but may have been influenced by the chicken on the plate in front of me I think overall the M
  2. We just took the cakes out of the oven. Damn it smells good in this house. I just hope it tastes as good. Picked up a few bottles of stickies for those that enjoy (me!) and we will be bringing our mandoline for the 101 also. We used it for the first time tonight and it worked great! So we don't need to bring plates for the dessert??? Tam is it gorgonzola?? I thought Lampria did a Pecorino and truffle honey?? We've never been though..........
  3. Dayne and I will be there with the Apple cake. We will also be bringing a few bottles of dessert wine to go with the cake. We will probably come around 5ish and can help out with any prep work. The cake will just need to be plated so you can put us to work on other things if you like. We would also like to offer some $$ towards some of the items that are a bit spendy. I mean I am getting foie gras for apple cake!!!
  4. It really is a great school. I had a great time at the Cassoulet class and am looking forward to doing more. I'd love to get into the French series but am already signed up for some other classes elsewhere, maybe next time.
  5. I saw a blurb about it on the news.....looked like there was much pampering, shopping, eating and drinking.
  6. I thought I would start a thread where we can announce and keep up to date on various restaurant events/promotions/etc. that are going on. To start off Serafina has a winemakers dinner with Betz coming up on March 16th. The menu sounds great! Antipasti Kusshi oysters on the half shell Gougeres with prosciutto and pickled onion Crostoni Vermentino Antinori 2003 Primi Smoked duck breast with green lentils Betz Syrah La Serenne 2003 La Côte Rousse 2003 Braised oxtail with root vegetables Betz Barrel Samples Secondo Grilled lamb loin with
  7. I'd love it if we could do it as a tasting but whatever works for the whole group is fine!
  8. Anita, the pictures are really great. Dayne and I have our fingers crossed that we will be eating there in May. Thanks for sharing!
  9. mmmm... yum.... More details please. It was served in a cute little staub pot, melted cheese (I think it was swiss in variety) with big chunks of crab meat. thick flatbread toasts with olives baked in them were provided for dipping. Go and try it!!!
  10. I've never even heard of that, it sounds fun! and a chance to see TD's new space. Are you going??
  11. Pancho Villa on Lake City is also a sit down restaurant. Della and I went looking for it a few months ago and had a good lunch, we thought it was suppose to be a taco truck too!
  12. We'll be out of town for this one but I will expect a round 2 on a future date!!
  13. Dinner last night at Lark with some friends. Another great meal, this is the 4th time I've been. I love that everytime we go there are a few standards but always new and interesting things on the menu. Last night we had Dungeness Crab Fondue, polenta intagrale, duck proscuitto (made in house, I checked), rosti potato with clabber cream, braised shortribs, cheese plate and desserts- vahlrona chocolate pot du creme was the winner, followed by chocolate madelines with dipping sauce, armnac bread pudding and quince tart tatin. the four of us all shared the dishes, generally giving eveyone
  14. My office is in Pioneer Square so I'm always up for lunch downtown!!!
  15. Dayne and I would love to participate. We are interested in making the cake, is that cool?? edited to say that I am using the cook together as an excuse to buy a nice japanese ceramic blade slicer!
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