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  1. I live in Barcelona, so I just drove to Girona and back (after the full menu and several bottles of cava and wine, driving back was no walk in the park, I must say...). The menu is highly seasonal, so not sure you'll find the same dishes. I think the most memorable thing was the meal in itself, ie each and every one of the dishes was remarkable, there wasn't one I didn't like. But to the point, if I had to name 3 or 4 dishes (apologies if the translations are awful, I got the menu in Spanish): - the foie gras turron. - the seafood (crustaceans according to the menu) veloute with cacao an
  2. I had this same discussion with a friend not long ago. We both concluded we would rather go back to CR before going back to eB
  3. Consensus seem to indicate that the Roca brothers stamped their name on the restaurant's brand and not much more. While the menu offers dishes from El Celler's previous years, execution is nowhere near. On the flip side, I find El Celler de Can Roca one of the best and most interesting places to eat around here these days.
  4. I must have walked past Mam i Teca a thousand times, but I've never actually tried it. I think it's owned by the same people as Restaurant Es also in the Raval, which started as good value place with decent food, but it's been going steadily down-hill since. For what I've seen/heard , half of the kitchen staff leaves/gets fired every two months or so. Someone over at eG stayed at casa camper and reported it being just ok, nothing out of the ordinary and a bit expensive at that. The food balls are just awful. My wife, for some strange reason, actually likes them.
  5. Thanks K, missed it on account of getting into this thread too late. Next time you're around, try Quimet i Quimet (I've plugged this place over and over on eG). They make tapas out of the highest quality preserved/canned stuff, swarming with locals, and a great selection of cava, wine and scotch. Another good option for tapas (although more basque-style) is Taktika Berri, located in the Eixample, and somewhat close to La Pedrera. If you are early, you can cross the street over to El Xampany, a cava shop with a large selection and great prices, and you can try stuff on site.
  6. El Xampanyet has become pretty much a worthless tourist trap. You can get better cava elsewhere, the tapas are expensive and not that great, and the old locals are long gone.
  7. Thanks for the compliment. I think it was a case of logic overdose during my college years. I can spot bullshit a mile away Not to imply that any particular eG member is/was producing bullshit, but rather to point to the fact that, leaving innuendo and unknown facts aside, I am bothered by statements do not make sense when combined.
  8. Kiku, there is extra madura and ... something else in my fridge at home right now. I missed the customer interaction bit as C did the buying last week. But he did complain about the fact that they were very unhelpful. The ham is good and different from the iberico that I have experienced. One of them (I'll have to go home and look at the names again) is unlike any iberico I've ever had. Not dried to the point where its easily eaten as slices, but almost wet like bacon. This may be complete blasphemy, but I warmed and dried it out in the oven before having it. The wet texture bothered
  9. I *think* its 2 hours, but please double check with your airline, I would hate to give you incorrect information.
  10. el aeropuerto has easy access from downtown, or for that matter pretty much anywhere in the city. Remember this is after all a small city. With heavy traffic (which is rare) you are at most half an hour away from it. I would advise you not to worry so much about it, plan the departure time accordingly (your hotel should be able to advise you as to how long it would take) and enjoy any hotel that pleases you.
  11. I agree, customer service is lacking at best, even when you speak Spanish. I guess I need to learn Catalan faster. They usually have 2 out of 3 hams "open", but it does happen sometimes that one of them is close to done and they won't open another unless they get a big order (I've seen people come in and order 1.5 kg once). If you get another shot, it is definitely worth getting the other D.O. and comparing, although i've discovered with time that every piece tends to be different, ie more/less curated or different dry/moist points, so sometimes I like one over the other, but a few weeks
  12. So, which D.O. did you get and what did you think of them?
  13. Silly Disciple


    Indeed the Angula is the freshwater baby eel, which is expensive as hell, due to production issues I think. The surimi based Gula, on the other hand, is made out of I think grouper (Abadejo) meat, and it's a much cheaper product you find in supermarkets and such here in Spain.
  14. Fun but useless is not the same as useless fun. not at all. SD
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