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  1. If you pay, I'll drive!
  2. I'm with Rohan on location, if I were a tourist I would stay in the Eixample. Barcelona is small enough such that you can walk from the Eixample to the Barri Gotic or the Raval (where the MACBA is) in 15-20 minutes (and it's a NICE walk too). And if you don't like walking, buses are a terrific to see the city. Foodwise I would not miss Dos Palillos, one of the best places that have sprung up in the city in the past 5 years or so, again, IMHO.
  3. I had no idea that area uptown ( I have no idea what the nomenclature is, but away from the water) from El Born but still in the old town had a name. That is Sant Pere, straight "uptown" from El Borne and between Via Laietana and Parc de la Ciutadella. Not a beautiful area either, IMHO.
  4. Again, the neighborhood around this bar has been entirely prettified. The bar still stands; it was closed - perhaps for vacation, but I'm worried it might be a permanent closure. Pastis is still open, or was a couple of month ago when a friend had a show there. Probably on vacation (I hope).
  5. all of these need reservations: Rias de Galicia Abac Hisop Sauc Cinc Sentits Artkuisine Gresca Coure El Glop I don't know what Ateneu Gastronomic is. And I don't think El Glop is in the same category as the others you mention. Paco Meralgo you need a reservation, but they are weird about them. You can be there early on a slow day (ie Tue-Thur) and will get seated almost for sure, or after a short wait. But by all means give it a try with the resv if you end up going there.
  6. I agree, Paco Meralgo is suffering from the same type of hype Cal Pep does (ok, not the same: Paco Meralgo is actually a nice place to eat). When I recommend it I describe it as, indeed, a great Sunday spot, but not in the same league as other, much better places. They are proficient at preparing the type of dishes they offer, they have good ingredients, it's fairly well located and, above all, the Sunday-factor(but only if you arrive early and/or get a reservation). The group managing it has 2 or 3 more restaurants, one of which I've visited several times lately (Vinya Roel, a few bloc
  7. I've been with my 6-yr-o to Abac, Cinc Sentits, TapaƧ 24 and Paco Meralgo (this last one many times, since it's one of our favorites for Sunday evening). I think Spain is generally more open to kids in restaurants than say the US or the UK. Perhaps the only one which might make your kid feel uncomfortable is Quimet i Quimet: small room, very crowded, no seats.
  8. Abac is possibly the most formal of them all. Keep in mind though that dining in Spain is a very informal affair. A nice shirt and slacks are enough.
  9. If you won't get to all, then let me recommend you skip Elkano, El Glop, Cata 181, Inopia, La Clara and Lonja de Tapas. While good, not part of any "top 5" list. I think the remainder is a good list to start with. Rias de Galicia Abac Hisop Sauc Alkimia Paco Meralgo TapaƧ24 Cinc Sentits Quimet y Quimet From the Encantadisimo list (the one Orik linked to), I would highly recommend Gresca, Coure and Artkuisine, in that order.
  10. Encantadisimo's pictures... it's a pity he stopped blogging, he had good reviews on many new and up and coming restaurants. Never heard of it.
  11. If you need a character witness to defend your position, just give me a call. I think it's one of the sanest (is that a word?) suggestions I've heard in quite a while!
  12. Bearing in mind that you are using the train - Sant Pau is worth the 40 min beautiful trip. Also, depending on how long your visit is, consider jumping on a train to Girona to go to Can Roca. ditto on Can Roca.
  13. Great pic! I like Sauc. I think there's a "cluster" of restaurants in the city that are all quite good, in the same price bracket, and IMHO hard to tell appart quality-wise. There's not one that stands out, I think. The list includes Alkimia, Colibri, Sauc, Hisop, Cinc Sentits, etc. Generally speaking it's hard to go wrong with any of these, but then again hard to recommend one over the others solely based on quality. Above this bracket you have the "hotel" bracket: Drolma, Lasarte, Abac, etc. They are generally more expensive. I personally like Abac and Lasarte quite a bit. Th
  14. Gresca, Lasarte, Artkuisine, Coure, Colibri. Bear in mind also that Abac has moved to Av. Tibidabo. Also, if you have a car (how are you getting to Can Fabes, train?) you might want to consider some of the options outside the city proper: Hispania, Els Casals, Can Jubany, etc.
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