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  1. We have upcoming reservations for NOCA which I am looking forward to very much. http://www.restaurantnoca.com/ Here were some other places that I was considering: Gallo Blanco at the Clarendon Hotel. http://www.galloblancocafe.com/ Hula's Modern Tiki. (This is an Arizona outpost from the home restaurants in Monterrey and Santa Cruz). http://www.hulasmoderntiki.com/ Metro Brasserie and Bar in Scottsdale. http://www.metrosouthbridge.com/ I don't have any personal recs or experience with these places (besides the many online kudos for Noca) ; I found out about
  2. We had a great white clam pizza at Pepe's over the Christmas holidays. We went mid afternoon to minimize the wait which worked out pretty well wrt to not having to wait too long in line.
  3. Lamb's Grill is a neat old (90 years+) restaurant right downtown. Old fashioned entrees but well done, fresh homemade bread. Dining either at an old lunch counter or at an old fashioned, wood paneled dining room. http://lambsgrill.com/ We were there for lunch, but I've heard the breakfast is also great. Also, good beer and pub food at Squatter's Brewery downtown. http://www.squatters.com/ I also had a nice coffee and German/Austrian torte at Siefried's Deli downtown.
  4. So sad, so tragic. RIP
  5. The green garlic pudding souflees from "The Chez Panisse Cafe Cookbook" via Richard Olney are excellent. I've made the recipe with green garlic or with a substitution of a puree of leeks, scalliions and garlic. They cook in two steps; you can hold the pudding souflees for several hours before the second high temp cooking step.
  6. Pour over some sliced bananas; should make a nice dessert for a couple of nights.
  7. ludja


    Just saw this thread and am very saddened. As someone mentioned above, so aptly, she was a vivid presence among us and I'll miss her originality and sweetness. Rest in peace, Rebecca.
  8. Well, I'll probably be in Abq again before too long. It's one of my favorite cities and I visit it regularly. Wish I'd known you were there last time through! Send me a pm before your next visit!
  9. These are the clerestory windows high up on the south side - some will open [with an extension rod, I imagine] for ventilation, some are fixed. Using the clerestory windows to cut out the heat gain on the southern exposure. Just to be argumentative (not really) clerestory windows typically describe windows on a vertical wall between two roofs - you just have high windows. I guess some do describe any band of windows placed at ceiling height as clerestory as well, but that wouldn't have flown in my history classes. I'm really looking forward to watching your place develop. Sorry y
  10. I had a bunch of radishes and got a timely recipe in my email box from the Splendid Table newsletter: Sweet and Spiced Herb Radish Sauté It made for a great first course. I used thinly sliced green onions rather than the chives. My first foray with a warm radish dish. Here's the link to the recipe: http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/newsletter/
  11. I'm pretty sure Trader Joes has it as well. I usually make it myself with heavy cream and buttermilk but if I don't have time to make it ahead, I buy it there. Can't remember the brand though. Per Scream's comment, we have a great large Mexican grocery store here in Albuquerque called Pros Ranch Market. It started in central CA. In any case, they have a nice selection of different types of crema. I haven't explored the differences between them yet. Great flavor and texture on the ones we have tried, though. I hadn't thought of subbing them for creme fraiche but sounds like a good
  12. Sounds like a very good deal. I got some nice Riedel schnapps glasses a year ago on a close out sale at a local store. It worked out to be about half price. pendant alert: it's "Riedel", pronounced "Ree-del" If an admin has time, fixing the spelling in the title may help future searches.
  13. Three great whites I found at Trader Joe's recently: Each are, I believe, $7 2007 French Loire Chateau des Cleons Muscadet Sevre et Main sur Lie (very nice, simple, dry crisp white wine classic with oysters; good w seafood) Two wines with a little bit of floral and sweetness: great with spicy/spiced foods, ham, chicken, pork, salads, etc 2007 French Loire Lacheteau Vouvray 2007 German Hessische Bergstrasse Ulrich Langguth Riesling (very nice acidity to balance the touch of sweetness) I've been trying a bunch of < $10 rieslings over the last six months and
  14. ludja


    Thanks also for this, Daniel. I've been on somewhat of a cabbage kick and this sounds great!
  15. ludja


    Thanks, Lippy! Coincidentally I just bought panko bread crumbs for the first time; so this will be a great application. I really like classic baked stuffed shrimp and this sounds like it would be a similar, but different flavor and texture. The Emeril recipe also sounds great. I may try it with some of our leftover regular ham from Easter although the more intensely flavored Tasso would be better, I'm sure. For baked stuffed shrimp, we use fresh bread crumbs, chopped walnuts, lemon juice, parsley, salt and pepper and butter. The walnuts and lemon juice make it something special.
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