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  1. I think that the best overall restaurant in the area is Frasca, in Boulder. While I feel that their menu isn't quite as distinctive as when they first opened, no other place around challenges them. The menu is based on the cuisine of the Friuli region of Italy, and the wine list and wine knowledge of the staff is excellent. Fuel Cafe is a favorite of mine--doing very good creative cuisine in a funky, industrial neighborhood. Fruition, in Denver, is very good as well, farm to table is an over used and abused phrase, but they do own their own farm. Our favorite vietnamese place is
  2. Give me some idea of what kind of restaurants you want to go to. Are you looking for anything good or more high end or more dive-like? We have good vietnamese and mexican in the ethnic area.
  3. Another vote for Frasca--it would be on the high end pricewise(everything in Boulder is casual). Radda's is a trattoria style italian place where we have had nice antipastos and pastas. It feels very authentically italian--the kind of place that just does what they do with no fuss, but does it well. The Kitchen is good--big focus on local and real ingredients (open for breakfast also). Pizzeria Basta is a very good wood oven pizza place. A few other menu items, which are also good, but the pizza's the thing. Btw, Laudisio has been around for 20 years or so, it is ok italian, but nothing sp
  4. Yeah, me too. Still eating, still loving.
  5. One of the folks in our office has been and said it was better than she expected. For what that's worth. You know, it's the same group as 975 (Troy Guard, chef), and I know rlm likes 975, so maybe she has checked it out.
  6. If she wants to play this to it's full extent, she's got to get her son, the nonbeliever, to stop talking to the press. Then, she can find the virgin mary, formed by sap, on the trunk of the tree. That should jump start the water sales.
  7. I don't know if the regulars are aware of this, but we were in last night and Benjamin told us that Nate has given his 2 week notice, and is not spending much time there in the evenings during his final days.
  8. I think Mongo's cake would be her best bet. Ok, I'm just kidding. Emogene's, which has 2 locations, does very good work, IMHO. They are a little weird sometimes, but most of their baked goods are a step above Denver's usual. Devil's Food, on south Gaylord or Gateau, off of Speer in the silver triangle, are 2 other good options.
  9. Don't challenge me, John. We weren't even trying when the little man booted us--just think what we could do if we set our minds to it.
  10. Ocean Journey? Casa Bonita? Did the divers land in your drink? After reading your rave review we called The Bass Pro Shop, but they are fully booked through August. Robin, do you have an in with anyone to get us a table?
  11. We also loved the pearl-size gnocchi, although the combination of spanish mackerel crudo, lemon, herbs, broadbeans and speck with the gnocchi is what wowed us. An unrelated rehearsal dinner was the Friday night event. We were speculating on what one would need to cough up to entice Bobby and Lachlan to close on a friday night?
  12. I'm pretty sure that Lukes steak place, TV Cuisine, and a little italian joint that I can't remember the name of are all in the same strip mall at 50th and Kipling. They are all worthwhile options.
  13. How about Parisi's, at 44th and Tennyson--my first choice for food if it's convenient. Also there is the Thai/Vietnamese place, TV Cuisine at 50th and Kipling, in the backside of a strip mall. It is not bad at all.
  14. You know, I forgot to mention that when I got home, I had an email from opentables.com, sent an hour after our reservation, informing me that Bistro Vendome had cancelled our reservation. I'm guessing he didn't want me to get my 100 dining points?? The equivalent of a buck, if I'm not mistaken.
  15. We set out to have dinner at Bistro Vendome last night--ended up with a nice meal at Rioja. In a strange turn of events we were kicked out of Bistro Vendome by a little man with a napoleon complex who introduced himself as "Scott Tallman, the owner". We had a reservation for 4 at 7:15. Mary and I showed up at 7:10, checked in with hostess #1, and asked if they had any tables outside. She said, I have a couple of people on dessert, and something might open up soon, I said we would prefer the patio if it did open up, but would eat inside if it didn’t, and she said well let’s play it by ear.
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