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  1. I'd actually love to see the new cast (have always heard good things about Javier Munoz). But getting tickets to this thing ... yikes. Should do the lottery.
  2. It's not a musical that should be judged on its musical merits alone. It's sui generis, really. I was lucky enough to see it early on, before it became a juggernaut. What I thought was its great strength, and what made it novel to me, is that it didn't just knock the dust off of old history - it dynamited the dust off, and in doing so, made it new and fresh and vital again. These are not the ossified old men in powdered wigs of portraiture - they're young and passionate, and full of rivalries and friendships and alliances and sexual pursuits and love triangles and all the ensuing chaos. E
  3. I know that building. 30+ years ago when I moved to Park Slope, somebody told us that Humphrey Bogart was born there. Which I totally believed until I read his biography. But whenever I pass it, it still comes to mind.
  4. He was so great in Private Lives that I saw him twice. Interestingly, the crowd awaiting him at the stage door wasn't filled with middle aged ladies - it was teenage boys who were Snape fans. The week has not been kind to 69 year old Brits whom I adore.
  5. I've had the honor of meeting her. She was impressive.
  6. Wow. Much too young, much too soon.
  7. H. du Bois


    Horses utterly blew me away when it came out - I thought Patti Smith was god. Has it really been 40 years? Wow.
  8. Wow - I'm glad you're okay, and that you still have your life and your possessions. I live in an old building like these, and I always think that there for the grace of god go I.
  9. H. du Bois

    Lou Reed

    I'm still reeling. He was the heart of the genre of music that I was (and still am) in love with.
  10. H. du Bois

    Lou Reed

    Nooooooooo! Not Lou. Shit.
  11. H. du Bois


    I was at that lovely dinner at Carbone, and if I could have another plate of their pasta with meatballs, I'd be a very happy woman. Which is why, I think, Carbone is successful - this is exactly the type of food that should leave you feeling happy, and they hit their mark. I thought the only miss was the langoustines, but I always feel that way about langoustines (I'd like to be able to pry out a bite, not a bit). I prefer old-fashioned shrimp scampi. Everything else was spot on (the vegetables were perfect). Would love to try to make Rich’s and Suzanne's recipes for meatballs – eating th
  12. H. du Bois

    Pork Slope

    Daniel, I don't have anything against Barbra. It's just that I'm more of an Iggy Pop at CBGBs person than a Streisand at the Barclay Center person (Sneak can vouch for me on that). I think Miss K will do fine there, until she's old enough to order liquor - at which point they'll assume she has less taste in anything than she does.
  13. H. du Bois

    Pork Slope

    Well, why would anyone want to dim the wonderful taste of whiskey? (Sneak, I'm still trying to work out what you mean I do look like.) Lex, I can't tell whether he was a poor judge of character or whether it was some weird ageism thing on his part. Or maybe he doesn't understand that hipsters didn't invent the world of Brooklyn as he knows it. He was so full of presumption, and so wildly off the mark.
  14. H. du Bois

    Pork Slope

    My gripe with this place (which is practically at my doorstep) comes from attitude I got from a bartender - twice, same guy. First time I went there he thought my friend and I had just been to see Barbra Streisand at the Barclay Center. I have no words to describe the horror of that. Plus, he put water in my bourbon (I hadn't asked for bourbon and water, but that's what I got). Took me a while to get over that, but I gave them a second try. I asked him which wings were better - the barbecued wings or the Buffalo wings, and he said, "You'd better get the barbecue wings. The Buffalo wings
  15. H. du Bois


    Ate here again last night. They're coming out with a cookbook soon - probably in the fall. As it's just a subway ride away I'm more likely to let her do the cooking than me, but I'd sure love to know how to make her fava bean stew.
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