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  1. second Argie goal, according to the Guardian Today is one of those days (few and far apart) where one feels good about being an Argie. Vamos Argentina, Carajo!
  2. I'm in. Does goal count count? (count count count), or just final result (ie won/lost)?
  3. Which was quite surprising, since he ate there in February if I'm not mistaken and raved about it, and Pedro (eG) and I ate there in December. Two months a world apart in terms of *** experience. And it's not that we hit an off-night where execution problems existed. Clearly Carme Ruscalleda and her team are close to technical perfection, but the dishes were not inspiring at all, and for the life of me, a couple of weeks later I couldn't even remember one dish we had that night. Then when SP posted the meal he had had, there was almost no overlap in the dishes we had with the ones they had
  4. Cabrales, I ate at Sant Pau in December and wasn't impressed. Can Fabes is always a good option, although I've been hearing mixed reviews lately. I would by all means try to get a reservation at El Celler de Can Roca (**) in Girona, definitely a must go if you are in the area. Then, among a larger list, a few interesting options which have been getting interesting comments are Mas Pau(*) close to Figueres, Can Jubany (*) close to Vic, and L'Esguard (*) in Sant Andreu the Llavaneres. Someone on eG recently told me Hisop was open in August, have you checked with them directly? Also do try
  5. Hisop: one of my favorites value for money restaurants in Barcelona (the other two are probably Coure, accross the street from Hisop, and Cinc Sentits). Jean-Luc Figueras: never been, but I've heard good things about it. A friend of mine worked at their kitchen for a while and was pretty impressed. edit: when I say value for money I imply their degustation menu. If you go a la carte, Hisop is not so much of a bargain anymore (Coure still probably is, Cinc Sentis I haven't been there in a while so not sure what their carte looks like).
  6. never been, heard it's not bad, but given the (large) list of interesting places, it's not high on my priority list, and I'm not sure why it should be for someone visiting Barcelona for a short period of time.
  7. had to delete myself because of unusual amount of nonsense.
  8. Those Campers' food balls are atrocious. Several stalls in the Boqueria sell Percebes (not sure about seasonality). Check mainly the seafood stalls in the circle around the "inner" fish stalls, but don't remember seeing them served in any of the market bars, but couldn't say for sure they won't have them. Rias de Galicia is what it is, a good Galician Restaurant. Pedro from eG and I went to Sant Pau in December and it was not memorable at all. You're better of driving a bit further to Girona and eating at El Celler De Can Roca. While you're at it, you might as well give Rafa
  9. cabbie, which ones would you classify as unusual?
  10. Kiku, my question really was aimed at why are these two there's-a-million-like-it tapas bars highlighted in a guide.
  11. what/where the hell are La Cupula and Bar Celta?
  12. If I'm not mistaken, not all tables get the same dishes. Also, if you've been before and they know it (ie reservation under your name in previous years), they'll try to avoid repeating dishes. So it is, in a way, somewhat personalized.
  13. They'll probably like it, something that might go against your a-priori hateness values. Let me take the second table instead, and I promise to hate it as much as you do. I didn't like it that much last year, and I can make an effort to dislike it even more.
  14. According to tvguide.com, Fox Sports is not showing it, but GOLTV is (premium package). I have Comcast and will probably be able to order it for $25 or so. bastards. i just paid comcast more than $300--our nba package plus some usc pay-per-view--and so i don't think i can justify it. will just have to refresh scores online a lot. For 5 euros a goal I'll PM you everytime someone scores.
  15. so if I convert, will I be a better, dumber dancer?
  16. Speaking of which, what is the appropriate response to the comment "but you don't look Jewish"? usually preceded by "Really?", or "Are you joking?".
  17. I was underwhelmed by Alkimia (see here). But I'd tentatively mention Espai Sucre, which is fairly unique. I had to choose between Cremeria Toscana and Jamonissimo, so didn't get the icecream Next time. you chose wisely . I'm taking a pastry course at Espai Sucre at the moment, but haven't had the chance to eat at their restaurant yet. Hopefully I will, soon.
  18. Although I've been there only once, Alkimia would possibly be on my over-hyped list. The service is plain horrible and the food, while good, is in my opinion pretentious. In an intent to marry traditional dishes with modern techniques (it seems everyone these days wants to cook traditional and follow Adria), the food ends up being an intellectual game which is not here nor there. Moreover, I find that some of the product pairings (the guy is obsessed with chocolate it seems) just don't work.
  19. I recently posted this list on eG: I would add to the over hype: 7. Pinotxo @ La Boqueria. don't go to Pinotxo as a destination. The market itself is a destination, and there are several good bars in it, such as El Quim. Pinotxo is over hyped.
  20. Bogavante in Spanish, Llamantol in Catalan. According to Davidson, Homarus Gammarus. I would think Roca get's most of his stuff locally, possibly at the fish market in Roses.
  21. Actually SD, come to think of it I think it's described on the menu as "Lobster Bisque". although it is much thicker than a traditional bisque-more like a puree or a cream well, a veloute is technically speaking a thickened stock of some kind, no? usually chicken/fish stock + roux, I think, although I doubt Roca uses straight roux for it .
  22. Red Mullet with Orange Sauce, White Asparagus and Cardomom Mousseline Soup of Comte and Onion Lobster Cream with Mint Foam, Mint "Jewels" and Chocolate (as per above) Oloroso Ice Cream, rich Coffee Syrup, Ginger Biscuit and Chocolate Thanks Tuckerman for the correction on the veloute. I had the Comte Soup and the Red Mullet as well, both were excellent.
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